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Medusa piercing Ideas – the trend, who suits it, how to choose jewelry

The original decorative ornament is a jellyfish piercing. It is fashionable and creative, always attracts attention. How is this type of piercing done?

Big Medusa piercing For Men

Medusa piercing Ideas: 

Medusa piercing Ideas: If you want to make an unusual version of the piercing on the face, pay attention to the jellyfish piercing. This is the name of the piercing of the nasal filtrum, which today is often found among fans of iron jewelry. The procedure for piercing the nasal trough is quite specific, but safe. But the decoration looks very impressive, unusual, attracts attention.

Emergence of a trend Medusa piercing Ideas: 

An unusual type of piercing originates in the 1990s. Canadian stylist Kerrick made similar punctures to his customers – models and representatives of subcultures. This original version of the piercing became very popular among both sexes, and by the end of the 90s, thousands of people were wearing jellyfish piercings around the world.

The decoration gives the wearer a special character:

  • audacity, courage;
  • mystery, mystery;
  • unbanal aesthetics;
  • special style, original image.

Steel Medusa piercing

The name jellyfish piercing comes from the shape of the piece of jewelry that is inserted into the nasal septum. The visible area has the shape of a sphere on a stem, and inside the product is flat, reminiscent of a nail head.

Features of the operation Medusa piercing Ideas

Medusa piercing is one of the most beautiful types of such aesthetic surgeries. Due to the absence of nerve endings in the filtrum, such body modification is the most comfortable and painless. Also, there are no blood vessels and large capillaries, so there will be no blood. However, it is worth entrusting the execution only to an experienced and accurate master with high qualifications.

Medusa piercing Best Idea

The choice of a place for piercing always depends on aesthetics, the decoration should look attractive and harmonious in a certain position. This is the area in the middle of the upper lip, which passes into the nasal filtrum. Sometimes they make a puncture under the lower lip, but this is painful and more difficult to perform, so it is not so in demand in salons.

The manipulation itself takes no more than 5 minutes:

  • the master makes the disinfection of the future puncture zone;
  • markup is performed;
  • the needle penetration point is agreed with the client;
  • if a person has a low pain threshold, then local anesthesia is done;
  • the working area is fixed with special tools;
  • a through hole is made;
  • an earring is put on;
  • the wound is treated with chlorhexidine.

piercing Ideas

Please note that during the piercing, watery discharge, bloody streaks, as well as the occurrence of aching pain are possible. This phenomenon is considered normal, it is not a deviation.

Medusa piercing

Security Recommendations Or Medusa piercing Ideas

After the operation, you can not eat for 4 hours, as well as smoke and drink liquids, especially alcohol, which affects the state of blood vessels. Otherwise, violation of the rules will lead to inflammation, stomatitis, in extreme cases, a rejection of a foreign element will occur, an allergy will begin.

Medusa piercing Ideas

It is very important to follow all the recommendations of the jellyfish piercing master. A fresh wound needs to be looked after, hygiene maintained so that there are no complications.

Medusa piercing Ideas

The wound healing process takes about 14 days. It is advisable to strictly observe all restrictions:

  • do not eat spicy, cold and hot food;
  • do not gnaw hard foods, so as not to cause mechanical damage;
  • do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages;
  • not to kiss, no matter how sad;
  • do not touch the earring without treatment, do not move it or pull it out – this will slow down the healing.

Medusa piercing Ideas

To speed up regeneration, it is important:

  • take B vitamins;
  • do mouthwashes with antiseptics;
  • regularly dissolve antiseptic dragees, tablets;
  • do not remove the earring for 12 months, and after a year of wearing, also do not remove it for more than a day.

Medusa piercing Ideas

The loose hole is quickly tightened, so you will have to wear a jellyfish piercing constantly. This fact should be borne in mind by everyone who wants to decorate their face in this way. There will also be a small scar on the area of ​​the hole.

Medusa piercing Ideas

Requirements for the performer

A number of objective conditions that are important to observe when performing a jellyfish piercing operation:

  • the room must be sterile (medical room in the clinic);
  • all instruments are taken from sterile boxes;
  • the master is obliged to use disposable sterile gloves;
  • special surgical markers are used for marks;
  • actively used antiseptic.

Medusa Best piercing

Types of jewelry

The choice of jewelry for jellyfish piercing is quite large. The difference lies in the type of clasp.

Medusa piercing Ideas

This decoration is called a labret, there are also microbananas. It is comfortable to wear due to a snug fit to the lip with a flat part. And the outer area can be different – the owner, at will, changes the decorative wrapping.

Medusa piercing Ideas

But not only beauty is important, the length also greatly affects the style and safety, wearing comfort. A good earring should not painfully dig into the face – this is fraught with inflammation. It is better to take a length of no more than 10 mm. It is optimal to take steel labrets from surgical, hypoallergenic steel with an admixture of titanium, bioplast (type 316L).

Medusa piercing Ideas

When the channel heals, it is already possible to change the wrappings for any decorative ones – with stones, pearls, metal jewelry. From this, the image changes radically – from brutal and harsh to romantic and chic. The shops have cool and stylish jewelry.

Medusa piercing Ideas

Medusa piercing is a great way to creatively decorate your face, attract attention, and add a bright touch to your image. Today, this type of piercing is in demand among people of all ages and genders, regardless of occupation and hobbies.

Medusa piercing Ideas

This is a type of body modification that has long been recognized in society, which is rejected only in purely business or political circles. It is especially popular in the creative environment, among designers, programmers, bloggers, musicians, alternative photo models.

Photo examples of piercing in the style of a jellyfish

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