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Does it hurt to get a tattoo – all about the individual pain threshold, what is a pain map, the most common places for applying

Does it hurt to get a tattoo

Does it hurt to get a tattoo: Fear is in human nature. Before deciding to get a tattoo, many people go through the pain of choice. It is not only the pain that may occur during the procedure that is frightening, but also the fear of a new experience. This article will tell you the whole truth about the pain you can expect from a tattoo procedure.

Beauty requires sacrifice, but what kind? Often, going for a new experience, people do not know what to expect from the unknown. The tattoo procedure is accompanied by certain pain sensations. The strength of pain depends on the personal pain threshold of the client and is individual for each person.

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To know your level of pain, you need to go through such an experience at least once. As a rule, during the procedure, the master uses painkillers. But we must face the truth – piercing the skin with needles cannot go unnoticed by the human body. There will be pain, but its intensity directly depends on the specific human body. And this is a completely different question.

Tattoos are a great way to tell others about yourself. Over time, the pain will be forgotten, only a beautiful message to the world will remain. You don’t have to be a black house musician to be original in this way.


Feeling pain during the tattoo procedure

The perception of pain varies from person to person. It is also worth considering the personal psychological mood of the client before the procedure and the individual characteristics of the body.

The sensitivity of areas on the body may vary from person to person. But there are general recommendations that you should rely on when deciding in favor of this procedure. For example, areas where there is a large layer of fat and muscle are less painful than those areas of the body where thin skin and protruding bones.

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It is a mistake to believe that alcohol helps dull pain. During alcohol intoxication, the sensitivity of the whole organism increases, moreover, the master has every right to refuse a client who has come to the procedure in this form. Read: Can I drink alcohol after a tattoo?

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The presence of diseases also affects the severity of pain. This is due to the fact that during the disease, pain receptors are in an excited state. It must be remembered that reduced immunity will lead to a long healing of wounds formed during the tattoo procedure.

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What does pain look like

The feeling of pain during a tattooing session is individual for each person. But there are the most common general sensations experienced by people. They will allow you to present before your eyes a complete picture of the pain range.

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  • The sensation of a scratch on the body may occur during the treatment of one area by the master for a long time. As if someone scratches the skin with a pen or pencil.
  • Burning occurs if the master begins to draw small elements of the pattern on the skin. It seems as if the needle is piercing the skin and causing burning pain. Such sensations are common in areas with a thin layer of skin.
  • Painful vibration can occur in those places where there are bones and there is a minimum amount of fat or muscle. This sensation cannot be called painful, but the unpleasantness of the procedure is guaranteed.
  • Background pain will be present in any process. The body is able to cope with this pain. The first punctures of the needle may give a feeling of acute unbearable pain, but this is more likely from surprise. With each subsequent stroke of the needle, the pain will subside until it becomes quite tolerable. During the tattooing process, adrenaline will be released in the body. It will help to harmonize pain stress.

Even severe pain can be endured, the main thing is to want it.

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Pain map of the human body

For both sexes, the process of tattooing on the neck, head, and inner thighs will bring a painful sensation. The zones of the hands, knees, feet and ankles can also boast sensitivity to pain.


For everyone, the process of applying a pattern in the shoulder and pre-shoulder areas will deliver the least pain, buttocks and the lower back are also favorable for the first tattoo.


The male body reacts painfully in areas of the back, along the ribs and on the back of the knees. The female body feels the most pain in the chest and along the spine.


Common places for tattooing

Despite the likely pain, the collarbone is considered the most popular place for a tattoo. Symbols and inscriptions will look great here. A beautiful collar on clothes is able to highlight the sophistication of a tattoo and emphasize the general taste of its owner.

Does it hurt to get a tattoo

Wrists are second in popularity. A beautiful minimalistic tattoo design on the arm using calligraphy can dilute even the most boring image and bring a special touch of exoticism.

Tattoo Pain

The biceps and shoulder area are distinguished by their low pain perception. Beginners in the art of tattooing can safely start from these areas, because the muscles and fat frame can minimize the pain from the procedure. Almost any tattoo design is suitable here, all possible options for execution can be viewed on the video on the Internet.

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The neck is a winning place for drawing. It looks beautiful, quickly catches the eye, such a tattoo can emphasize individuality. In this place, the pain is not so strong as to be very afraid. It must be understood that the presence of a large number of nerve endings will still contribute to the appearance of permanent pain. But high-quality anesthesia will help smooth out all the painful manifestations during the procedure.

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The back is usually chosen by experienced amateurs who prefer large works of art on the human body. The process of creating a drawing will take a certain amount of time, but it will be worth it. For beginners, this area will become a certain risk, because a large drawing will take a lot of resources and time, and at the same time, incredible endurance and a certain perseverance will be required.

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The forearm is one of the most common areas for beginners. Pain in this place is almost not felt, as far as possible. Tattoos are relevant for both men and women. Can be done without anesthesia.

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The most painful places on the body

Does it hurt to get a tattoo: A special threshold of sensitivity on the body is distinguished by places where there is no subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue, but there are bones. But this does not mean that it is extremely forbidden to make a tattoo in these places. This only suggests that you need to be prepared for tolerable pain, which will be smoothed out by the experience of the master and the use of high-quality painkillers.


There will be blood, you don’t need to be afraid of it, or you just need to be ready for it. When choosing a place on the body for a tattoo for the first time, you should focus on the pain map. The next time you visit the salon, you should rely on your experience and intuition.

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Before visiting the salon, you need to prepare mentally. You should not go to the procedure under the influence of emotions, without thinking and weighing everything in advance. Choosing an experienced master will help get rid of unnecessary pain and problems. Does it hurt to get a tattoo

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Do not forget about the general emotional background. The main thing is to properly tune in to the procedure, then the pain will not be felt so much. It is worth contacting trusted studios licensed for tattooing, otherwise there is a risk of falling into the hands of non-professionals, whose unskilled activities can endanger the client’s health.

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Does it hurt to get a tattoo
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