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Collarbone tattoo for men – popular images and inscriptions, photo works

Collarbone tattoo for men:

Collarbone tattoo for men: The clavicle is the part of the shoulder girdle that connects the chest to the shoulder blades. The curved shape attracts both feminine and masculine looks. Some consider the collarbone to be the sexiest part of the body. As a result, this place has become very popular in recent years. For a tattoo, this is a very practical place – it is easily hidden under clothes.

Current trends say otherwise – no need to hide tattoos, be bolder, more extraordinary. Your goal is to be the center of attention. Although now you will not surprise anyone with a tattoo on the collarbone or neck – this is a traditional place for stuffing.

Angels Collarbone tattoo Ideas for men

A tattoo on the collarbone from a psychological point of view is a way to stand out, show yourself, the desire to be heard.

A man, before getting a tattoo, must decide on the meaning of the future drawing, clearly understand the goals and motives that will be invested in it.

Tattoos on the collarbone for men. The most fashionable options

The very first step before stuffing will be sketching. What is in fashion and what options exist:

  1. Wings – freedom, spiritual purity, development, travel.
  2. Spider and web – the search for like-minded people, friends and family above all else.
  3. The inscription is a desire to speak out to the whole world, to convey your thoughts to the people.
  4. Predator – the desire to become brave, strong and invincible, fearlessness, ready to defend themselves from the enemy.
  5. Biomechanics is a modern, unusual body art movement. Simulates the introduction of mechanisms in body parts. It is intended only for decoration, there is no meaning.

Features of tattoos on the collarbone in men. Care

A guy should make a list of pros and cons for getting this kind of tattoo. Positive sides:

  1. Originality, uniqueness. The clavicle is not popular with men, so choosing this spot will make you feel special.
  2. When applying for a job in government agencies, the tattoo will always be covered with clothes, there should be no problems.
  3. The collarbone does not change with age or with weight gain. The tattoo will remain intact.
  4. Price. Work in such a place will cost quite a bit. Depends on the complexity of the implementation.
  5. The disadvantages include unpleasant pain. The clavicle is a bone.

Collarbone Flower tattoo for Boys

Does it hurt to get a collarbone tattoo?

There are several factors that affect pain:

  • skin density;
  • The closer to the blood vessels, bones, the more painful.
  • The number of nerve endings at the site of stuffing.
  • A layer of fat, muscle.

Collarbone tattoo for males

Fact! The clavicle has no fat layer, as well as a minimal amount of muscle. The skin is quite tightly pressed to the bone. Conclusion: discomfort during stuffing will be unequivocal. Masters are forced to resort to painkillers.

Styles and colors that are popular for collarbone tattoos

After the above actions: the choice of a sketch, the pros and cons are discussed. The next step is styling. The following options are possible:

  • linework;
  • dotwork;
  • blackwork;
  • realism;
  • minimalism;
  • Gothic;
  • old school;
  • new school;
  • watercolor.

Collarbone tattoo for males

It is worth noting that line-, black-, minimalism, gothic are performed in black colors. All others are different.

Collarbone Bird Theme tattoo for men

Expert opinion

The style is selected based on your features. Adult, brutal men prefer a monochrome sketch. He harmoniously approaches the image of a serious guy. Young, creative people tend to choose more colorful pictures.

Expression Themes Collarbone tattoo for Boys

Lettering with meaning

Everything that you do not write on the collarbone will mean an appeal to society, a desire to be heard. Choose the text language first, then the font.

Collarbone tattoo for men


Hieroglyphs in tattoos can mean a lot, it all depends on your imagination. Choose your dialect wisely. When translating, the main thing is not to make mistakes.

Collarbone tattoo for men


One of the biggest categories. It can include pictures of animals, birds, insects, and so on. Here is a brief breakdown of each category.

Collarbone tattoo for men


The image of any animal means the identification of a person with this creature. For example, an elephant, a lion or a tiger speaks of a good rock with a barbel courage.


Heavenly creatures are not deprived of attention from men. For a small picture, crows, falcons are suitable. The meaning is freedom, independence.


Insects in tattoos are considered amulets. Ladybug, grasshopper – well-being and health.


Flora is popular not only with girls, but also with guys too. Nowadays, masters can make a real male tattoo from a feminine rose, which will speak of passion or creativity.

Commemorative tattoos

These tattoos are a great reminder of something really important. A moment in your life that changed you for the better. It can be: service, school, wedding or a child.


A great idea would be to fill a certain symbol on the collarbone, which will serve as a talisman. They can ward off negativity, bring good luck or money.

For example:

  • Infinity symbol
  • Cross
  • Horseshoe
  • Clock (sand)
  • Key
  • rune stone
  • Eye (all-seeing)

Photo ideas for male tattoos on the collarbone

Collarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone Flower Theme  tattoo for Boys Wild Collarbone tattoo Idea for menBlack Bird Collarbone tattooCollarbone Name tattoo Idea Collarbone tattoo for menCollarbone Small tattoo for Boys Collarbone Owl tattoo for Boys Collarbone tattoo for MalesCollarbone Flowers tattoo for males Collarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for Boys Collarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menRelation Collarbone tattoo for malesCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for menCollarbone tattoo for men

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