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Ryan Gosling’s tattoos – meaning, places of application, photo

Ryan Gosling’s tattoos:

Ryan Gosling’s tattoos: Ryan Gosling is an actor and musician. A native of Canada became a nominee for the Oscar two times. He also received the Satellite Award and the National Board of Film Critics Award. Since 2008, he has been a co-founder of the musical group Dead Man’s Bones. The actor is fond of tattoo art. He even filled one image himself. The truth is, it didn’t work out very well. According to him, he likes bad tattoos. But in this case, this is a good mine in a bad game.

Ryan Gosling's tattoos

Ryan’s tattoos

Gosling has several tattoos. He believes that pictures on the body should not be important for the owner. Otherwise, there may be a chance that you will hate them. The other option is not better, a tattoo can be a source of fun, although the subject matter can be serious.

Ryan Gosling's tattoos

book cover tattoo

Ryan Gosling’s very first tattoo is inked on his left shoulder. It has a certain meaning. This is a picture from the cover of a book. The one that his mother read to him as a child. It’s called “Generous Tree”. It is believed that the tattoo reminds him of a happy childhood. Then the family was complete and happy. Parents lived together, had a sister.

Ryan Gosling's tattoos

Meanwhile, in an interview at Cannes, Ryan spoke negatively about the book. The end of the story does not seem positive to him. No matter how generous a tree is, it also has its own lifespan. He will eventually fall from old age. Gosling somehow compares himself to a tree, not a boy. He does not want to become a fallen tree. From this we can conclude that the book is not loved by him. And he got a tattoo to always remember the finite life cycle of a tree.

Hidden tattoo

Ryan Gosling’s second tattoo in a place where it’s hard to see. An ephemeral lady sitting on a skeleton is hiding almost in the armpit of her left hand. In general, ghosts, skeletons – this is his style. So does this image make any sense?

Ryan Gosling's tattoos

The girl depicted in the tattoo is not fictional. This famous actress Theda Bara. She was called the sex symbol of the silent film era.

From what the actor stopped on this image is unknown. He does not comment.

Homemade tattoo

Ryan filled the third tattoo himself. It is located on the forearm of the left hand. The author thought that he depicted the hand of a monster, but it turned out something similar to a cactus. Only when approaching you can see – there is a resemblance to a hairy hand. According to the author’s intention, the monster’s hand should tear his own hand into blood.

Ryan Gosling's tattoos

Three letters are inscribed next to the hand: “WHR”. They are deciphered as “Werewolf Heart Records”. That is, this is the name of one of the parts of the first album of the group.

Tattoo bracelet

Gosling’s fourth tattoo is a regular bracelet. If there is something special in it, for example, a barcode, it is difficult to find out. The painted bracelet is always under the watch.

Ryan Gosling's tattoos

Esme tattoo.

Gosling’s fifth tattoo is also very clear. This is the name of one of his daughters. The full name is Esmeralda. An abbreviated version is pricked on the fingers of the left hand.

Ryan Gosling's tattoos

As a result, all the tattoos of the actor make sense. Although he claims otherwise. There is reason to think that Ryan does not want to show weakness. It seems to him that drawing on the body for the sake of memories that evoke some kind of emotion is not masculine. Given his words that older people with tattoos look cool, there is a chance to see new tattoos on his body.

Ryan Gosling's tattoos

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