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Leg tattoo for men

Leg tattoo for men:

Leg tattoo for men: Factors to consider when choosing a leg tattoo. Features of such places as the thigh, lower leg, foot. Popular stylistic trends for men’s leg tattoos.

Men get tattoos on their legs for various reasons. Show your individuality, cover up scars, for the purpose of self-expression, to establish yourself in a certain circle or for the love of tattoo art. Choosing a location for a leg tattoo is one of the practical options. Fresh drawings are easy to care for. A tattoo is easy to hide if it can harm the image.

leg tattoos

Several factors must be considered before deciding to apply a pattern to this part of the body.

Leg tattoo for men

The shape of the legs, the anatomical structure of the limbs. People with a thin physique will not fit tattoos on the calves. The image will visually make the leg thinner. In men with an athletic body structure, large-scale tattoos look good.

Leg tattoo for men

Style. If there are already tattoos on the leg, then it is important that the new pattern fits into the composition. When choosing a tattoo style, you should consider what clothes the future owner wears so as not to look ridiculous. The tattoo should not look awkward when part of the image is covered by clothing.

Leg tattoo for men

Sketch and shape of the place. The area of ​​the place, the relief of the body and the sketch must be chosen wisely. You should not choose a wide image and apply it to the lower leg. In this case, the tattoo does not look aesthetically pleasing. Also, small or oblong tattoos look ugly on the thigh.

Leg tattoo for men

The volume of the hairline, rough skin. If there is a lot of hair on a certain area of ​​the body, then the tattoo will hardly be visible, or the place will look dirty. As for the foot, it is necessary to clean it with a pumice stone before the session.

Leg tattoo for men

Soreness. Pain sensations are different in all parts of the legs. The most unpleasant are the instep of the foot, the inner thigh, the knee. Painless revenge is the outer part of the thigh, the calf.

Leg tattoo for men

Image persistence. Longer retain their original appearance of tattoos on the thigh and lower leg. The image on the foot will be erased completely or will peel off very quickly.

Leg tattoo for men

Places for a tattoo on the leg


The place is considered a female option for a tattoo, but men also wear images at this place. The drawing looks good and beautiful on an athletic physique. The tattoo is easy to hide under clothing, if necessary. One of the advantages of a tattoo on the thigh is the painlessness of the drawing procedure by the tattoo artist.

Leg tattoo for men


Just like on the thigh, it does not hurt to get a tattoo on the lower leg. More often men choose a place on the calf. The drawing looks aesthetically pleasing due to the even rounded surface of the place, it retains its primary appearance for a long time.

Leg tattoo for men


A rare place for individual tattoos. Basically, the knees are clogged in the case of a large-scale image on the entire leg or half of it. Drawing on this place is painful, due to the lack of fat.

Leg tattoo for men

The bone is close to the skin. The skin is rough. There is a high probability that it will not be possible to work out small details, as the final work will not look like on a sketch. The best option would be a simple drawing.

Leg tattoo for men


Not the most popular tattoo spot for guys. Girls tend to choose the ankle as a canvas for drawing. Despite prejudices, for a man a tattoo in this place can be a good option. The image on the ankle is easy to hide. When drawing a picture, people have pronounced pain. The fatty layer is practically absent, a large accumulation of nerve endings, tendons and veins.

Leg tattoo for men


Original execution and fragility of the tattoo. Tattoo lovers will love the experiment. Apply mostly inscriptions or simple uncomplicated images. It must be borne in mind that the pattern on the heel will quickly lose its former shape over time. When considering the instep of the foot as a place for a tattoo, you need to think carefully. Drawing a picture will be painful, on an uneven surface the image will be distinctly different from the sketch.

Stylistic directions

Men choose different styles for leg tattoos. The most popular are:


The style appeared in the 80s. Tattoos are applied in the style of biomechanics, using the 3D technique. The realism of such a picture rolls over. Particular attention is paid to the clear drawing of every detail, the elaboration of small elements.

Black work

Choosing this style works well for covering up old low-quality tattoos. Most of the leg is painted black. The tattoo is beaten on a large scale. Photos of the tattoo from various resources show that it could be a black forest. Half of the leg is filled with black, and further on, fir trees or trees are neatly transitioning.


Lovers of bright colored tattoos choose this style. Compositions may include cartoon characters. A tattoo usually has some kind of plot. The drawing can be supplemented with an inscription with the appropriate font, which looks beautiful in the overall composition.

Ethnic directions

Men make tattoos in the form of patterns and ornaments on their legs. The drawing can be on part or completely on the entire leg. For some, this is just an ornament that does not matter. Some purposefully stuff a drawing, which is an amulet or a talisman. The choice falls on a variety of Polynesian or Celtic patterns on the leg, which look aesthetically pleasing.

The sketch should be selected taking into account all factors, fit the lifestyle of the owner. The right color scheme and location play an important role. A correctly chosen and executed tattoo on the leg will emphasize the qualities of a man and help to assert himself.

Photo ideas for male tattoos on the legs

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