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Jason Momoa tattoos on the arm and chest – meaning, photo

Jason Momoa tattoos on the arm and chest:

Jason Momoa tattoos on the arm and chest: Fans know and love Jason Momoa as a superhero actor. In the Aquaman movie, Arthur Curry is a mythical creature. He is half human, half Atlantean. The choice of the director of the film is very successful. The hero is so similar to his character, as if written from him. Even some of Jason’s tattoos fit seamlessly into the plot.

Jason Momoa tattoos on the arm and chest

By the way, Most of Jason Momoa’s tattoos are temporary.. Pictures are drawn only for the time of filming. Although real tattoos in the life of Jason Momoa have a place to be.

Jason Momoa tattoos on the arm and chest

family coat of arms tattoo

On the forearm of Momoa, small triangles are pierced, which form a kind of cuff. Composite parts are properly structured. The actor claims that this is his family coat of arms. The shark, whose teeth represent triangles, is the spirit of his kind. The artist himself is of Hawaiian origin. According to local beliefs, such a tattoo will be a sign to all real sharks in the water that he is one of them. His tattoo is intended for spiritual communication with water brothers. It is not worth touching the owner of the sign. It is this tattoo that fits perfectly into the role of a superhero.

Jason Momoa tattoos on the arm and chest

By the way, such tattoos have a long history. They were stuffed back in those days when not needles were used as a tool, but a cutter.

Another tattoo in this theme. This is a simple line on the back of the left hand. According to Momoa Jason, the tattoo also means shark teeth.

family tattoos

Jason is a deeply family man. His wife, children are the most important thing in life. In this regard, Jason Momoa’s tattoo dedicated to children appeared. Their names are inscribed on the left chest: Lola and Wolf. And one gets the feeling that the children themselves wrote it. Before that, unsure handwriting. Perhaps Jason asked them to write their names on paper, and the tattoo artist pricked them as close as possible. The tattoo is done in black and red.

Jason Momoa tattoos on the arm and chest

A compass is pierced on the forearm of the right hand. The actor sees the meaning of this tattoo in the fact that the tattoo will always show the right path and help in determining the choice.

Another Jason Momoa tattoo on his arm was made after the death of a close friend. He got a tattoo with his name. The name is printed along the middle finger of the right hand.

Jason Momoa tattoos on the arm and chest

Gypsy Pride

Interesting tattoo on the inside of the right arm. The words “Pride of the Gypsies” are impaled there. What does Momoa have to do with the nomadic people is not clear. Unless to compare these words with the name of the actor’s production company. The company is called Pride of Gypsies. Separately, they mean pride and freethinking. That is, all members of the community are freelance artists.

Jason Momoa tattoos on the arm and chest

Constantly tipsy

On the same right arm, but higher and on the outside, there is another curious tattoo. And again the inscription. It is executed in italics, black ink in French. The original looks like this: “etre toujours ivre”, and in translation: “always be drunk.” The tattoo was made during the filming of Game of Thrones.

Jason Momoa tattoos on the arm and chest


A very small skull is located under the thumb of the right hand. According to Jason, he loves skulls, so he decided to make a small space for at least one.

Jason Momoa tattoos on the arm and chest


Jason Momoa got another noticeable tattoo in 2014. This landscape tattoo, accompanied by the words: “min engel” (my angel). This whole composition, coupled with the Islamic symbol, the crescent on the five-pointed star, is not commented on by the actor. Perhaps only the inscription matters. Given that the inscription is in Norwegian, the expression may be related to Norway.

Jason Momoa tattoos on the arm and chest

Tattoos should be treated with care. A momentary desire can make the owner of a picture that will soon cease to be relevant. A well-made tattoo lasts a lifetime. Although it can be removed, the procedure is long and painful.

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