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Tattoo dotwork – description of the technique, subjects and places of application, male and female sketches, photos of works

Tattoo dotwork:

Tattoo dotwork: Dotwork is a unique tattooing methodology that differs significantly from other styles. Tattoos in this genre are depicted using dots located at a distance from each other.

Description of the technique, distinctive features and sketches of the tattoo dotwork

The dotwork tattoo style is distinguished by drawing drawings on the body using a special technology in which the desired is depicted by many visible dots. Shadows, light and gradient are rendered by creating different dot densities. The word dotwork is of English origin and translates as dot work.

Flower Dotwork Tattoo

Tattoo dotwork has a large number of fans due to the fact that they are unique and unusual. Drawings performed on the body can be applied using dot technology completely or in combination with other methods. This way of depicting goes well with the blackwork methodology, which uses large and dense areas of black.

Chest Flower Dotwork Tattoo

Distinctive features of dotwork tattoos

This type of tattoo stands out for its excellent image clarity and abstractness. Tattoos are made in different colors. The most commonly used shades are red or black. Impressive contrasts allow you to achieve a combination of this palette. By mixing these colors, experienced do-it-yourselfers can achieve the volume of the applied image.

Flower Dotwork Tattoo Idea

A feature of dotwork is its connection with vector graphics. The larger the composition is depicted in this style, the more it requires preliminary thinking and planning.

Dotwork Tattoo For Boys

The master must select the desired symmetry of the applied components. Due to the use of dots of different sizes and the possibility of depicting them in different densities, this makes it possible to successfully use dotwork for medium and large sketches. Not the best solution would be to apply a small dotwork tattoo on the body. To correctly place the points, you need enough space in which to calculate the distance between the elements and their relative position.

Dotwork Tattoo On Shoulder

Dotwork tattoo theme

Masters claim that the first dot tattoos appeared more than 7,000 years BC. African cave drawings show similar body designs. The direction was developed with the emergence of pointillism (a type of painting of the 19th century). A distinctive feature of this art was the execution of the drawing using dotted strokes. Dotwork gained popularity at the end of the 20th century due to the fact that one famous master Xed Le Head began to make tattoos in this style. Usually his works were in the form of geometric shapes.

Full Back Dotwork Tattoo

The direction does not have strict restrictions for the selection of sketches. You can order the application of both abstraction and portrait. Any drawing in the dotwork style is distinguished by an interesting look and not annoying uniqueness. Photos of celebrities, drawings of animals can be selected as templates. The most popular are various geometric shapes, symbols, non-standard patterns and ornaments. The technique is successfully combined with such styles as ”trash polka” or ”old school”. It allows you to get a unique result.

Dotwork Tattoo On Arm And Shoulder

The technology for performing such tattoos is considered complex. It is worth ordering drawings in this style only from experienced craftsmen, because. not everyone manages to achieve symmetry and geometry of the image. The most popular dotwork sketches are:

  • ornaments;
  • animals;
  • abstraction.

Dotwork Tattoo on collar bone For Girls

Dotwork ornaments are the most popular. Before applying them, the master first creates a sketch and only then transfers the drawing to the body. This takes into account the features of the body and anatomy.

Dotwork Tattoo on flower

Ornaments can be depicted on any part of the body. They are considered universal and suitable for both men and women. The direction allows you to make ornaments from any elements. With their help, the masters even manage to create whole pictures with semantic meaning on the body. Such tattoos can tell about the past, share impressions.

Dotwork Tattoo on Arms

Dots manage to achieve progressiveness and brightness in the images of animals on the body. It is important that the sketch is large, with clearly visible details. With this theme, they usually try to reflect their certain qualities.

Dotwork Tattoo On Arm

The wolf conveys independence to all observers, and drawings with marine life symbolize luck and experimentalism. A lion or a bear is applied to people with a cool character, and birds are symbols of bright changes.

Dotwork Tattoo On Arm For Boys

The difference between abstract sketches and ornaments is asymmetry and randomness. At the same time, abstractions look non-standard and stylish. With the help of this theme, you can depict anything, but it should be borne in mind that existing things and symbols do not belong to abstractions.

Dotwork Eagle Tattoo

Male and female dotwork tattoo

Men are best suited for large ornaments. A stunning option would be an ornamental tattoo sleeve. Good appearance have large drawings on the chest or back. This technique very successfully conveys volume and depth.

Dotwork Arm Tattoo

A mandala or an ornament on the forearm, shoulder will look good on a girl. Animal images, nature motifs will be excellent options. Dotwork methodology creates the effect of airiness of the applied pattern, the beauty of the transition between the elements is achieved.

Dotwork Snail Tattoo

Drawings in the style of dotwork should be applied only in a specialized salon. Masters of this genre have mathematical and artistic abilities. They succeed in maintaining the symmetry of a large image, which should consist of many small ones. Tattoo dots are a kind of tool that manages to make real masterpieces.

Photo ideas of dotwork tattoos

Patern Dotwork TattooMehandi Dotwork TattooMehandi Flower Dotwork TattooTattoo dotworkFlower Dotwork TattooTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkArm Tattoo dotworkBum Tattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkDotwork Arm Tattoos Feet Tattoo dotwork For Girls Tattoo dotwork For Girls Full Back Tattoo dotwork For Girls Tattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkOne Eye Tattoo dotworkColred Tattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotwork For BoysTattoo dotwork For Girls Tattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotwork Owl IdeasTattoo dotworkTattoo dotwork3D Tattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotworkTattoo dotwork On Arm Rose Tattoo dotworkThies Tattoo dotwork For Girls Tattoo dotwork

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Tattoo dotwork



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