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Delicate tattoos for girls – popular sketches, styles and places of application, beautiful photos of works

Delicate tattoos for girls:

Delicate tattoos for girls: what makes them special. Frequently used sketches, their meanings. In what styles are delicate images on the female body. Places of tattooing.

Delicate tattoos for girls

Women’s tattoos have become a separate category in tattoo art. Drawings have characteristic features and features. With the development of technology and the introduction of new styles, girls can make truly unique and interesting images on the body. Delicate drawings emphasize the beauty of the owner and are a reflection of the inner world.

Delicate tattoo styles

To make the tattoo light and airy, you need to choose the appropriate styles. The result also depends on the professionalism of the tattoo artist. For example, watercolor style. Color is used here, black and gray are only rarely present.

Delicate tattoos for girls

But, despite the richness and abundance of colors, the work looks neat and gentle. A tattoo in the style of geometry or graphics, using thin lines and a neat outline, without filling any planes with black, will look simple and tasteful.

Hip Delicate Girls tattoos

Popular sketches and their meaning

Light, beautiful and delicate tattoos have a wide variety of designs. For some, drawings on the body can be something especially significant and important. When choosing a tattoo, you need to think about which animal or flower the girl identifies herself with.

Naval Girls Delicate tattoo

Vegetable world

Floral arrangements are quite popular among the female audience. Most often, sketches contain such flowers and plants as:

  1. Roses.
  2. Lavender.
  3. Water lilies.
  4. Lotus.
  5. Lilies.
  6. 6 peonies.
  7. Clover.
  8. Lilac.

Hips Delicate Girls tattoos

Such motives are chosen by sensual persons. A drawing of plant origin or a flower has the meaning of love and tenderness. The fewer lines on the sketch, the better the tattoo looks.

3D Delicate Girls tattoos

Birds, animals

Girls depict those animals with which they associate themselves. The same tattoo can be in the form of a pet. Birds in general symbolize freedom. Often make such tattoos as:

  1. A lion.
  2. Cat.
  3. Dog.
  4. Deer.
  5. Fox.
  6. Owl.
  7. Martin.

Back Soulder tattoos For Girls

Tattoos of cats and foxes are especially common. Animals are smart, independent and freedom-loving. In the watercolor style, the images look great on the female body. Also in the style of graphics in the photo, you can see many tender examples with animals. Each animal tattoo has a separate meaning, but mostly girls choose those with similar temperament and character traits.

Shoulder Tattoos For Girls

Zodiac sign

The classic version of female tattoos. Ladies who believe in the power of the stars and the energy of the cosmos are in favor of such drawings. Tattoos in the form of a zodiac sign are often depicted as small and neat. The drawing can be said to be done for yourself. Apply to places such as the neck, ankle or ribs.

Delicate Back Neck tattoos for girls


Tattoos can be very diverse. For example, the name of a loved one, chemical formulas, quotes from great people, lines from your favorite song or poem. Girls put different meanings into a tattoo.

Arm Delicate Girl tattoos

Often, a drawing has a philosophical meaning or a motivational function. A small inscription looks gentle on the female collarbones. The right typeface plays a big role. Lightness and tenderness will depend on this. A tattoo made with thin lines takes on airiness.

Delicate colar Bone tattoos for girls

Places of tattooing

Options for places for a tattoo can be very diverse. The choice depends on the pain threshold of the future owner of the tattoo, on the scope of work, on stereotyped thinking and on certain values. Tattoos made in soft and delicate colors will decorate any part of the female body.

Delicate Back Neck  tattoos for girls

  1. Ear

The tattoo in this place is easy to hide, and it does not catch the eye. The drawing on the earlobe looks interesting, but there is no fantasy here. The image located behind the ear looks original.

Delicate Ear Loop tattoos for girls

  1. Clavicles.

The place is recognized as one of the sexiest parts of the female body. The tattoo of flowers looks especially good at this place. The drawing can be depicted both on one clavicle and on two. Symmetry looks great. In this case, the images can be the same, as if mirroring each other. They may be different, but the same theme. For example, the sun and the moon.

Delicate tattoos for girls

  1. Brushes, fingers.

A great place to depict a female tattoo. It is worth considering that the hands are subject to external and chemical influences, so the image will fade faster than in other places. And from the inside of the palm it can generally peel off.

Delicate Hand tattoos

  1. Wrist.

Fragile and beautiful part of the body. You can depict on your wrist whatever your heart desires. For example, beautiful ornamental bracelets, small cute animals, stars or space, sweets. The owner can always admire the tattoo. If necessary, simply hide under the long sleeves of a blouse or shirt.

Delicate Arm tattoos for girls

  1. Hand. Shoulder and forearm.

In these places there is the possibility of a flight of thought and fantasy. Images in the form of animals or flowers on the hands look good. The process of applying a tattoo on the shoulder or forearm is almost painless.

Delicate Girls tattoos

  1. Ribs.

Increasingly popular among girls is gaining a tattoo on the ribs. Someone makes images under the heart, in which case the drawing will have a sacred meaning. Graphic works on the ribs look feminine, gentle and elegant.

Delicate Under Breast tattoos

  1. Back.

Mostly the choice falls on the shoulder blades. Also, tattoos are stuffed in the middle of the shoulder blades, closer to the neck. The drawing focuses on the neat curves of the female back.

Delicate Back Neck  tattoos for girls

  1. Hips.

Delicate compositions look advantageous on this part of the body, emphasizing the sexuality of the girl. Ideas for tattoos are chosen by a variety of people.

Delicate tattoos for girls

The choice of place and style for a future tattoo plays an important role. The ease and tenderness of the image will depend on the technique of execution. In order not to miscalculate with anything and not to miss anything, it is worth consulting with a tattoo artist.

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