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Mystic style tattoos for women and men

Mystic style tattoos for women and men: 

Mystic style tattoos for women and men: Modern people are increasingly deciding to decorate their bodies with tattoos. Wanting to stand out, they even choose mystic tattoo options. In addition, a magical meaning is assigned to the symbol. In order not to be disappointed, you should think about applying this or that image in advance, choose a good place for applying the symbol.

Description of tattoos

Each tattoo has its own field, has the ability to transfer energy flows into the owner. The applied image becomes a conductor, increases the level of energy, the ability of the individual, and can even transform it.

Under the influence of a tattoo in the style of a mystic, transformations occur:

  • the Chinese character is designed to attract good luck, strengthen social status, which will lead to material prosperity;
  • the all-seeing eye tattoo will attract divine energy.

Mystic style tattoos Ideas

There are a lot of tattoos in this direction. Each picture can belong to one of the following groups:

  • Protect. These symbols have a strong magical effect on the owner. It was believed that they help protect themselves from the negativity of the world of the dead.
  • Talismans. Such tattoos drive away misfortunes, neutralize negative energy, protect against damage and disease. Talismans can be signs of the date of birth, drawings of plants (flowers, trees), which are suitable for a person by birth.
  • Protective tattoos. Such pictures were stuffed with the desire to gain the support of higher powers, to put protection from the spell of evil spirits.

Mystic style tattoos for women and men

Mystic tattoos, designed to help find happiness in everything, are used by shamans and esotericists.

Sketches and varieties of tattoos

Most often, clients stop at character sketches:

Infinity. The image is simple, it is better to place it in areas hidden from prying eyes. The tattoo will protect the owner from dishonest people, help to socialize.

Pentagrams. The sign has many positive meanings. The symbol also has protective power. In addition, it will help to bring and maintain health, good luck. Such mystic tattoo sketches are often chosen by people of mature age to maintain good spirits and protect themselves from diseases.

Mandala. Perhaps the most ancient symbol. The sign is a symbol of the harmony of the universe and humanity. A tattoo will help you make the right decisions. By the way, the symbol is universal.

In addition to those listed, they are popular: Celtic tattoos, runes, ornament. By the way, the triquevert sign is considered very positive from the Celtic ones. The meaning is only positive. Also in demand is the Celtic cross, which is responsible for the spirituality of the owner. The most powerful sign is the drawing of a butterfly. It means rebirth, renewal.

Slavic tattoos differ from others in their own meaning. Each mark identifies a host with a specific genus. That is, a charm for the entire tribe, where all members have the same sign.

By the way, the men’s tattoos of the mystic were chosen by the warriors, hoping for the help of the image in a good outcome of the battle.

Tattoos depicting deities are considered to have come from antiquity, and are in demand today: Veles, Yarila, Perun, Svarog. Images of Kolyadnik, Valkyrie are popular.

Oriental. Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan, Indian application options are used here. The philosophy of tattoo is protection through knowledge.

Women’s tattoo amulets.

The Lada Star Tattoo is designed to protect pregnant women. It also helps them to find peace, a clear mind. Bereginya calls for fertility, Svetovita protects the unborn baby.

Places of application

Symbols that speak of spirituality can be applied above the waist. Mystic tattoos related to water are not allowed to be applied to the hands. Where you can apply – the master will tell you, since you need to have information on acupuncture.

It is recommended to fill fiery and solar symbols above the belt. If applied to the chest area, the sign covers and protects it. Also, a mystic tattoo can be depicted in the form of a sleeve.

A tattoo on the neck, the occipital region will enhance mental abilities. It is preferable to place signs of the wind on the chest, ribs. This will lead to the development of creative talents. Signs related to the earth can be applied to the legs.

It must be remembered that the decision to decorate the body with a tattoo requires a serious attitude. A consultation with a doctor, the choice of a specialist and sketches will help to get satisfaction from the result.

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