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Industrial ear piercing – how to do it right and how much it hurts, healing and care, earrings and other jewelry, spectacular photos of works


Varieties of industrial piercing

The classic version is a pair of holes and a bar between them. This puncture is easy to make even for an inexperienced master, the error is not so visible, everything can be corrected with a barbell. The choice of jewelry is very large, you can change them and create new images. Often girls like these options.

Rings connected by a chain are a subspecies of such an industrial piercing. Many wear such accessories even in the office, to study, to government institutions, no one will be shocked when they see such jewelry.

Association of 3-10 points on the ear occurs, but most often industrial piercing is expressed in the form of 4-5 holes. The execution of this operation is not easy, the choice of jewelry is also limited – you will have to flaunt only one, under which a puncture was made. Therefore, this design is rare.

How much does it hurt?

If the piercing of the earlobe is a quite easy and painless procedure, then the cartilage is pierced quite noticeably. Many require anesthesia injections. A light massage will not help here, as with a lobe. There is a special pain scale by which you can determine your reaction.

In addition to an unpleasant puncture, the discomfort does not end after it. Healing takes a long time and is not easy, but everyone is different.

How to do an industrial piercing

Making such a procedure is a serious decision, you should think carefully about whether you are ready for further tests.

  • It is better to entrust the work to a reliable master who has a rich portfolio, an honest reputation and good reviews.
  • Do not trust industrial piercings to artisans with primitive equipment, find another option. It is important that everything is done in a sterile room, with gloves and new needles.
  • The operation is done with a needle, the gun is not reliable and uncomfortable. It is difficult to sterilize it, it can miss a fraction of a millimeter – and the jewelry will no longer fall into the right place.
  • Prepare for the procedure correctly: do not drink alcohol, which thins the blood; if you have any diseases, inform the master about it. Take your passport and cash.
  • The master must disinfect the puncture site, anesthetize at your request.
  • The place is marked with a marker, the client coordinates the marks using a mirror. If necessary, the points change position.
  • A puncture is carried out with needles, a rod is threaded, the ratio with the second hole is checked.
  • A second puncture is made, the bar is closed.
  • Further, the remaining punctures are sequentially made, if they are provided.
  • Finished holes are disinfected, the client checks the appearance in the mirror.

Industrial ear piercing

All adjustments are made during the operation, the nuances are discussed in advance, because then nothing can be changed.

Latest ear piercing

How to take care of your piercing

  • During the first months, the client feels pain quite strongly, but it is tolerable. However, for the first few days, many people want to take painkillers.
  • You should not sleep at the puncture site, it is better to lie on your back for 2-3 months.
  • Do not touch your ears with your hands, otherwise an infection may occur. If you work in a dusty room or go outside, cover your ears with a plaster or film.
  • Change your pillowcase, preferably every day.
  • If you wear a hat, it is better to wash it as often as possible or change it.
  • People with long hair should keep it braided and limit contact with the ears.
  • Twice a day, it is necessary to wash the holes with furacilin or chlorhexidine, then lubricate with levomekol.
  • Any types of processing should be done only with washed hands, discs and sticks.
  • If the area turns red and inflamed, you can apply cold, but you can not do a warm compress.
  • Do not engage in athletics, intense training, do not go to the pool and the beach.
  • There is no need to water the hair with varnish while the industrial piercing heals, as well as with other means – foams, mousses, gels.
  • At the first problems with the ears, you should immediately go to the ENT doctor.

Industrial TaTTOO ear piercing

Types of complications

There can be many variants of violations, dozens. The main thing is proper care, it is important to monitor hygiene, pierce industrial piercings only from the pros.

Then the risk will be minimal. But at the first symptoms, you should go to the doctor:

  • the appearance of pus;
  • ear discharge;
  • blanching, necrosis of the skin around the puncture;
  • tingling that does not disappear;
  • ear numbness;
  • hearing loss;
  • throbbing pains;
  • swelling, lumbago;
  • temperature from 37 C and above.

Selection of jewelry

Each customer chooses a piece of jewelry according to his own taste – the assortment is now huge, you can buy models in different styles in stores. A unique industrial piercing can be done, focusing on photos and videos, a portfolio of masters.

Bars with salamanders, snakes, stones and chains look beautiful. There are curly, lace options, real masterpieces. Someone will choose a brutal type of jewelry, with sharp lines, futuristic details. Others will prefer something romantic, with flowers and stars. But many people do industrial piercing repeatedly if the first experience is successful.

Photo examples of industrial piercing

Industrial ear piercingIndustrial ear piercingIndustrial ear piercing

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