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Blackwork style tattoo – style features, an overview of popular subjects, sketches for men and girls, photos of works

Blackwork style tattoo: 

Blackwork style tattoo: Blackwork: the attractiveness of tattoos with the geometry of fantastic plots, the rigor and mysticism of ethnic ornaments in the spirit of intense black, the application features.

True fans of underwear painting are increasingly turning to tattoo artists to make a Blackwork style drawing on the body. Intricate but bright patterns with large patches of black tones and halftones cover large areas of the body.

Blackwork style tattoo

A scattering of unusual plots attracts the eyes of others, bewitching with strange interweaving of geometric shapes, ornaments and combinations.

A bit of history

The popular style of tattoos in the spirit of intense black can be called a continuation of ethnic embroidery that originated in the Middle East several centuries ago. According to another hypothesis, Polynesians decorated themselves with underwear painting Blackwork (“black work”) to visualize their talents and occupation.

Front Blackwork tattoo Ideas

Sailors brought a similar fashion to Europe, they believed in protecting jewelry on the body from death in the depths of the sea. If the Europeans of the past were more fond of embroideries for court ladies, then since the 60s of the last century, strict dark ornaments have become tattoos.

Blackwork style tattoo

What is the peculiarity of the Blackwork style

A characteristic feature of the popular trend is the covering of vast areas of the skin surface with a mysterious pattern according to a pre-made sketch. For the work of the master, they use mainly black pigment. Occasionally, clients order a dilution of the dominant color with red or white blotches. There are two camps among Blackwork fans:

  • lovers of black and gray tones;
  • color fans.

Black And Orange style tattoo

However, saturated paintings of any type have a common feature – they must be well painted over, not have bald spots, not gape gaps.

Front Body Tattoo style

The non-standard appearance of the universal Blackwork is in harmony with any image, suitable for any style of clothing.

Blackwork style tattoo

The examples in the photo fascinate with the monochrome realm of blackness, the brightness of the multi-colored tribal tattoos, and the neo-tribal style.

Blackwork style tattoo

Review of popular stories

The modern version of the tattoo does not look rough, as the sketches are often complemented by contrasts and shadows of other techniques. Among the manifestations of a new way of self-expression, there are several plots that are most popular among salon clients.

Blackwork style tattoo

Blackwork in geometric shapes

Among the most popular sketches can be attributed three-dimensional geometry in the style of cubism. These are not only strict figures, but also stylized panels with animals, assembled in the spirit of geometric shapes.

Flower Tattoo Blackwork style

The standard of the idea of ​​supermatism for fans of the Blackwork direction was the geometry of Malevich’s “Black Square” – the silent splendor of blackness.

Blackwork style tattoo

Blackwork with full coverage

Many fans of graphic art were attracted by the possibility of completely filling with black pigment parts of the body of impressive size (neck, arms or legs). To soften the boundaries of the tattoo masters use a combination of different styles. For example, the connection of a blackwork sleeve with a small element in the spirit of dotwork, made using the dot technique of applying paint.

Blackwork style tattoo

It is smooth transitions from solid arrays in the figure to air dots that create a three-dimensional effect, smooth out the sharpness of the tattoo break line.

Blackwork Arms tattoo

Blackwork in the spirit of ornament

Elements of patterns of modern tattooing can be repeated or alternated with each other. The special beauty of the ornaments on the body is achieved thanks to the unique design work of the master or a fancy sketch of the client. The presence of ethnic blocks in blackwork patterns is akin to a tribal tattoo.

Blackwork Sunflower tattoo

However, similar style has some differences. In Blackwork, the bet is on the visualization of the beauty of regular geometry, the tribal is based on the mystical meaning of sacred patterns. The combination of the two directions is called a characteristic manifestation of neotribalism.

Blackwork Design tattoos

Blackwork for disguise

Progressive technique is often used to cover up boring or unsuccessful tattoos, old scars. Such work requires the special accuracy of the master to apply one pattern to another. The reason for careful adherence to technology is the difficulty in removing blackwork tattoos.

Blackwork Hand tattoo

Male and female sketches

Unusual technique has no gender differences. This is a modern style of free people, not burdened by the influence of prejudice and other people’s opinions. Both men and women are fond of volumetric painting on the body, but there are still some differences in the plots.

  • Men. The stronger sex prefers voluminous blackwork sketches for large tattoos. Most often, men choose images of wolves and bears, there are deer and even snakes that adorn the hand. Of the birds, these are ravens, eagles with open wings that cover their backs, as well as patterns from snake skins, variations of the skeletal theme.
  • Women. Girls decide to fill laconic blackwork miniatures without aggression or intimidating elements. Some ladies are fond of drawings on a marine or space theme, others like mountain landscapes of forest expanses. Blackwork fans often also fill transparent buds on a shaded background.

Blackwork Circle tattoo

Of particular interest is the blackwork sleeve, which occupies a separate niche in tattoo art. A bold version of the tattoo, which has no age restrictions, usually begins on the head of the shoulder, beautifully flows down the arm, covering the wrist.

Blackwork style tattoo

In some cases, the pattern goes to the back and chest with an original play of shades of dark color. Among the many options for a blackwork sleeve, you can choose the most unusual fantasy, order a Blackwork master according to your own sketch.

Blackwork style tattoo

Features of the tattoo process

A tattooing session cannot be called painless, since for voluminous cases it is required to create a dense coating. The pain increases due to repeated needle pricks in the same area. An experienced specialist can reduce pain by alternating sections.

Ocean Blackwork  tattoo

To fill a voluminous blackwork sleeve, you will need more than one session and patience. The complexity of the technique is in achieving an even application of the pigment, and the simplicity is in the absence of the need to change paint when forming contours and gradients. But checking the work for the absence of gaps is necessary.

Blackwork style tattoo

The direction of Blackwork has given impetus to the development of other popular styles that are applied manually by professional masters of modern salons. The past peak of popularity has been replaced by a stable band of mass fashion for tattoos, the meaning of which should not be associated with a deeply hidden secret meaning.

Photo ideas of blackwork tattoos

Patern Blackwork style tattooWrist Blackwork style tattoosBlackwork style tattooHexagonal Tattoo On ArmCute Black Work On ArmBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork  tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooFlower Leaves Blackwork On ArmBlackwork style tattooBlack And White Body Parts TattoosBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork 3D tattoo IdeasBlackwork Night tattooBack Black style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork Back tattoo For Girls Shoulder And Arm Blackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork Leg tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooBlackwork style tattooHIna Mehndi Style Blackwork TattooBlackwork style tattoo


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