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Navel piercing for girls, how to make a beautiful piercing, how to choose Cool jewelry

Navel piercing for girls:

Navel piercing for girls: Aesthetic pierced navel looks very attractive and sexy. On the beach, such jewelry always attracts the attention of men, because such a puncture is done mainly by girls to arouse interest in the waist. Before you decide on such a body modification, you should learn about its features and the method of the operation.

Be sure to treat the wound in accordance with the doctor’s instructions so that healing does not take too long, the consequences of infection or allergies do not begin. Otherwise, suppuration, violations in the adaptation of jewelry are possible.

Origin of the navel piercing

The idea of ​​decorating your body with various punctures arose in ancient times among African tribes. This tradition has survived to our time and has spread throughout the world. Now there are all the conditions and tools to perform a safe surgical procedure.

Navel piercing for girls

However, now this type of body modification no longer has the character of initiation and does not play the role of an identification feature. Often navel piercings are done by girls who are engaged in oriental dances, acrobatics, tribal, hustle. Yes, and you can simply choose such a popular decoration option to taste.

Selection of jewelry

It is very important to choose the right earring for navel piercing, which will not be rejected by the tissues of the epidermis and will not provoke allergies. They produce such products from metal alloys or valuable metals. Types of jewelry:

  • round rings;
  • barbella earring with a pair of balls on the edges;
  • a circular earring in the shape of a horseshoe;
  • banana bar.

Navel piercing for girls

Different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages:

  • surgical steel includes chromium and nickel, it is a safe and inexpensive alloy that does not cause allergies and inflammation (rarely);
  • titanium variants heal well and do not provoke complications;
  • gold is in good contact with skin and tissues, but is expensive;
  • silver – much cheaper, hypoallergenic, but darkens;
  • bioplastics – a material for temporary use, replaces the metal if the wound is festering and painfully reacts to the metal.

Antique Matalic Navel piercing

Feelings and postoperative period

With a different pain threshold, everyone will have different reactions to surgery. Anesthesia is used for people with a low pain relatively, but generally it is not very painful, as the puncture is performed instantly. More severe neural reactions may occur after the fact, during healing, when the anesthesia wears off.

Female Navel piercing

Healing depends on various individual characteristics of a particular organism. If you take care of the hole correctly, then the wound will completely heal after 6-12 months. The most uncomfortable period is the first 4-8 weeks.

Navel piercing for Female

navel piercing procedure

The operation itself does not take much time and goes like this:

  • the surgeon must use disposable gloves, disinfect the jewelry;
  • a mark is applied with a special marker in the navel area for a future puncture;
  • anesthesia is done (if necessary), the skin is also processed;
  • a puncture is made with a special needle;
  • decoration is placed – it is threaded under the skin through the formed tunnel;
  • the wound is treated with an antiseptic.

Navel piercing for girls

Pay attention to the fact that a well-qualified master pierces the navel only with a needle, not a gun. The problem with the gun is that it tears into the tissues of the abdomen, healing becomes problematic.

Navel piercing

At the end of the procedure, the piercer will always give instructions on caring So for the navel, telling the features of healing.

Navel piercing for girls

Customer Questions

Navel piercing is done by many girls, with a different figure, skin type, weight, health status. And the type of abdomen is different. So It Is inflated, dense, with soft forms.

  • What to do if you want a belly button piercing if you are overweight? It is possible to pierce the stomach, but problems are possible. So Excess fat on the abdomen reduces the blood supply to this area, this will slow down healing. For this reason, doctors do not recommend doing such an operation to overweight people. As well as diabetics. So This always entails the risk of infections, edema, complications.
  • Sometimes belly button piercings don’t heal. Causes? Basically, the client is to blame. who did not observe hygiene, violated the sanitary regime during the operation (for example, the master did not have gloves). A viral infection is possible. The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic and special ointments.
  • Are there bans on belly button piercings? Yes, these include the presence of chronic and dangerous diseases: HIV, AIDS, psoriasis and eczema, infectious diseases, liver disorders, blood clotting, diabetes, allergies.

Care instructions

After performing a navel piercing, it is important to properly care for the wound. These rules must be followed very strictly, otherwise problems may occur:

  1. It is better not to injure the stomach with tight clothing or seal the puncture with a friction plaster. The same is done before bed.
  2. For 1.5 months, the navel is washed 2 times a day with a soap solution.
  3. When the first stage of healing is over, you can change jewelry, So try on new earrings. But we must not forget about hygiene, every month the navel piercing must be pulled out and the puncture washed.

You can walk without an earring in a few years, when the tunnel finally heals. Focus on the reviews and reputation of the salon to choose a good master, photos of his work. And then you can be proud of the beauty of your navel piercing.

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