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Colored tattoos for men – the main topics, styles and places of application, impressive photos of works

Not only girls love to decorate their bodies. Guys are not far behind them in this matter. Today, a colored tattoo helps its owner not only stand out among others, but also gives confidence. It is easy to get lost in the existing variety of different sketches. Therefore, further we will consider the main themes, styles and the best placements for color drawings on the body. We hope this article will help you make your choice.


The meaning of colored tattoos

Men often prefer to choose animals, movie and movie characters, biomechanical elements, patterns. As a rule, their tattoos are more aggressive than feminine ones.

  • It is known that the Eagle is a proud bird. Such a tattoo means freedom and the presence of immense power. It is not for nothing that various countries often use it as a national symbol in their coats of arms.
  • Dragon tattoos come from Japan, where it means strength and supernatural.


  • The eye is often chosen by those who see a symbolic meaning in it. It may change depending on the context.
  • The tree represents all stages of the life cycle, from birth to reincarnation.
  • Buddha is wisdom, benevolence and some other positive qualities.
  • The lion means courage, strength and courage. It is often done in a realistic or geometric style.

Paired tattoos

  • Dolphins symbolize freedom, cheerfulness, wisdom.
  • Koi carps mean long years of life, a large supply of vital energy.

Colored tattoos for men

Placement on the body

Any tattoos made in color will look great on any part of the body. The beautiful half of humanity prefer to place them on the wrist, back or thigh. And the guys choose arms, legs and chest as a canvas.

Colored tattoos for men

Style selection

It is easy to get lost in the variety of styles, especially color ones. The following styles are in good demand: watercolor, new school and realism. On the Internet you can find a lot of photos and clearly see how they look. Next, consider the popular styles for colored tattoos.

Colored tattoos for men

Old school

It is characterized by thick lines in the drawing and the use of a small number of shades. Usually it is red, blue, green, yellow and black for outlines. The sketches do not respect the actual shape of the object. Everything is very schematic.

Colored tattoos for menColored tattoos for men

Skulls, girls, roses, daggers, hearts, panthers, stars, dice are depicted. Currently, their symbolism is not given as much importance as before.

Neo traditional

Unlike the old school in this style, the color palette is more extensive. And the images are closer to realistic.

Often stuffed with girls, owls, foxes, representatives of the cat family.

Universe Colored tattoos for men

New school

A modern style characterized by very bright pigments that can shimmer. The sketch may contain blurry borders.

Angel Colored tattoos for men

Topics are varied. Caricature and unusual presentation are welcome.

Black And Colored tattoos for men


It belongs to one of the most frequently used. Themes are portraits of relatives or celebrities, animals.

Deep thinking Colored tattoos for men

Separately, it should be said about 3D drawings with various insects. In them, highlights and shadows are created by various shades of white, black and gray colors. A beautiful work is indistinguishable from a real insect.

Evil Devil Eye Colored tattoos for men


Tattoos are identical in appearance to watercolors from traditional painting. The style requires special skill, since not every master is able to convey lightness and transparency on human skin.

Fire Colored tattoos for men

Images of animals, flowers, mythical creatures, and abstractions are often chosen as plots.

Depression Usa Colored tattoos for men


A young style in which a variety of geometric shapes, bizarre lines, chaotic strokes and colored spots play a key role. Each tattoo has its own philosophy, but they do not carry a specific meaning.

Delta Colored tattoos for men


The style is in high demand among men. It looks as if mechanisms are visible through the torn skin. For their image, black, gray shades are used with the addition of a couple of additional colors. Placed on the arm or leg.

Robot Colored tattoos for men

To become the owner of a cool tattoo, it is not necessary to adhere to any particular style. A small colored tattoo will also help you stand out from the crowd and give its owner a unique look.

Machine Colored tattoos for men

Colored tattoos are more difficult than monochrome tattoos and will require more frequent color updates later on. The sketch should harmonize well with the tone of the skin and hair, so as not to create a ridiculous impression. You should carefully choose a master who will help realize the idea and be able to combine colors correctly.

Photo ideas of men’s colored tattoos

Bird Colored tattoos for menWolf Colored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menTech Colored tattoos for menExpresive Colored tattoos for men
Floral Colored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menCasino Boy Colored tattoos for menTrain Engine Colored tattoos for menFull ody Colored tattoos for menShoulder Colored tattoos for menCobra Colored tattoos for menFull Arm Colored tattoos for menAngry Colored tattoos for menMen Colored tattoos On NeckPride Colored tattoos for menMen Nature Colour TattoosWeapon Colored tattoos for menPython Colored tattoos for menfull Body Hive Colored tattoos for menOcean Life Colored tattoos for menWarrior Colored tattoos for menRoses In Snake Colored tattoos for menEvil Colored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menMagic Men Colored tattoosColored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menKing Colored tattoos for menTime  Colored tattoos for menSting Colored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menOpen Heart Colored tattoos for menBlack Magic Colored tattoos for menArtictic Colored tattoos for menArtist Colored tattoos for menFerry Colored tattoos for menFull Body Covered Colored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menLegs Painting Colored tattoosBeer Colored tattoos for menDevil Colored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menFighter Colored tattoos for menColored tattoos for menSad Colored tattoos for men

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