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Female piercing Ideas varieties (ear, eyebrow, nose, tongue, navel piercings) care and healing

Female piercing Ideas: Piercing is one of the most popular options for decorating the female body, which is widespread almost everywhere. When installing it, it is important to choose the right place for the puncture, follow the rules for care.

The literal translation of the word “piercing” from English is piercing. This is one modern and fashionable way to emphasize the most attractive features of the appearance, to create an attractive and unique image. If earlier most of the girls used only ear piercings, now there are much more options for installing such jewelry, including in intimate places.

The history of piercing

Historians claim that piercing as a way of decorating the body appeared several millennia ago. In the process of archaeological excavations, various puncture tools and various decorations are regularly discovered.

Naval piercing Ideas For Girls

Piercing was practiced almost everywhere, but its purpose was rather ritual and religious. Over time, from a tribute to tradition, it has become a fashionable decoration that allows you to distinguish yourself from others and create your own unique style.

Ear piercing Ideas

Puncture technique

Piercing should only be done by a certified specialist in a specialized salon. This will avoid many problems associated with the use of low-quality tools or insufficient wound treatment.

Small Female piercing Ideas

In general, the procedure is simple and is divided into the following steps:

  1. The area of ​​the body at the site of the future puncture is treated with an antiseptic.
  2. A special marking is applied to the skin.
  3. It is possible to use local anesthetics for clients with a low pain threshold.
  4. With a special needle with a catheter, the master makes a puncture, at the same time setting the jewelry into it.
  5. After the procedure, the piercing is treated with an antiseptic, the master gives detailed recommendations for further care.

Cool Ear piercing Ideas For Girls

If you follow all the rules during the installation of the jewelry and during the healing period of the puncture, there will be no complications.

Belly Button Female piercing Ideas

Types of female piercing

There are many options to add a “zest” to your appearance with the help of piercings. Jewelry can be installed in almost any part of the body, but the following options are most popular.

Back Neck piercing For girls

Nose piercings

For women, the best places for decoration are the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe wings and the tip of the nose. Jewelry made of gold, with the addition of precious and semi-precious stones will look cute, add exotic notes to facial features.

Nose Jewlery piercing For Girls

More daring girls can install a septril or bridge, but these types of piercings are not suitable for everyone and are technically quite complicated.

Female piercing Ideas

Eyebrow piercing

It is very popular with both sexes. Girls usually put in their eyebrow jewelry varieties of “banana” and “micro-banana”, made of precious metals with inlay in the form of various stones and balls.

cheek piercing

It implies a through puncture penetrating into the oral cavity. Usually performed symmetrically to create the effect of dimples on the cheeks. Decorations placed in this way give the face grace and a touch of coquetry.

A variety of bioplastic or gold labrets are usually used as decoration.

Lip and tongue punctures

One of the most popular female piercing options. Ornaments imitating a front sight above the lip are usually installed in the area of ​​​​the lips (piercing type “Monroe”, “Madonna”).

Tongue piercing is also widespread, it is believed that the decoration in the tongue makes a woman erotic, attracts the attention of the opposite sex.

Nipple and belly button piercing

Jewelry in the nipples will suit the most liberated, self-confident girls who want to get the most out of lovemaking. They can significantly increase the arousal of both the woman and her partner.

Jewelry in the navel also allows you to emphasize sexuality and attract the attention of men. For these piercing options, they usually use a “banana” made of precious metals (gold, silver) or medical steel earrings with various pendants.

Belly And Naval Female piercing

Intimate female piercing

One of the most modern and popular options for female piercing. Punctures in the genital area can not only increase the attractiveness of a woman, but also enhance the sensations in the process of intimacy.

Nasal Female piercing

This type of decoration is highly variable. Accessories can be installed in the following areas:

  • Small labia. The easiest option for intimate piercing. Heals quickly, there are no technical difficulties.
  • Large labia. When installing jewelry in the area close to the clitoris, you can achieve a significant increase in the sensitivity of the girl. If you place the puncture site near the entrance to the vagina, the pleasure of the partner will increase markedly.
  • Clit piercing. It is used quite rarely since it is suitable only for women with certain structural features of the external genital organs.
  • Piercing at the junction of the labia with the pubis. It is a purely aesthetic form of intimate female piercing, does not affect the sensations of sexual intimacy. The main feature is that it can cause discomfort when wearing tight trousers.

New piercing Ideas For girls

There are many other options for intimate piercing, the main thing is to seek the service of a competent specialist who will help you choose the optimal puncture site and the shape of the jewelry.

Best Female piercing

When You Shouldn’t Get a Piercing

It is important to understand that piercing, especially in intimate areas, is associated with quite strong pain sensations. Local anesthesia at the time of the puncture can relieve them, but during the healing process, which can take up to several months, discomfort can be quite strong.

Female piercing Ideas

Therefore, girls with a low pain threshold should not resort to punctures of sensitive parts of the body. In addition, there are a number of diseases in which piercing is strictly contraindicated:

  • Diabetes.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Blood clotting disorders.
  • Reduced immunity, acute inflammatory diseases.
  • Severe pathologies of internal organs.

Woman piercing Ideas

Before you start decorating your own body, you should consult a doctor and undergo a detailed examination. Then the piercing will give only joy and will help to improve the appearance, increase the feeling of self-confidence and own attractiveness.

Photo ideas and examples of beautiful female piercing

Naval piercing For Girls Female piercing IdeasNeck piercing Ideas For girls piercing Ideas Of womenNose Jewlery Female piercing IdeasCheek Jewlery Female piercing IdeasFemale piercing Ideas

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