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Dwayne The Rock Johnson Tattoos

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Tattoos: Dwayne Johnson is a professional athlete. Played football. Then, like his ancestors, he became a wrestler. The dimensions of the guy allow you to achieve excellent results in power sports. No wonder his nickname is “The Rock”. Dwayne’s muscular, large body is adorned with original tattoos. Dwayne Johnson attaches great importance to the tattoo. Now Johnson is a highly paid Hollywood actor. Fans see him as a model of courage. Also don’t ignore Dwayne Skal Johnson’s tattoos.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Tattoos


The Meaning of Johnson’s Tattoos

Dwayne Johnson has two notable tattoos. If the first is simple and understandable, then the other requires detailed decoding. The feeling that these are dozens of different tattoos, collected in a heap. It is the second that attracts the close attention of tattoo art specialists.

First tattoo. Bull

The bull tattoo is pinned on the bicep of the right arm. An actor was born under this zodiac sign. This is an unremarkable classic tattoo. In principle, even without being an expert on zodiac signs, you can understand the meaning of the picture. The bull is a strong and powerful beast, which is distinguished by perseverance, stubbornness, devotion. It is these qualities that the actor is famous for. Johnson’s Rock Tattoo emphasizes his masculine qualities.

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The Rock Tattoo

We can draw the following conclusion: a person identifies himself with a strong animal. That is egocentric. Or appoints an animal as a protector-amulet.

There are other interpretations:

According to ancient beliefs, the image on the body of a bull’s head allows you to save and increase vital energy. He, as an actor, this is most welcome.

The bull animal is a sexual being. So his image gives the owner sexual energy.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Tattoos

After 20 years, a bull skull was stuffed over the bull’s head. The actor himself explains this by the fact that he has outgrown the previous image. The skull suits him better, the current one. Alteration of Johnson’s tattoo took about a day. The well-known tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado filled the skull in three passes.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Tattoos

Second tattoo. Polynesian

In the family of Dwayne were representatives of the Samoan tribe. The tribe is part of the Polynesian people. What the actor has pinned himself is just in the style of this people. His own grandfather also had similar tattoos.

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This Johnson Rock tattoo is very large. It occupies a significant area of ​​the shoulder and chest. The composition consists of many elements, each of which has a special meaning.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Tattoos

This tattoo of the actor was inspired by his daughter. In addition, I did not want to interrupt the tradition of the family.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Tattoos

The tattoo took over 60 hours. Each subsequent element was stuffed after Duane tells one of the fateful cases from life. That is, each stroke of the picture has a meaning. The whole process of tattooing was accompanied by the rituals of the tribe.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Tattoos

First of all, it should be noted that the actor’s tattoos relate to important subjects for him. This:

  • family;
  • protection;
  • aggressiveness.

Hence the meaning of Dwayne Johnson’s tattoo and the components of a complex picture.

Great Eye.

It makes it possible to assess the situation through the eyes of the enemy, to try on his fortitude. The symbol is used to divert eyes when confronting an enemy.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Tattoos

Whirlwinds. Unite the past, present and future into a single whole. They symbolize power over time.

Warrior spirit.

It’s more of an Indian culture. The sign is stuffed in the region of the heart. The symbol gives the owner courage, stamina, will. Helps to decisively avoid dangers.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Tattoos

Coconut leaves.

They are usually stuffed by Samoan chiefs. The sign of the leader, the chosen leader. Either this person deserves a special purpose.


The sun is right behind the coconut leaves. It is a symbol of divine destiny, good luck.


In the photo of Johnson’s Rock tattoo, you can recognize three people turning into one another. Dwayne himself is drawn first. His figure passes into his wife Dani. The figure of the wife turns into their daughter Simone Alexandra.

Two eyes.

They symbolize the ancestors who follow the deeds of the living.

Broken face. On the face of the wound from the teeth of a shark. The shark is considered the protector of the soul, a sign of strength.


A spiritual mentor helps to tune in before the battle, to achieve insight.


On the body in the form of a tattoo – a symbol of fidelity, constancy. This is just the basis of the life of an actor.

Turtle shell.

The lower edge of the hand is decorated with a tortoise shell. According to legend, this is necessary to protect yourself from evil spells.

There are no meaningless tattoos on Dwayne Johnson’s body. The actor is very attentive to this. In most cases, Dwayne Johnson is recognized by the photo of the tattoo on his body. He himself is sure that it is the tattoos that allow him to open his “I”.

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