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Morgenstern tattoos on the face, neck, chest, arms

Morgenstern tattoos on the face, neck, chest, arms: Many people know Morgenstern as a musician and blogger. His fame began with the Easy Rap project. He is extremely extravagant in his statements. A huge number of tattoos on the musician’s body only enhance the originality of the carrier of body painting. By the way, there is one on every part of the body. Morgenstern himself assures that all tattoos have a certain meaning, and not just for beauty.

Morgenstern tattoos on the face, neck, chest, arms


face tattoos

First of all, the tattoos on the face are striking. These are the numbers 666 stuffed over Morgenstern’s eyebrow. The numbers are applied in the Gothic style. Many find this drawing extraordinary and bold. The number “6” is associated with the devil.

Morgenstern tattoos on the face, neck, chest

The wearer of the tattoo himself believes that it is she who saves him from work. With sixes in a conspicuous place, it is unlikely that it will be easy to get at least some kind of job. The fact that Alisher does not like and does not want to work can be taken with humor. His creative path suggests otherwise.

There is also an opinion that these are three letters “GGG”, and not sixes at all. Morgenstern denies this.

Interesting! Alisher was not indifferent to his mother’s attitude to what he was doing. The same applies to his passion for tattoos. Morgenstern, not without fear, appeared to her with tattoo 666. To his joy, his mother reacted condescendingly to her son’s undertaking.


Morgenstern’s face tattoos didn’t stop there. Also on the right side of the forehead there is a tattoo of notes. A very small, original badge is located at the top of the forehead. Although he never expands on the reason for the appearance and the meaning attached, this sign is just right. His surroundings also seem appropriate.

Morgenstern tattoos on the face, neck, chest, arms

morning Star

Another tattoo on Morgenstern’s face is a sphere with spikes. The musician’s cheek is decorated with it. This symbol is directly related to the musician’s surname. Morgenstern (morning star) – an iron sphere with spikes. She is a percussion weapon. Alisher wore a massive chain consisting of similar spheres.

Morgenstern tattoos

From Alisher’s explanations, the drawing on the cheek means one link from his chain, which he either gave or lost. He himself is sure that the decoration was stolen. Apparently it was expensive, so he decided to perpetuate part of the chain in the form of a tattoo.

Tattoo on the neck

Alisher’s neck is decorated with two words: “Good” and “Truth”. The inscriptions are clear in meaning and clearly spelled out. True, there is no specific style of performance. The musician himself personally wrote each letter on paper, and the tattoo artist transferred them exactly to the skin. For Morgenstern, each letter of these tattoos has a symbolic meaning.

Cute Morgenstern tattoos on the face, neck, chest, arms
chest tattoo

Alisher’s largest tattoo is on his chest. It is not only voluminous, but also compositional, colorful, bright. The composition consists of the most incompatible elements.

Morgenstern tattoos on the face

There are fruits, and flowers, and a skull, and barbed wire, and much more. The drawing uses a variety of shades of ink. Performance style – neotraditional.

Images on hand

In the above style, tattoos are made on Morgenstern’s left arm. There are several drawings. There are also skulls, flowers, various ribbons. The pictures go down to the brushes. The result is a semblance of a sleeve.

chest, arms Morgenstern tattoos on the face, neck

The right hand is adorned with a guitar and a skateboard. This is what he loved and knew how to do. Direct connection Morgenstern and his tattoo.

Black and white tattoos – a full description, sketches for men and girls, where to apply (on the arm, shoulder, forearm, like a sleeve), interesting photos of works

The guitar is located on the forearm. And she is engulfed in flames.

A little lower is an image of a skate wrapped in a chain. With this, he pays tribute to his youthful passion for extreme sports. By the way, he achieved good results in this sport.

chest, arms Morgenstern tattoos on the face, neck

Stuffing tattoos, each person pursues his own goals. It helps someone to overcome their phobias, someone to assert themselves. Someone finds tattoo art modern and indispensable in the youth environment. Like it or not others, but this is a personal matter. Just to bring satisfaction. As for Alisher, he says that it would be nice to get rid of some tattoos. True, it is already difficult to imagine Morgenstern without a tattoo.


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