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Jared Leto’s tattoos – meaning, places of application, photos

Jared Leto’s tattoos:

Jared Leto’s tattoos: Jared Leto is known all over the world as an outstanding actor and talented musician. With his unsurpassed talent, he graced many world-famous films. His directing abilities are also highly appreciated. No less famous brought Jared Leto tattoos, original and unique.

Jared Leto's tattoos

Tattoos on the arms

Jared’s most popular tattoo is one shared by him and his fans. These are woven icons (Glyphs) that have become the symbol of his musical group. The image is executed in the style of a geometric ornament, stuffed on the left wrist.

Jared Leto's tattoos

A little higher, on the forearm of the left hand, another reminder of a creative career. The drawing is also like a geometric pattern. It is a plexus of crosses and circles. Also refers to creativity, namely, to one music album.

Jared Leto’s tattoo on his arm, above the elbow, is also dedicated to his musical career. These symmetrical triads are pierced with plain ink. They denote the unity of his group, the integrity of Jared as a creative person. Still, these images can be understood as the relationship of nature and man.

Jared Leto's tattoos

Arrow tattoo on the calf muscles

Symmetrical large arrows are pierced along the calf muscles of both legs. They are outlined and directed upwards. Monophonic. Such arrows mean a constant striving forward.

The arrow has long been considered an attribute of hunting. Since hunting was and is the prerogative of men, the arrow tattoo is also considered a male version of tattoos.

Jared Leto's tattoos

The direction and size of the tattoo of arrows on Jared’s legs indicate courage, masculine strength.

Since the time of paganism, it was believed that such images protect the back from the blow of the enemy, help to resist in the confrontation.

Other tattoos

Under the right clavicle there is an inscription in Latin letters: “Provehito in Altum”. This phrase, “strive into the abyss”, is the motto of the musical group Leto.

On Jared’s back is a large, schematic map of the world. It is a circle divided into two parts and arrows that come out of it in four directions. This image is also called “orbis epsilon”.

Jared Leto's tattoos

This tattoo is organically combined with arrows stuffed on the calves. There is a feeling that the arrows point to a map of the planet.

Judging by the simplicity of the pinned images, Jared loves conciseness. Expresses constancy of views, perseverance.

Jared Joker and his tattoo

In the Suicide Squad movie, Leto is represented by the Joker. According to most of the audience, he was not convincing in this role. Especially when compared to Heath Ledger.

Jared Leto's tattoos

He has many roles as the Joker in comics. On them, Leto got a lot of new tattoos.

Jared Leto's tattoos

The first thing to note is the drawing of the dead robin bird on the biceps of the right hand. The Joker impaled a bird in honor of the elimination of Robin – the hero of the comic book (“The Killing Joke”) Todd. From English Robin is translated as Malinovka.

The tattoo “HAHAHAHA” refers to the same comic. It is stuffed on the chest on the left. Such a crazy joker laugh is just in the style of comics.

Jared Leto's tattoos

Jared Leto’s left arm is tattooed with a bat pierced by a knife. The bat is the prototype of Batman. Just to remove his main goal of the joker. Although he himself cannot live without this Dark Knight. In the comics, this story is shown in different variations.

On the right side of the chest is a tattoo of Harley Quinn. She, in the form of a Harlequin in a cap, is his love. There are no doubts about this.

The caption-inscription speaks of the excessive conceit of the actor: “God’s only son“. This Jared Leto joker tattoo can be seen on the right side. The picture is large, which may mean recognition of its greatness.

The actor has a lot of tattoos dedicated to his beloved. Many images of smiles, insane laughter, which is considered a sign of insanity. There are also drawings of a card joker, the letter “J”. But it is unlikely that all this will help Jared to return to the screens in the form of a movie hero Joker. But his talents are multifaceted. There is something to please and surprise fans. Including new tattoos.

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