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The most unusual places for a tattoo – TOP-5

The most unusual places for a tattoo: Sometimes lovers of underwear painting choose not quite ordinary places for tattooing. They are provoked to this not only by the desire to stand out, but also by the sacred meaning that they put into the tattoo itself and into the place where it is located. For others, such tattoos often cause genuine interest, surprise, delight, hostility and a host of other diverse emotions. So, let’s look at the TOP 5 most unusual places for a tattoo.

tattoo on eyeballs

This extreme tattoo gained popularity about 10 years ago, after a famous Australian tattoo artist decided to make his friend’s dream come true – he wanted blue eyes, like the people from the novel Dune. Although in fact the practice of tattooing eyeballs began centuries ago. The difference between ancient and modern eye tattoos lies only in their purpose. Previously, this tattoo was used for cosmetic purposes to hide the signs of cataracts in blind people.

The most unusual places for a tattoo

This tattoo takes the first step in the top of unusual places for a tattoo, not only because of the pain, but also because of the complexity of execution. Also, a person who decides on such a tattoo must have a high degree of self-control. The eyeballs essentially have no pain receptors outside the cornea. Therefore, when applying a tattoo on the eye, it will not hurt, although a burning sensation is felt. However, it is difficult to sit still and not move your eyes when a needle is stuck into them at great speed.

In addition, there are huge risks associated with tattoos on the eye, exceeding the risks in any other places. In addition to the possibility of infection, there is a risk of permanent inflammation of the scars and even complete blindness. And this is even though the master will do everything right. The risks of going blind are associated only with the individual characteristics of each person, and no one can predict the outcome in advance. So you should think hundreds of times before deciding on a similar tattoo.

The most unusual places for a tattoo

Tattoo on the eyelids

For an ordinary person, a tattoo on the eyelids inspires no less fear than on the eyeball. By the way, compared to the first point of the TOP, the second one is more painful, because. there are many nerve endings on the eyelids. So you cannot avoid pain, both during the application of the tattoo and in the process of its healing.

However, eyelid tattoos are much more common than eyeball tattoos. Although their history is not so long. Such tattoos are gaining more and more popularity in recent years.

Tattoo under nails

The tattoo under the nails takes third place, not because it is a very extreme place, but because it causes just terrible pain when applied. If you have ever broken a nail from the root, then you should have a little idea of ​​​​what pain awaits you. According to the description of people who survived this procedure, the process of tattooing under the nails was associated with piercing the bones themselves at the tips of the fingers or toes with a needle.

unusual places for a tattoo

This tattoo is extreme, not only because of the level of pain, but also because of the circumstances in which it gets tattooed – first you need to lose a nail due to an accident. Although there could well be situations when a nail was specially removed in order to make such a tattoo. Some also do nail piercings.

face tattoos

Facial tattoos, especially those that cover the entire surface of the face, made it into this top for two reasons:

  • Such a tattoo is always in sight, and you need to be desperate enough to decide on it.
  • Very high level of pain.

The unusual places for a tattoo

The skin on the face is very, very thin and replete with nerve endings. This will lead not only to unpleasant pain, but also the need to make a tattoo in several sessions, even if you need to apply a small drawing. In addition, due to the fact that the face is always in sight and exposed to various influences (sun, wind, etc.), the tattoo will fade quickly and will require regular renewal.

Be prepared for pain that is three times greater than that experienced when applying a tattoo in the usual places.

Tattoos in the mouth

Not everyone can imagine a needle operating in the oral cavity, and certainly not everyone dares to put a tattoo in their mouth. And while oral tattoos are not the most painful to feel, they are one of the most uncomfortable to apply. Not only will you have to keep your mouth open during the entire procedure, but you will also be spitting out ink for hours on end after the session is over.

The unusual places for a tattoo

The most extreme oral tattoos are on the palate, inside of the lip, and on the gums. On the tongue, the tattoo does not hurt so much. There are also not very big pain sensations on the cheek, although it is quite difficult to get to this part of the oral cavity.

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