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Male piercing varieties. (male piercing of the ear, nose, nipples, in intimate places), care and healing, photo ideas

Male piercing varieties:

Male piercing varieties: From English, the word “piercing” is translated as a puncture, but in the modern sense, it means not only the process of piercing the body, but also the installation of various jewelry.

Male piercing was popular even among the ancient Romans, it was used by many other nations. Most often, various types of earrings were installed, but many other varieties of male piercings are now available.

Piercing locations for men

The choice of piercing options for men is no narrower than for women. You can install such an ornament in almost any part of the body. The main thing to understand is that this is a serious medical procedure, so choosing a place for a piercing should be taken seriously.

New Nasal Male piercing

Ear Male piercing varieties

One of the more popular options for piercing placement. There are hundreds of types of ear piercings. Most often, ordinary earrings are installed, less often – cylinders in the earlobe, which can be of different diameters.

Male piercing varieties

Ear cartilage piercing is very popular, often in many places. But it is important to consider that such a procedure can be hazardous to health, since in this area of ​​​​the ear there are many biologically active points that regulate the functioning of the body.

Cool Male Ear piercing

Ear piercing is one of the simplest, the piercing heals quickly, usually within a couple of weeks. The healing process of pierced cartilage is longer – up to 2 months.

New Ear piercing For Boys

Nose Male piercing varieties

It also belongs to one of the most popular male piercing options. The main feature is the complexity of the procedure, during which the nasal septum is pierced. Therefore, not all masters undertake such work.

Eyebrow Male piercing varieties

One of the most painful piercing options. It is less popular among men, usually eyebrow jewelry is installed by those who already have several other, simpler punctures.

EyeBrow piercing For Males

The healing time is several weeks. An important feature is that eyebrow piercing requires constant careful care, even after complete healing.

Nasal Male piercing

Lips and tongue

Piercing in this area is very variable, there are hundreds of different piercing options. This is because the lips and tongue can be pierced relatively safely almost anywhere.

Wounds heal up to 2 months, in the first weeks after the procedure, problems with diction and solid food intake are possible. In some cases, after installing a piercing in the tongue or lip, a person can lose up to several kilograms in a week. But these problems are temporary and quickly disappear on their own, as they adapt to the new decoration.

Male Lips piercing


In the past, it was popular with warriors, was considered a manifestation of courage and courage. It is quite popular even now. The puncture site heals completely in a few months.

Male Nipple piercing


A simple puncture site, the main advantage is that it is easy to hide under clothing. Therefore, navel piercings are popular with teenagers and those who need to follow a strict dress code.

Naval Male piercing


Male genital piercing is also quite common, there are many options for such a procedure. As a rule, jewelry is placed in the head of the penis, or in the scrotum.

Male piercing varieties

Often used piercing Prince Albert, it is a ring threaded through the urethra. Many men claim that genital piercing allows you to get new sensations during intercourse, enhance the impressions of sexual contact with yourself and your partner.

The puncture heals in 20-30 days, requires regular care and washing with antiseptics.

Simple Ear Pirsing

Which of the men will suit such jewelry

Although the fashion for male piercing is at its peak, such jewelry is not suitable for all men. Most often, the decision to pierce is made by the following categories of men:

  1. Young people striving to meet all fashion trends.
  2. Middle-aged men seeking to fill life with new sensations.
  3. Men seeking to protest against the standard men’s fashion through aggressive piercing, to solve their internal problems.
  4. Those who wish to diversify their sex life.

 Male Forhead And Nasal piercing

It is important to understand that piercing is not suitable for everyone, so if you want to install such a piece of jewelry, it is better to start with simple options.

Nasal And Ear Male piercing varieties

An ear or belly button piercing is good. If you decide that this way of decorating your body fits your lifestyle, you can install complex and expensive jewelry in other places – lips, eyebrows, genitals.

Small Nasal Pirsing

What decorations to use

The range of various piercing jewelry is almost incalculable. Everyone can find the most suitable option. The most important thing is to choose a safe material. The best are:

  • Titanium.
  • Gold.
  • Silver.
  • Medical steel.

Male piercing varieties for Nose

Accessories made of stone, silicone, bioplastic are also quite popular. It is better to refrain from wooden jewelry and bone products, they require additional care efforts, can contribute to the infection of the puncture, the development of inflammatory reactions.

Bridge Male piercing varieties

How to care for your piercing

Since any skin puncture is a traumatic effect, immediately after the completion of the procedure, the site of the piercing should be treated with an antiseptic. In the future, regular treatment with antibacterial solutions is needed until the wound is completely healed.

Male piercing Care

When choosing an antiseptic, try to use those that do not contain alcohol, such as chlorhexidine or miramistin. Do not use “green” or iodine, they dry the skin, can contribute to the development of inflammation.

EyeBrow Male piercing New Idea

During the healing period, you should refrain from visiting public baths, open water, pools. To accelerate the regeneration processes at the puncture site, you can drink multivitamin complexes containing zinc compounds.

Nice Male piercing

By following all the recommendations, you can avoid the development of various complications that can adversely affect your health. Competent, regular care of the piercing will not only avoid such problems, but also cultivate self-discipline skills.

Photo ideas of the original male piercing

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