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Bones Cooper Tattoo – Photos and Meanings of Tattoos

Bones Cooper Tattoo: 

Bones Cooper Tattoo: Kostya Cooper at birth was called Victoria Belyaeva. Currently, she is Kostya Cooper according to her passport. She was not lucky to be born into a dysfunctional family. An almost independent life and the example of her parents led to the fact that the girl confidently went to the bottom. Everything changed the show “Boys”. She was selected for the fifth season and almost became a finalist. It was after this project that she became recognizable. This was facilitated by the numerous tattoos of Bones Cooper.

Simple Tattoo Of Bones Cooper

face tattoo

One of the most noticeable tattoos of Bones Cooper on the face is located above the right eyebrow (eyebrow tattoo). This word “soulless” or in translation – soulless. The word is written in calligraphy. The owner of the inscription herself addresses it to maniacs and pedophiles. She says that if she encounters a situation of illegal actions of the latter, she will go to the end.

Best Tattoo Of Bones Cooper

The closest and dearest people of the tomboy are the elder sister and niece. Maybe that’s why she’s so intolerant of child molesters.

On the opposite side of the forehead is a branch with unblown buds. This suggests that the owner is ready for everything unknown, has a flexible mindset. Welcomes new ideas.

There is another inscription along the oval line of the right cheek. This – “Candor”, which translates as “frankness”, “sincerity”.

Roses on the neck

Kostya Cooper’s neck is adorned with a tattoo of roses. They are executed in a contour, monochrome version. In women, such a tattoo speaks of the vulnerability and insecurity of the hostess. At the same time, she has some secret knowledge that only she needs.

Bones Cooper New look Tattoo

Tattoos on the arms and back

Cooper’s hands are completely painted with the most controversial images. The most significant can be considered drawings depicting animals. She has a love for dogs, but she can’t afford to have one just yet. The impaled head of a dog is always with her.

Bones Cooper Amazing Tattoo

On the inside of Bones Cooper’s arm, there is a tattoo of a massive, unadorned cross. This symbol can be used by both believers and atheists. Often it is stuffed in memory of a deceased loved one. Considering that the dates of birth and death of the beloved grandmother are also pricked on the hand, it is possible to associate the cross with this particular situation.

Kostya has few friends, but there are those who will stay with her forever. For example, the one whose nickname is stamped on the back will always be with her.

Tattoo on legs

The left thigh of the girl is decorated with a picture of a skull combined with a web. The spider is a symbol of perpetual motion, learning, the pursuit of knowledge. This is a never ending process. The skull speaks of the finiteness of earthly existence. These two symbols, combined in one drawing, remind a person not only of the transience of life, but also of the need to constantly develop and work.

Bones Cooper Nice Tattoo

There are also a lot of tattoos on the right leg, but they do not have much meaning and aesthetic value. Not to mention the words of the mat …

It is already impossible to imagine Cooper’s bone without tattoos. She filled her first at the age of 15. At the age of 23, today, she has more than 100 of them. Knowing the changeable, rebellious nature of the girl, we can assume that their number will only increase. Perhaps, on the contrary, she will want to get rid of some of them. Then it will be possible to remember what Kostya Cooper was like before the tattoo.

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