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Johnny Depp’s tattoos – meaning and photo

Johnny Depp’s tattoos: 

Johnny Depp’s tattoos: The favorite of the public, the brightest actor in Hollywood, Johnny Depp played a large number of incomparable characters. Accomplished, popular actor. About difficult, joyful, sad moments in fate can be found only by his tattoos. Johnny Depp’s tattoos make sense and their meaning to him is undeniable. According to Depp himself, all life is embodied in them. By the way, Johnny Depp’s tattoos can be seen in many of his photos.

The actor’s hands are especially rich in tattoos. From the drawings on them, you can learn about Johnny’s roots, favorite people, favorite roles and much more.

Explanations on the main tattoos.

Johnny Depp owes his exotic appearance to his origin. When mixing so many bloods, it could not be otherwise. Among his ancestors are Germans, Irish, Cherokee Indians, representatives of the Cree people. On the appearance of the actor, national features are collected in the most optimal composition. In his youth, Depp was especially proud of his Native American roots. At the age of 17, the image of the leader of the Cherokee Indian tribe appeared on the right shoulder, in all national attire. Although the image is monochrome, the harsh beauty of the leader of the tribe conveys fully and realistically.

Johnny Depp's tattoos

Already an adult, 26 years old, Johnny fell in love with a young actress Winona Ryder. For both, the relationship was serious. Having already experienced family life, the actor first experienced such strong feelings for a 17-year-old girl. Relations between the young were stormy. Their love boat rocked and tossed from side to side. But the feelings were so strong that Johnny Depp decided to get a tattoo on his arm in memory of Vayonna. The inscription “Winona forever” took place just above the Indian. After parting, the actor reduced most of the dedication. Left only the first 4 letters. The result is a completely harmless word “Wine”.

Old And New Johnny Depp's tattoos

Everyone’s favorite Jack Sparrow, performed by Depp, was also marked with a tattoo. On the right forearm of Johnny Depp is a tattoo of a bird flying under the rays of the sun over the sea. At the bottom of the image there is a transcript in the form of the word “Jack”. This is the name of his on-screen hero. True, the bird is not very reminiscent of a sparrow, rather, a swift.

Latest Johnny Depp's tattoos

On the inner surface of the same right forearm is another attribute of a pirate life. This is a human skull and crossbones. Until the 18th century, the banners of pirate schooners were decorated with an identical symbol. Allegedly, the drawing shows the courage of the sea bandits.

Arm tattoo Of Johnny Depp's

Another tattoo looks like a face with a sewn mouth, and flaunts on the upper surface of the forearm of the right hand. In magic, voodoo is a sign of silence.

Johnny Depp's tattoos

Very mysterious three tiny rectangles are impaled on the index finger of the right hand. There is no explanation from the owner. Moreover, he diligently closes them with a ring.

Johnny Depp's tattoos

Starting to meet with Amber Heard, Johnny pinned the word “SLIM” on his fingers. With this word, he designated the fragility of his beloved. Then there was a break and the word was changed to “SCUM”. That is, the relationship with her, or she herself seemed vile to him. The changes didn’t end there. Slightly modifying the second option received the word “SCAM”. This is already a scam.

Johnny Depp's tattoos

The crow tattoo is common to John, his friend Damien, Billy Carter, Jack’s godson. The actor had a flying raven in 2012.

Arm tattoo Ideas Of Johnny Depp's

Another tattoo with an Indian motif is a snake in an oval. I made the tattoo at the same time as the Dreamcatcher tattoo. Then, when he was accepted into the Comanche tribe.

Best tattoo Ideas Of Johnny Depp

The drawing of the “Book of Changes” says that you can bring trouble if you rush things. You have to follow your own path, carefully avoiding obstacles.

Johnny Depp's tattoos

The drawing of the setting sun is stuffed over the tattoo of the girl Amber Heard. After breaking up with her, John decided that the relationship had come to an end.

Johnny Depp's tattoos

A serpent that devours its own tail. This Johnny Depp tattoo represents the infinity of the cycle of life.

Johnny Depp's tattoos

Johnny’s mother’s name was tattooed on his left bicep. The inscription is decorated with touches in the Celtic style and enclosed in a pink heart.

Finger Tattoos Johnny Depp

The tattoo of an inverted black triangle is stuffed over a tattoo dedicated to the mother of the actor. What is the meaning of it, the actor does not reveal.

Symbols tattoo Of Johnny Depp

The words “Silence, exile, cunning” are painted on the forearm of the left hand. The font used is Gothic.

Arm tattoo Of Johnny Depp

The actor has the number 3 on his left hand. This is his favorite number. In many cultures, it is considered sacred.

New Colored Ttattoo Of Johnny Depp

Small hearts are pinned on the shoulder. They are dedicated to the actor’s wife Vanessa, Lily-Rose’s daughter, Son Jack.

Collarbone Tattoo Idea Of Johnny

African deity Ogum (Ogun). The second word in translation means “Long live!”. The actor got a tattoo while traveling in Hawaii.

Johnny Depp's tattoos

A bird with cards in its paw is depicted on the forearm of the left hand. The tattoo was made in memory of my grandfather, who loved this game.

Johnny Depp’s tattoos

On the left hand of the actor there is a pattern of a skull key. He stuffed it with comrade Damien. As a child, Johnny believed in the ability of such a key to open any door.

The Comanche Z sign (zigzag) is also pinned in honor of Johnny’s acceptance into the Indian tribe.

Hand Tattoo Idea Of Johnny Depp

From the back, on the left shoulder, a tiny guitarist is depicted. This is another drawing of Jack.

Johnny Depp's tattoos

On the tattoo is a small man without a face, but dressed. Under it is written the statement that people are frivolous creatures.

Johnny Depp's tattoos

In memory of the guard, after his death, the actor pricked the first letters of his name and the number 13. Jerry Judges faithfully served Depp for two decades.

Johnny Depp's tattoos

The images of a girl and a sailor are pinned on different hands. It can be assumed that this means the impossibility of their meeting.

Other tattoos

A number of tattoos are distributed on other parts of the body. Here are some of them.

A tiny question mark flaunts in the lower region of the right leg. At the bottom, instead of a dot, a cross.

Depp dedicated a tattoo of a gonzo symbol to a deceased friend. He marked his pain from the loss of a loved one with an image on his left leg.

The dream catcher, a common amulet among the Indians, also took its place. Johnny impaled him after the Comanches accepted him into their midst.

On Depp’s right leg is a saying that death is inevitable.

Depp made the name of his daughter from Vanessa Paradis on the left side of his chest. Depp loves the baby, so he decided to have her always next to his heart.

Ancient Egyptian letters impaled “brothers”. The image flaunts on the right side of the chest. The names of the actor and Damien are written around the circle. By the way, the actor loves this tattoo more than anyone else.

Ahead of the actor are new roles, new events. Undoubtedly, new tattoos will appear. Fans will have something to discuss, something to rejoice or be upset about.

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