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Tattoo linework – description, sketches of tattoos for men and women, beautiful and stylish photo works

Tattoo linework:

Tattoo linework: Tattoos greatly affect the appearance of a person, so it is important to responsibly approach the style of your future tattoo. If you like the combination of classic elements with a modern solution, then the linework style will be the perfect choice. Your tattoo will look very stylish and lively.

History of the tattoo

As a style of underwear painting, linework was formed relatively recently – only 5 years ago. However, more and more representatives of the modern generation choose it. This style can be confused with dotwork, the main feature of which is geometric shapes.

But linework gives more creativity to the tattoo, because it allows you to mix different styles and trends in the art of body painting. The word “linework” itself contains the English words line and work and is translated into Russian as “work with lines” or “linear work”.

Tattoo linework

Most often, works made in the described style are done in black, less often in red. Sometimes such tattoos are similar to Polynesian ornaments with some elements and details of realism.

The most famous master working in this style is Haiv Miklev, who makes tattoos in Berlin. It is from his work that beginner tattoo artists learn.

Tattoo linework

The main features of the style:

  • clear and concise features and lines;
  • texture of the picture;
  • a bright image that stands out on a certain part of the body;
  • details of abstractionism and ornaments similar to realism or avant-garde;
  • obligatory symmetry of the tattoo;
  • harmony of shapes and sizes;
  • mixing different tattoo styles;
  • red, black and blue colors predominate;
  • contours of the figure of people;
  • floral and floral ornaments;
  • the presence in the image of geometric shapes and patterns;
  • large selection of subjects.

Tattoos in this style look good in combination with dotwork, blackwork, and watercolor. The main rule of style is that the image should not be distorted or asymmetric. All contours must be of the same thickness and continuous. The main plot helps to express additional details.

Thi Tattoo linework For Girls

The most popular motifs and plots

The linework style does not limit the imagination of either the master or the client. You can choose a pattern consisting of three black lines or simple geometric shapes (square, rhombus), or you can recreate images of various birds, animals and human figures on the body. Especially successful and popular with modern customers are:

  1. Cats or panthers. Such animals speak of a person’s sexuality, his inner desire.
  2. A lion. Such a pattern will be chosen by a person with clear leadership qualities, sometimes aggressive, but with powerful strength.
  3. Portraits of people. At the moment, the trend is the image of celebrities.
  4. Inscriptions. Usually for this type of tattoo they use black color, thin clear lines.
  5. Floral ornament. Such drawings are most suitable for girls, they emphasize their femininity, inner beauty and individuality.
  6. Abstract images. It has also been very popular lately. Created using twisted shapes and lines.
  7. Protect. Perhaps such a tattoo will help protect you from negativity from others.

Tattoo Bunny  linework

Tattoo can be placed on any part of the body. The choice depends only on the personal preferences of the client and the size of the pattern. Therefore, it is necessary to think in advance how the drawing will look.

Tattoo linework

Places for the location of linework tattoos

The choice of the part of the body where the tattoo will be located depends on the size of the pattern. If you prefer a small pattern, then it is better to place it on the wrists, collarbones, feet, neck or ankles. Large images are best placed on the shoulders, chest, forearms, back, hips and calves.

Tattoo linework

A linework tattoo is great for people who keep up with the times and follow fashion trends.

Tattoo linework

Plots of female tattoos

Usually girls prefer wearable images with floral patterns, images of birds, animals, butterflies. Sometimes they choose some symbol that is of great importance to the fair sex. Tattoos for girls are distinguished by smooth thin lines. Most often they can be found on the wrists, shoulders or collarbones of girls. Such tattoos will help emphasize the femininity and tenderness of their owner.

Tattoo linework

Plots of male tattoos

Men’s tattoos, unlike women’s, usually differ in brutality and sharpness. The images are dominated by kinks, thick massive lines. Most often, men wear tattoos made in black or contrasting colors.

Tattoo linework

Men’s tattoos are characterized by massive images, so they are applied to the shoulders, chest or back. Drawings of lions, a bear, a wolf or an eagle are very popular.

Tattoo linework

Of course, tattoos are suitable for absolutely every person, regardless of their gender.

Tattoo linework

Linework tattoos made in the direction of avant-garde are very popular. Typically, the image consists of intertwining ribbons. Outwardly, it is very similar to a spring or a network.

Tattoo linework

Linework is a modern style, which is characterized by novel solutions, unusual design, a mixture of different techniques and an unusual approach. If you choose an experienced master with a good imagination, then your tattoo will look like a real work of art on the body.

Photo ideas of linework tattoos

Tattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkNeck Tattoo linework For Girls Patern Tattoo lineworkTattoo Flower linework IdeasTattoo lineworkDog Tattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo Skul lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo Flower lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo Thai lineworkTattoo Lion lineworkTattoo Arm lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo linework For MenTattoo lineworkTattoo Sketch lineworkGrls Tattoo lineworkHorse Tattoo lineworkTattoo Beauty  lineworkTattoo Owl lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo Hiden  lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo lineworkTattoo Sketch lineworkTattoo linework

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