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Tattoo Nastya Ivleeva – photo and meaning

Tattoo Nastya Ivleeva:

Tattoo Nastya Ivleeva: Anastasia Ivleeva is a popular media personality. Little by little, he tries himself in films, participates in television shows, maintains his blog on social networks. The girl has a fighting character, which is also expressed in her tattoos. She has about a dozen of them. According to her, each of them has a special meaning.

Tattoo on the thigh

On the right thigh is the most voluminous tattoo on the girl’s body. This tattoo by Ivleeva is an image of a girl. True, instead of a face, she has a skull. More precisely, the image of Lady Katrina. For all its creepiness, the image is attractive, even beautiful. Tattoo done in Chicano style.

The prototype is a symbol of the worship of the dead. This holiday takes place in Mexico and is dedicated to them.

Thigh Tattoo Of  Nastya Ivleeva

owl bird

Nastya Ivleeva has an owl tattoo on her right forearm. It is depicted in neotrad style. Almost always the bird is prescribed wisdom.

Owl Tattoo Nastya Ivleeva

Just above the owl, miniature drawings of an airplane and a heart are stuffed on the shoulder. Nastya explains the meaning of this tattoo with her love of travel. Each flight provides an opportunity to learn something new, to replenish knowledge.

Rose Tattoo Of  Nastya Ivleeva

The tattoo was made after she started broadcasting Eagle and Tails. Accordingly, it was this transfer that marked the beginning of her regular flights by plane, studying the life of various countries and the people living there.

Under the owl, the numbers 360 and the degree icon are pinned. Nastya does not comment on the meaning of the image, but makes it clear that she is connected with her beloved Eldzhey.

Flowers and swallow

Another sign of Nastya Ivleeva’s journey is a tattoo on her left wrist. This is a very colorful, bright image of a bird on a background of flowers. Here’s the bird-airplane-travel analogy.

Tattoo Nastya Ivleeva

couple rings

The image of a pair of rings speaks of a close friendship with Eldzhey. They are depicted on the back of the hand, closer to the thumb. By the way, the same figure eight (infinity) is filled with a friend. This aroused a lot of interest from fans, who foreshadowed the possible wedding of two bright personalities.

Tattoo Nastya Ivleeva

Thai Sak Yant Tattoo

Sacred letters the girl pinned in Bangkok. The show was also filmed there. The Sak Yant tattoo was made by a famous master, who was visited by many world celebrities. Moreover, the tattoo is accompanied by a special ritual that attracts good luck.

Thai Tattoo Nastya Ivleeva

Nastya’s drawing is stuffed on her back, over her ribs. The procedure itself is much more painful than classical methods, as it is carried out using a thick needle. According to the girl, she cried for the first and last time with this tattoo.

Butterfly on the shoulder

The most little-known tattoo of Ivleva Nastya is a butterfly on a shoulder blade. Although it can be called a butterfly very remotely. Rather, a pattern that resembles a butterfly.

Traveling in Georgia

Journey to this sunny country resembles an inscription. It is filled with Georgian letters and translates as “bandits”. This tattoo Ivleeva is located on the arm. More precisely, just above the elbow, on the outer surface of the right forearm. The plural word means that it is stuffed with several people in the company. In this case, this is Nastya herself and her two friends.

Symbol Tattoo Nastya Ivleeva

Nastya is still very young and she has many discoveries and hobbies ahead of her. Considering that she already has a lot of tattoos, in the future they can be expected to increase. May they continue to be filled with beauty and meaning.


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