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Megan Fox tattoo – meaning and photo

Megan Fox tattoo:

Megan Fox tattoo: The celebrity has got a lot of tattoos. Every Megan Fox tattoo means something to her. They can be used to judge every stage of a celebrity’s life. Each next role, creative success, important life milestones, love are marked by another tattoo. She considers them more important than the status of a Hollywood star. Even for a very important role, Megan is not ready to part with her tattoos. She considers tattoos to be a showcase of her artistic accomplishments.

Megan Fox tattoo


Tattoo “Golden Butterflies”

A quote from the famous work of fiction “King Lear” adorns Fox’s right shoulder blade. Words: “We will always laugh at golden butterflieswere uttered by the king over the lifeless daughter. It is not clear what meaning the mad ruler put into these words, what the actress thinks about it.

Megan Fox tattoo

Girl with a broken heart

Another Shakespeare quote was used by Fox. True, as usual, a little altered. The text can only be seen when Megan Fox raises her left hand.

She seems to be trying these words on herself. It is written about a girl who knew love only at the moment when the young man broke her heart.

Yin and Yang

The sign of the feminine and masculine “Yin-Yang” is stuffed on the inside of the wrist of the left hand. For others, this is a sign that the actress believes in the inner connection of a man and a woman.

Megan Fox tattoo

From an aesthetic point of view, the tattoo is not perfect. It is made in one color. Therefore, the Megan Fox tattoo in the photo looks like a blot.


The Chinese character is pinned under the hair on the neck. Translated, the word means “strength”. Since the drawing is easily covered by hair, you can admire it only with your hair up.

Megan Fox tattoo

The meaning of the tattoo is that the owner knows her strengths, she does not see the need to declare this to everyone.

moon and star

A beautiful, small tattoo adorns the ankle of the right leg. A five-pointed star, covered by a crescent moon, is located on the inner side. This is one of the few color images on the body of the actress.

Megan Fox tattoo

The icon of Islamic symbolism on the body of a celebrity is still a mystery.

Love and tattoo

Fox has been in a relationship with co-worker Brian Austin Green for a long time. They played together in the famous “Terminator”. The name of a loved one found a place in the intimate area, between the pubic bone and thigh. It seems that she deliberately hides her feelings from outsiders. Megan Fox can admire this tattoo only in erotic photos.

Megan Fox tattoo

Friedrich Nietzsche

On the right, under the ribs, there is a curious tattoo. If you put the parts of the text together, you get a common saying of Nietzsche. The German philosopher wrote: “If you do not hear the music, do not rush to call the dancer crazy.” True, Megan’s saying was slightly altered. But the meaning is preserved.

Megan Fox tattoo

Megan Fox does not particularly cover the meaning of this tattoo. There is no information about this.

Marilyn Monroe tattoo

Close actresses and her fans know that she is an ardent fan of Monroe. Out of love for the work of the first Hollywood blonde, Megan got a tattoo with her portrait. Marilyn’s face adorned the fan’s right forearm for a long time. Later, the actress brought the tattoo. She explained that she did not want such a fate for herself. The fate of Monroe is indeed not very happy. The actress suffered from mental disorders. It is better not to attract her energy into your life.

Megan Fox tattoo

There are rumors among fans about the presence of several more intimate and personal tattoos. If she considers it necessary to hide them, this is her own business. There are enough of those that are available for admiration. The young, talented actress is still ahead. So there is hope for new tattoos with a good meaning.



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