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Tattoo on the arm for men – cool sketches and inscriptions, photo works

Tattoo on the arm for men: 

Tattoo on the arm for men: The tattoo on the male body has always been distinguished by a certain symbolism, which helped others to learn about the character traits and state of mind of its owner. So, one of the most “eloquent” parts of the body are the hands. Consider ideas for tattoos that will inspire you to create your own unique design.

Why does a man get a tattoo?

  • Desire to express yourself. A tattoo makes it possible to stand out from the gray mass and feel special.
  • Showcase your views. A man depicts any sign that corresponds to his image, occupation, musical preferences, moral principles.
  • Designation of a significant event in life. For example, the birth of a child, promotion at work, the memory of a loved one.
  • Hide skin imperfections. Having masked age spots, scars, a man gets rid of the experiences that plagued him before, showing off in a conspicuous place.
  • Attract attention. Men with low self-esteem believe that a tattoo will arouse the interest of the opposite sex and help them feel more confident.
  • Cover up an unpresentable tattoo.

Tattoos On Arm For Boys

Places for tattooing on the arm


Applying a tattoo on the shoulder does not cause much pain, rather discomfort, since there are a small number of nerve endings in this area. The skin on the shoulder is elastic, so the tattoo does not deform over time, but will retain its original appearance for a long time.

Tattoos On Arm For Boys

Large men’s drawings on the shoulder in the Celtic style are in demand, they are not only visually attractive, but also have powerful energy.

Tattoos On Arm For Boys

Emphasize the impeccability of the male figure, and focus on the relief muscles. It is easy to demonstrate a tattoo by wearing a beach T-shirt, and if necessary, hide it from prying eyes by putting on a shirt.

Tattoos On Arm For Boys


The forearm will fit perfectly, due to the large space for the creation of the master, and will allow him to clearly draw small details. These can be animal tattoos, portraits of famous people, abstract patterns and hieroglyphs. The pattern is easy to hide with a long sleeve, which is important for men who are forced to adhere to a business style of clothing in the office.

Tattoos On Arm For Boys


A tattoo on the biceps looks more attractive on muscular arms, emphasizing their strength, relief and power.

Boys Arm Tattoos

It is possible to realize a large number of ideas, Polynesian patterns, masks, animals and fish. For example, the Polynesian shark – symbolizes a strong character, perseverance and power. This style is distinguished by a unique ornament, its main details are waves, spirals, zigzags, geometric shapes.

Tattoos On Arm For Boys


Getting a tattoo on the elbow is extremely painful, there is no fat layer, the skin is very thin. It is also worth considering that when straightening the arm, the skin will wrinkle, so you should carefully approach the choice of pattern.

Boys Arm Tattoos

On this part of the body, a sketch in the form of a web looks intricate, symbolizing the unwillingness of a man to change something in his life, to adhere to his ideals and stereotypes. The inscriptions or statements look original, the essence of which is known only to the man himself, and is problematic for outsiders to read, due to the inconvenient location.

Boys Arm Tattoos

Wrist, hand, fingers

Men who choose to tattoo their wrist, hand, fingers, must be prepared to go through the test of pain. The skin in this area is thin and very sensitive. The most common are wristwatches, indicating the time of birth of the owner, botanical plots. Wearable image will be noticeable, attracting everyone’s attention, if you do not want to advertise, you can put on a bracelet by closing the tattoo on your wrist.

Boys Arm Tattoos


When applying a tattoo on the palm, a man should think and weigh everything. The image will be short-lived. The process of skin renewal in the palm area occurs much more often than in other parts of the body.

Boys Hands Tattoos

The skin of the hands is subject to frequent contact with water and aggressive environments, so the pattern will fade. If, nevertheless, the desire has not disappeared, then paired tattoos, loved ones or people in love, look original. They are located on both hands, which are two fragments. When combined, such drawings form one complete picture.

Boys Arm Tattoos


The most unusual way of self-expression application is a sleeve imitation tattoo. Not every man decides on such an experiment, and will fill a tattoo from the beginning of the shoulder to the wrist. Such sleeves can have several variations: from the elbow to the wrist, from the forearm to the elbow, and small ones occupying a small part of the arm. But still I would like to note that such a tattoo is most often chosen by a brave man who wants to be the object of women’s attention.

Boys Arm Tattoos

Color palette Tattoo on the arm for men

A male tattoo on the arm can be applied in any color scheme, depending on the preferences of its wearer. But it is worth focusing on the formed rules, depending on the type and style of the drawing.

Boys Arm Tattoos

Colored tattoos are suitable for drawing in Japanese drawings: lions and tigers, dragons and snakes, the image of a samurai both in the gradient technique and in dense shading.

Boys Arm Tattoos

In shades of black, ornaments, inscriptions, geometric shapes will look advantageous.

Boys Arm Tattoos

Black and white tattoos are favorites, they look stylish and harmonize with any type of appearance. Skulls, animals, silhouette drawings are especially popular.

Boys Arm Tattoos

Many men love to decorate their body, giving preference to tattoos on their arms. So when choosing a sketch for a future tattoo, you need to keep in mind that the image will remain for life, so you should approach this matter responsibly.

Photo ideas for male tattoos on the arm

Boys Arm Tattoos Boys Arm Tattoos Boys Arm Tattoos Boys Arm Tattoos Boys Arm Tattoos Boys Arm Tattoos Boys Arm Tattoos

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