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Beautiful tattoos for girls – popular sketches, styles and places of application, inspiring photo works

Beautiful tattoos for girls: 

Beautiful tattoos for girls: Recently, tattoos have become an increasingly popular attribute of decorating both the male and female bodies. Girls choose more feminine designs, mainly flowers, various ornaments, or inscriptions.

Beautiful Flower tattoos for girls

You can make a good sketch yourself or entrust this business to a professional who will be engaged in bringing fantasies to life. The main thing is to remember that any beautiful tattoo carries a sacred meaning, therefore, when thinking over a sketch, it is imperative to take into account the meaning of a hieroglyph or symbol. It is necessary to choose only drawings that are close in spirit, as well as to choose the right part of the body for a future tattoo.

Beautiful Sketch tattoos for girls

Most often, girls fill drawings on such parts of the body as:

  • clavicle;
  • behind the ear;
  • hips;
  • back.

Tattooing means exceptional self-expression, so you can choose absolutely any place.

Tattoo behind the ear

If you turn to the photo of tattoos on the Internet, you can notice a new trend in this industry. Many girls choose tattoos that are located behind the auricle. Basically, these are flowers, inscriptions in Russian or foreign languages. This is a convenient place for such experiments, because the drawing turns out to be small, and it is very easy to hide it from prying eyes.

Beautiful Rose tattoos for girls

Tattoo on the neck

And ladies who can hardly endure pain should forget about this area for tattoos. It is on the neck that the protruding vertebrae are located, which makes it rather difficult to apply a tattoo. But if you endure the pain and pick up an experienced master, then the result will meet all expectations. Usually, all the same inscriptions, flowers, hieroglyphs, Arabic motifs, wings or birds are imprinted on the neck.

Beautful Rose Tattoo On Neck For Girls

Tattoo on the collarbone

If a girl has beautiful, protruding collarbones, this zest can be emphasized by stuffing a pretty pattern, flower or inscription in Latin or Arabic on her. And recently, a sophisticated drawing depicting small swallows flying into the distance is gaining popularity.

Beautiful collarbone tattoos for girls

Tattoo on wrists or fingers

And this idea came to us from Eastern countries. There, it is customary for women to put all sorts of patterns on their fingers. True, tattoos of this kind are usually temporary, and their owners are decorated like this before an important event or for a holiday.

In Russia, such drawings are not in great demand due to the fact that finger tattoos used to be in demand among criminals. Experienced tattooists are advised to start making drawings from small pictures on the fingers. This is a good opportunity to test your pain threshold.

Beautiful Wrist tattoos for girls

The wrist is becoming more and more popular among women. After all, why not decorate a thin hand with a memorable phrase, thereby perpetuating a memorable event on your body.

Beautiful Wrist tattoos for Female

back tattoo

Commemorative drawings most often appear on this part of the female body. This is a huge field for the activity of an experienced master. Huge dreamcatchers, firebirds, inscriptions and wings beat here.

Beautiful tattoos for Females

Tattoo under the chest

Various ornaments made in red or black paint are beaten here. Such a pattern always looks very feminine. Also, more and more people choose small lotuses, which signify purity and eternity, as well as the pursuit of truth. Patterns add confidence to their owners in communicating with the opposite sex. If a girl goes to the pool or to the beach, then such a tattoo will distinguish its owner from the gray mass of girls resting there.

Beautiful Bodyparts tattoos for girls

Rib tattoo

Here the skin is highly sensitive due to the close location of the bones, so girls usually hit something small and significant here. Basically, these are phrases or small drawings denoting something memorable for a woman.

Full Back Tattoos For Girls

Tattoo on the hips

Here, it’s not so painful to beat the drawings, so this part of the body is very popular with girls. Red roses are beaten on the hips, symbolizing sincere love, and also denote eternal beauty and youth. Old school motifs and various engravings also often appear here. Everything looks cute and sexy on seductive female curves.

Beautiful Thi tattoos for girls

Tattoo on the lower leg

This part of the female body is most open to prying eyes, so here the girls themselves make a choice in favor of the size of the picture.

Beautiful tattoos for girls

Someone prefers to stuff small stars or drawings, while others, in the pursuit of self-expression, practically do not leave empty space on their legs and place foxes, floral motifs or commemorative inscriptions on their shins.

Beautiful Full Back tattoos for girls

The place for tattoos can be completely different. It all depends on the meaning that is invested in the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bdrawing on the body. If its owner wants to assert herself and show her own “I”, then you need to do it in open areas of the body and not be afraid of full-size drawings.

Beautiful Butterfly tattoos for girls

If a girl wants to capture some important event on her body and does it purely for herself, then it is better to hide the inscription from prying eyes.

Beautiful Art tattoos for girls

Experienced masters advise before making a permanent tattoo, try to make a drawing with henna or other temporary paint. Then it will be exactly clear whether such a mark is needed on the body for life or not.

Photo ideas of beautiful female tattoos

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