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Lip tattoo – reasons for choosing an unusual tattoo, stylish sketches for a tattoo on the inside of the lip, cool photos of works

Lip tattoo:

Lip tattoo: Tattoos on the body have ceased to be a means of identifying a person and have not been used for a long time to correlate it with a certain type of activity. But such underwear drawings continue to decorate people, emphasize their bright individuality and a high level of self-expression.

Often, tattoos hidden from prying eyes are the pride of their owner and only a limited circle of people knows about their presence. Such body designs include tattoos on the lip, a variety of photos of which we have collected in our extensive collection presented on the site.

Lip tattoos and some features of image selection

To decorate faces, permanent tattooing is most often used, which is ideal for accentuating makeup. But in addition to the arrows and the underlined lip line, even and beautiful eyebrows, tattoos can be applied to the inside of the lip, and the decoration can be located in any part.

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Lip tattoo

Such a decorative modification of the body looks as original as possible, and exclusive sketches are very often chosen for its implementation. The result is rarely shown to others or put on display, so most often this is a unique means of self-expression for any person.

Why is such an original place chosen for a tattoo?

The decoration of the inner side of the lips is interesting and the original image is available to men and women. To implement the plan, no special training and special technology is required, but such a zone for a tattoo is chosen in several, the most common cases:

  • at work or in an educational institution, any manifestation of modifications and decoration of one’s own body is strictly prohibited, strict corporate ethics are observed;
  • there is not enough free space on the human body to apply another iconic image that has its own meaning and a certain meaning for the owner;
  • a guy or girl tends to completely hide a tattoo that has a deep semantic or philosophical definition that has influenced their lives to one degree or another;
  • the owner strives for his own self-expression, but is not used to close attention from others and is not ready to reveal his secrets to strangers.

Lip tattoo

A tattoo made on the inside of the lip will always be hidden from others, only if it is not specifically shown. At the same time, it can have many different meanings and its perception can be ambiguous, which affects the choice of an exclusive sketch for a future tattoo.

Lip tattoo

Stages and general procedure for applying a tattoo on the inside of the lip

A professional master with rich experience and working in a popular tattoo parlor will be able to make a tattoo of any complexity. An important step in the procedure is the preliminary selection of an interesting sketch, which can be done using the rich collection of our site, then standard activities are carried out:

  • the choice of application technique in consultation with the master, all this is carried out before the main stage and requires some preparation, for example, the client is advised to refuse to take alcohol or blood thinners;
  • at the next stage, the tattoo master applies the contour of the future image, since the body drawing will be on the mucous membrane, even a professional will not be able to transfer the contours to the area with a pen or pencil;
  • when the contour is completely ready and completed, the entire drawing or its individual elements are sketched according to the sketch; if the drawing is full-color, then thorough shading is carried out by introducing a subcutaneous pigment.

Lip tattoo

Do not forget that the mucous membrane is covered with a high number of nerve endings, so the future owner of the tattoo cannot avoid some pain. At the same time, tattoos on the mucous membrane are distinguished by a fast level of healing, but for this you will have to carefully and carefully follow all the recommendations of the master.

Lip tattoo

Important: The master will not be able to apply a protective film on the inner side of the lip after the full tattooing procedure. That is why it is so important to get tattoos exclusively in professional elephants or tattoo studios, after reading the reviews of real clients.

Lip tattoo

Examples of original and stylish tattoos and sketches for lips

For drawing a picture on the inside of the lip, very simple and even schematic drawings are most often chosen. Symbolic signs and stylized sketches that do not occupy a large area and are quickly recognizable, filled with deep meaning, are very popular:

  • a mustache located on the upper lip, most often such a tattoo is chosen by young guys or adult men;
  • heart symbols, they can be supplemented with a small cardiogram and stylized date numbers;
  • lucky clover, the four-leaf green image looks especially original;
  • a skull with or without bones, a symbol of the goal and small, iconic and fairly neat inscriptions;
  • the names of loved ones or close relatives, often a personal, full name is chosen for a tattoo;
  • funny drawings and images of your favorite cartoon characters, popular movie characters or stars;
  • minimalized geometric patterns or sketchy, naturalistic ornaments made in ethnostylistics.

Lip tattoo

The price of the finished work of a qualified master will depend on the complexity of the selected sketch, the presence of several colors and the size of the drawing. Turning to a professional, you can completely get rid of the risks of harm to health and guarantee that the tattoo will look really beautiful.

Lip tattoo

A tattoo on the inside of the lip will in no way help change one’s own appearance, but it will significantly increase the wearer’s self-esteem. Any well-chosen sketch will really be able to make an indelible impression on the person to whom the owner wants to reveal his secret.

Photo ideas of tattoos on the lip

Lip tattooLip tattooLip tattooLip tattooLip tattooLip tattooLip tattooLip tattooLip tattooLip tattoo

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