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Tattoo old school – a complete description of where to fill, sketches for men and women, black and color, cool photos of works

Old school tattoo, the history of the origin of the style and the characteristic features of the unique style. The most popular images and their descriptions with symbols and meanings.

old school Love Tattoos

A huge variety of styles that are used to implement wearable images is striking in its diversity and choice. There are modern and more traditional trends that retain their elements, but are undergoing a gradual transformation, which is appreciated by many people.

old school Tattoos

Having appeared more than a hundred years ago, the direction of the old school tattoo has not lost its relevance to this day and is in high demand. The unique and quite recognizable style has only improved over time and its popularity is steadily growing, despite the fact that its history comes from marine tattoos.

old school Hope Tattoos

Tattoo old school:

Tattoo old school: Barely looking at the sketch, even an inexperienced connoisseur will be able to recognize this stylistic direction, embodied in the wearable image. Freedom-loving and appreciating independence, sailors liked to put images on the body that had a certain meaning, easily recognizable in every port.

Tiger old school Tattoos

Looking at the photo in detail and studying the meaning of each image, it can be noted that this style arose due to the superstition of the sea wolves. In need of amulets and amulets, small items that bring happiness and lure good luck, they even attached special significance and secret, hidden meaning to tattoos.

Features and meaning of an old school tattoo

If a small trinket, precious ring or earring could be lost, then the semantic drawing remains with its owner for life. The symbolism of bright and recognizable images can be interpreted in different ways, the most popular being roses and anchors, hearts and swallows.

A unique feature of the style is the presence of a bright and rich color or tint range, all wearable images are enriched with symbols and signs.

Often on the body of a sailor there could be an image of his beloved wife, a whole story of his life and distant wanderings, amazing adventures, and even a treasure map.

Characteristic features of the old school tattoo style

Literally meaning the old school in translation, the old school style has been enriched with various elements over the years of its existence. At the moment, in a specialized tattoo parlor, the master will help you choose unique and original images to complement existing drawings with sketches with characteristic stylistics:

  • thickened dark, most often black contours framing any images that are separate elements of the composition;
  • simple and very bright colors that can emphasize the liveliness of the picture and convey additional semantic loads of each element;
  • for color design, colors such as black and red are most often used, the pattern can be supplemented with green and blue shades;
  • it is often noted that in the drawings of this style there are no unnecessary details, they are clearly arranged and necessarily combined with each other, complementing each other;
  • The characteristic features of wearable images are the marine theme and the obligatory three-dimensional images with various thematic loads.

Another striking and characteristic feature of the old school tattoo is the presence of mandatory inscriptions performed in different languages. This style is characterized by high symbolism, depicted in simple and understandable things for every person, while it is not customary to separate male and female old school tattoo styles.

Types of images and their brief descriptions

Tattoo artists believe that this style is equally good for different ages and genders, uniting lovers of freedom and sea breeze. The rich history and the inclusion of various historical and cultural heritage make it possible to highlight not only the characteristic features, but also to identify the most popular drawings with their meanings.


The most popular element of composition tattoos in the old school style, which is found on almost all wearable images. For each sailor, the ship was a second home, and the crew acted as a family, so this drawing symbolized hope for the future, freedom from restrictions and the obligatory movement forward. The symbolism of such a tattoo gives the owner certain character traits, it is believed that he strives for leadership, ready for any, even the most unexpected circumstances.

Martin Tattoo old school:

Like a rose, this small bird for sailors is the embodiment of hope and faith, free wind in the sails and homesickness. For many sailors who have been sailing for a long time and plowing the sea, the swallow personified the desire to return to the hearth as soon as possible. Free and not limited in movement, she was also a symbol of love without betrayal and resentment, a pure and tender feeling that a stern sailor carried through the years.

Scull Tattoo old school :

Despite the gloomy symbolism and unpleasant associations, the skull is a symbol of overcoming difficulties and gives strength to the owner of such a tattoo. For those who were not engaged in the kindest, pirate trade, this symbol personified fearlessness and ruthlessness, not the ability to compromise.

Modern people prefer such tattoos if they are engaged in rock music and such associations are associated with the fact that the skull in this case is the keeper of their energy and creative inspiration.

Knife or dagger

Visually, the cutting weapon is more like a dagger, but is called a knife, such an image remains quite symbolic. Often a knife is part of a compositional image (pierces a heart or a rose), which indicates a relentless struggle with inner feelings and life’s difficulties.

Very often, the dagger is associated with the desire to preserve one’s own honor and dignity, which indicates that the owner of the tattoo is a very honest and uncompromising person.

For the first tattoo that a person wants to make, it is necessary to choose a drawing very carefully, even using such a traditional direction, which has been popular for more than a century. Metaphor and symbolism make you think, and a huge variety of sketches will help you make the right choice based on your own wishes.

Photo ideas of old school tattoos

old school Tattoos old school Cool Tattoos Pirates old school Tattoos Lion old school tattoos Boat old school Tattoos old school tattoos old school tattoos old school Tattoos IdeasMonster old school tattoos

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