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Mike Tyson tattoos photo And meaning


Face Mike Tyson tattoos


All Mike Tyson tattoos make sense and are understandable to the environment. But the tattoo on the face is always in sight. It can be considered a hallmark of Mike.

face tattoo

Tyson got a face tattoo in 2003. The artist was the famous tattoo artist Victor Whitmill. The drawing covers a significant area of ​​the face. In fairness, it must be said that the tattoo was not immediately accepted and understood by the environment.

Tyson is a public person. Therefore, the drawing was perceived negatively. The issue was even taken to court. The reason was the film released on the screens. There the hero had exactly the same pattern on his face.

The picture is executed in the style of the Maori people. It is more inherent in a warrior, namely, it explains his inner world. As expected, in the case of a boxer, a Mike Tyson tattoo emphasizes the strength and masculinity of the owner.

Scientists in New Zealand considered that the athlete was not entitled to this badge.

Portrait of Mao Zedong

Tyson’s right forearm is adorned with the image of Mao Zedong, the leader of the DPRK. The portrait completes the name of the leader. It is written in a sweeping manner just below the portrait. It is not surprising that the leader in the ring chose the great leader of the Chinese state. He put himself on the same level with him.

True, earlier on this area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin there was another glow, namely “Mike”. A new tattoo was applied to Tyson on top of the old one.

Portrait of Che Guevara

In the area of ​​the solar plexus, a portrait of another famous person. This is Che Guevara. The Marxist revolutionary occupies almost the entire torso. The thought comes that the boxer is close to Che’s views on the world order.

Arthur Ash or Days of Grace

Another tattoo on Tyson’s body, but already on a racial basis, can be seen on the athlete’s left arm. This is a portrait of Arthur Ashe. He is also African, and also an athlete. This is a fairly well-known tennis player. The person is very indifferent to society. He vehemently campaigned for the rights of blacks. SHe even served time in prison for it.

He also came up with the idea of ​​creating a foundation for the prevention of AIDS. As a mockery, it was HIV that infected him during a blood transfusion. He died from it.

The portrait of this man is stuffed on the forearm of his left hand. As a further explanation, at the bottom of the portrait is the inscription “Days of Graceor Days of Grace. The tattoo shows respect and worship to Ash from the side of the boxer. Perhaps he himself is ready to continue charitable activities following the example of an idol.

Portrait of an ex-wife

The athlete lives in a third marriage, but in the form of a tattoo he only wears a portrait of his second wife, Monica Turner. In his heart, he keeps the memory of her, and the drawing allows you to feel your beloved always near.

Mike Tyson tattoos

The tattoo is on the left arm, just below the elbow.

Tiger or dragon

A tiger, very similar to a dragon, flaunts on Tyson’s right forearm. An aggressive and impulsive beast in a pose before the jump, and is about to rush at the enemy. The wriggling torso of the tiger is very reminiscent of the Dragon. Usually they are depicted in this way in eastern countries.

Mike Tyson Mao tattoos

The purpose of this tattoo is a talisman.

Mike Tyson tattoos

Mike Tyson is involved in a rather difficult sport. At the same time, his actions are associated with pain and forceful pressure on the opponent. Perhaps the brutal drawings on the body (especially the tattoo on Tyson’s face) put additional pressure on the opponent. In any case, each of the drawings has meaning and satisfaction for him.

Mike Tyson Belly tattoos

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