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Freehand tattoo – what is this style, its features and benefits

Freehand tattoos are all the rage right now. The fact is that the picture is applied without stencils. The master simply draws the chosen picture, and also there are no two identical tattoos. So Each client becomes the owner of the original drawing.

Freehand tattoo


Freehand tattoo Benefits:

Freehand tattoo: With a freehand tattoo, not everything is unambiguous, and it is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, before the session begins, you should study the topic. It is not enough to choose sketches and find a master, you need to take into account the condition of the skin surface at the site of the intended pattern. Any bulges and depressions can change the relief of the tattoo.

Freehand tattoo

advantages of the freehand tattoo style:

  • The master takes into account the anatomical features of the place of drawing, that is, in the course of the tattoo, he can change the details.
  • The picture in all cases is unique, very beautiful, as it takes into account the desires of a certain person.
  • Due to the fact that when creating a picture, you can use different styles of freehand tattoo, the result is original. The drawing is unusual, bright.

Freehand tattoo

If we talk about the disadvantages of technology, So they are more related to the master. Beginners should not engage in freehand tattooing. Also, you can not expect maximum accuracy from the final result. So For example, a portrait of a person can turn out to be completely different.

Freehand tattoo

Sketch Options

There are many sketches of freehand tattoos, as they are created based on the imagination of the future owner. So The tattoo artist is already working on the style.

Freehand tattoo

The most commonly used are:

  • Realism. It is better to entrust them to experienced craftsmen. This style is full of details. For example, you need to apply a photo of a person, an animal, and so on. It is advisable to carefully study the work of a specialist, read reviews.
  • Linework. The simplest style. Sketches are also enough. The drawings are stylized, drawing original details is not required.
  • Oriental. They are chosen by lovers of bright exotic Japanese tattoos. Masters should be chosen from lovers of Japanese and generally oriental themes.
  • Old school. This style is classic. Tattoos are images of ordinary objects, such as anchors, hearts, and so on. Abstractionism. Style can be considered the most sought after. This is a set of ornaments, colored spots of various sizes.

Freehand tattoo

By the way, make them small. Freehand tattoos are often applied on the arm or leg.
Contemporaries often resort to decorating parts of the body with tattoos. So Just do not forget that after a while the applied picture may turn out to be irrelevant or even interfere. Therefore, the process should be approached thoughtfully.

Freehand tattoo

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