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Bridge piercing – the process of piercing and possible consequences, care and healing, how to choose jewelry, impressive photos of works

Bridge piercing:

Bridge piercing: Nowadays, it is not surprising to meet a person on the street with a piercing. Someone pierces the lip, someone pierces the eyebrow, someone pierces the nose, etc. Today we will talk about such a type of piercing as a “bridge”, it is installed on the bridge of the nose and has different types.

Types of bridge piercing

  • vertical or another name “Bindi””;
  • horizontal;
  • multiple.

Bridge piercing Nice Ideas

Features and disadvantages Of Bridge piercing:

A titanium bar with balls at the tips is used as a decoration for the bridge of the nose. Usually this type of self-expression is used by the younger generation, because piercing the nose or eyebrow is a fashion that has lost its popularity, now piercing the bridge of the nose is becoming fashionable. It looks extraordinary, original and unusual.

The piercing of the bridge of the nose is not the most pleasant procedure, therefore, local anesthesia is used, i.e. where it will hurt there and anesthetize. Intravenous anesthesia is administered very rarely.

Bridge piercing Best Ideas

The disadvantages Of Bridge piercing include:

  1. in people with thin skin, the decoration can “walk”;
  2. may cause necrosis of the nasal bone;
  3. in case of complication, not a beautiful scar may remain.

Multiple Bridge piercing

The piercing process and possible consequences Of Bridge piercing: 

This type of piercing is pierced at the bridge of the nose, at eye level. There are many nerves in this place, so the procedure should be performed in a specialized salon with a medical office and a professional master with a medical education.

Nice Bridge piercing

Before piercing, the master makes marks on the skin where the piercing will be, taking into account the nerve endings, disinfects the skin and pierces. Initially, he establishes the primary decoration, which must be worn until healing.

Bridge piercing Top Ideas

It is not recommended to move or scroll the jewelry, as it is possible to damage only the wound that has begun to heal. More often, masters use rods made of implanted titanium as the primary decoration. They do not provide for the ingrowth of jewelry at the puncture site.

Bridge piercing Owsam Ideas

The puncture can take up to six months to heal. In the first days after the procedure, swelling of the bridge of the nose and the area around the eyes may appear, as well as bruising under the eyes.

Bridge piercing

To prevent this from happening, you need to choose the right decoration. It should be comfortable, fit properly, and be made from a hypoallergenic alloy.

Bridge piercing

Since there are many nerve endings in the bridge of the nose, and it takes part in facial expressions, the earring may be rejected. It is not possible to determine at what point the body will begin to reject the jewelry, but it is possible to notice it. If the earring began to change its location, you should immediately contact the master, most likely the jewelry will have to be removed and not installed again at all.

Bridge piercing

Bridge piercing Care

It’s not enough just to pierce the bridge, you also need to take care of it. It is important to treat it with antiseptics and not change the earring until the puncture site has healed.

  1. As antiseptics, it is better to use Miramistin, Hydrogen Peroxide or Chlorhexidine, they do not irritate the puncture site, unlike alcohol-containing antiseptics.
  2. At night, you can apply a little healing and antibacterial ointment, for example, Levometill.
  3. If an inflammatory process occurs, then the puncture site should be treated every four hours.
  4. Unnecessarily, do not touch either the puncture site or the jewelry, so as not to infect the infection.
  5. It is not recommended not to visit baths and saunas for about six weeks, not to go to the pool and take a hot bath for about a month. It is better to limit yourself to a warm shower or bath.
  6. Do not heat the puncture site.

Bridge piercing Experts

If inflammation occurs at the puncture site, and it does not go away for 2-3 days, then in this case it is worth contacting the master. The master will recommend antiseptic preparations and ointments, if they do not help, then the bar will need to be removed and the inflammation treated without it.

Bridge piercing Masters

Important!!! The master must have a medical education.

Bridge piercing

Bridge Ornament

Most often, a barbell is used as a decoration for the bridge piercing. It can be decorated in different ways, depending on the taste of its wearer. Some people like it when plastic or metal balls are placed on the ends of the bar, some people like spikes, and some people like pebbles.

Bridge piercing

The diameter of the rod at the initial stage is chosen from 1 mm to 2 mm, the length is selected for each client individually. Moreover, it is chosen with a margin of about four millimeters, because edema or tumors may occur during the healing period.

Bridge piercing

As materials for the rod use:

  • titanium;
  • medical alloy;
  • noble metals (gold, silver);
  • bioplastic;
  • teflon or nylon and other materials.

But as a primary decoration, it is better to use a medical alloy or titanium.

Bridge piercing


  • thin skin;
  • allergy to the alloy from which the bar is made;
  • problem with the visual organs;
  • skin diseases;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Top Ideas Bridge piercing

Wearing a piercing

There are no features in wearing this type of jewelry after healing as such. Unless, to protect the puncture site from mechanical damage. You should not sleep with your face in the pillow, so that the decoration could not catch on and make a gap on the bridge of your nose.

FAmous Ideas Of Bridge piercing


On average, the cost of a bridge piercing is 1,500 rubles. It is clear that different salons have different prices, it all depends on the competence of the master and the popularity of the salon. The price of a piercing bar depends on the material and complexity of the jewelry. On average, the cost of jewelry is from 2500 rubles.

Bridge piercing ideas photo


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