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Black and white tattoos – a full description, sketches for men and girls, where to apply (on the arm, shoulder, forearm, like a sleeve), interesting photos of works

In the modern world, a tattoo is not a curiosity. People apply it to express their attitude to the world around them, to coincide with some important event in their lives, or simply to decorate the body in an original way.

Black And White Mehndi Tattoos


History of the tattoo

Once upon a time, tattoos were applied to the body for a specific purpose: sorcerers, witches and shamans applied black and white underwear to protect against dark forces, evil spirits and to perform certain rituals; warriors hid their scars left after wounds received in battle under tattoos, thereby emphasizing their courage and strength.

Black And White Back Tattoo

Even the Egyptian pharaohs decorated their bodies with monochrome drawings. Tattoo inks were natural, containing plant sap, mineral pigments, and animal sebaceous glands. Researchers have found mummies that clearly show wearable images, which is proof of their longevity.

Chest Black and white tattoos

Different peoples had their own interpretations and traditions of tattooing:

  • among the ancient Egyptians, this procedure was considered privileged and people who had a high social status and a certain position in society could afford it;
  • prisoners in Rome were not branded, but ornaments were stuffed on their faces, as if marking the criminal and pointing out his crimes;
  • among the Japanese, the tattoo was applied as a kind of long-term makeup.

Black shades for many are symbolized with something negative, even mournful. But in the east, it symbolizes the beginning of all life or its individual stage, and white is the color of mourning.

monochrome tattoo: 

In a monochrome tattoo, the emphasis is on the meaning of the drawing itself and the plot, and not on its color, while maintaining its integrity and completeness. They always look favorably against the background of colored tattoos, their style is restrained and strict, which does not allow them to lose their original attractiveness.

Black and white tattoos, according to many reviews of the masters, are applied more accurately and more comfortably in work, do not distract attention to different shades of colors.

Another advantage of black and white images is the price. It is much lower than that of colored counterparts.

Popular tattoos

Today, when stuffing tattoos, people do not put a special idea into them, but make them as an aesthetic original decoration of their body, without a certain subtext.

The choice of a stuffed image largely depends on the gender, age, occupation and preferences of the person. But all there are popular images that are found not only in one or two people.

Men’s tattoos

Mostly black and white tattoos are preferred by men. This is a classic style of tattooing, which is very popular among males, despite modern amazing colors. Most of all, men decorate themselves with tattoos on their arms, thus making themselves more visible in the crowd. Inscriptions, ornaments or images of animals often adorn the male chest or back. The most popular are images of birds opening their wings.

The strong half of humanity basically prefers the following three types of images:


Mysticism (crosses, skulls, drawings depicting death, etc.) Animals (lions, wolves, crows, owls, bears and spiders are popular) Symbols of the ancient Slavs and Celts (ancient runes, amulets, etc.)

Women’s tattoos

Women and girls are more gentle creatures who prefer to dedicate their tattoos to their loved ones. The names of the husband and boyfriend, inscriptions with declarations of love often adorn the female body and are done in black and white.

There are more tattoo options for girls than for men. Flowers, animals, birds – in this regard, there are no restrictions for female representatives. The most common places where you can see a tattoo on girls are the shoulder blade, collarbone, lower back and ankle.

Girls can complement their tattoos with patterns of ribbons that go around the body in every possible way, lace, gently framing the wrists and flirty bows. Birds, feathers or wings emphasize the romance and innocence of the nature of a modern girl.


Not everyone likes to cover the body with defiantly large ornaments, preferring neat drawings in black and white style. Similar small tattoos can be made on the wrist, ankle or lower back.

Some extravagant girls fill small tattoos in the bikini area, trying to make themselves romantic and mysterious in this way. The most popular small tattoos are small flowers, anchors, infinity signs, Latin numerals and other simple designs.

Each tattoo parlor has a catalog with drawings and photographs of the masters’ work. It sometimes makes it easier for the client to choose. There are many sketches of such tattoos on the Internet. But with a strong desire, you can develop an individual and unique design with the master in order to differ from the majority.

Photo ideas of black and white tattoos

Black and white tattoos Breast Full Body Black and white tattoosBody Full Black and white tattoosBelly And Chest Black and white tattoos

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Tattoos

Black and white tattoos

Simple Tattoo Ideas 

New Tattoo ideas

Mehndi Tattoo Ideas


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