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Tattoo on the back – sketches for men and girls, popular images (wings, angel, dragon, inscription, lotus, cross), spectacular photos of works


Recently, back tattoos have been in great demand among all young people. Here everyone should understand that all tattoos have their own hidden meaning and meaning, so you need to carefully approach the drawing in order to apply it to the indicated place.


The photo that is placed on the back has its own hidden meaning and meaning and idea. A person can both want to show a picture to other people around him, so that they find out some information about the owner that he is not able to convey to everyone, or make a tattoo just for himself. The most popular among men and women are the following images on the back and lower back:

Sketch of the wings on the back.

Sketch of the wings on the back. Often this image can be observed in angelic form, this can show a person’s attachment to a particular religion. Wings can also be made in a different style, have a whole or torn look, some unusual shapes, black and white or color.

If guys most often depict wings on their entire back, when it is simply impossible to find an empty area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe body, then girls, in general, apply the image only to the shoulder blades.

Tattoo on the entire back in the form of a cross.

Tattoo on the entire back in the form of a cross. Most often, such an image is also purely religious in nature. There are cases when the dimensions of this element are not very impressive, then the cross can be observed between the shoulder blades or on a small area of ​​the back.

Those who put a cross on their backs can not only pursue their religious goals, but also simply protect themselves from some kind of trouble, since people have long been convinced that the cross is an excellent amulet that can protect a person from all adversity.

image of Jesus

If we consider the image of Jesus on the back, then people who believe do not want to put it on, because they are sure that this act can attract troubles and trials for which a person may simply not be ready.

Skull Tattoo On Back

If you saw an inverted cross, then such a person should be taken more closely, since this element symbolizes sympathy for the devil.

Owl Tattoo Ideas


This symbol also has its own history, which is associated with the Apostle Peter. The apostle was executed by crucifixion, but he always said that he was not worthy of the same memories of himself as Jesus, which is why he asked to use an inverted element in order to have clear differences.

Latest The Owl Tattoo Ideas

Flowers tattoo.

Flowers tattoo. This topic is one of the most popular among women. Most often, you can observe a certain type of flower on the entire back or along the spine, which in this case resembles a stem. It is best to apply this element with a watercolor style, as the masters manage to achieve an unsurpassed style and aesthetic appearance, so you can easily emphasize the individuality of each owner.

Cute Mehandi Tattoo Ideas

popular flowers

By far the most popular flowers for back tattoos, just like in real life, are roses, peonies and lilies. If a person is open to communication with others, he chooses poppies or other wild flowers. When applying a tattoo on the body, the color with which this operation was performed is also important.

Tattoo on the back

If you saw the red color, then you can be sure that the owner has an ardent temperament, pink speaks of openness and trust in all people, the watercolor style characterizes a person as a creative person.

Black Tattoo Ideas on the back

Tattoo in the form of orientals.

Tattoo in the form of orientals. The most popular style for men. You are one hundred percent at least once, but you have seen how a beautiful dragon is depicted on the back of a person. It is this symbol that speaks of male energy and great potential. Such a person is ready to go to great lengths to achieve his goal.

power energy Tattoo on the back

Japanese dragons

Japanese dragons also have their own designation. Dragons They are able to protect a person from evil spirits, despite their unusual appearance, they are very scary and evil. The sizes of tattoos can be different, it all depends on the desire of the person who came to the master or to the salon. The main thing is that everything should be in moderation and look like in the picture.

Magic Power Tattoo on the back


Putting an image on your back is quite a painful feeling for many. Much depends on the painful threshold of a person and the part of the body on which the photo is applied. Those who tattooed this part of the body will immediately note that the spine is the most painful area, since there are a lot of nerve endings near it.

Spine Tattoo on the back

Popular varieties

Often, drawings are applied to scars. This is done in order to hide them from others, as a person simply does not want or is embarrassed to put them on public display. Moreover, there are people who specifically apply tattoos to hide their scars.

Ferry Tattoo on the back

Main choice

No matter what anyone says, but the choice of a master who will perform all the necessary operations is very important. If the drawing has large dimensions, then it is applied, as a rule, in several stages. If the drawing does not work out the first time, then correcting it will take even more effort and energy, so it is best to approach this event with high quality and responsibility in advance.

King Tattoo Idea

Cost of services

The cost is determined by the following factors:

  1. Level and professionalism of the master.
  2. The complexity of the work and the volume that needs to be done.
  3. Selecting a specific style.

New Tattoo Idea

A tattoo on the back looks very unusual and elegant, with the help of a properly selected image on the back, you can tell others something important about yourself or from your life, or simply embellish your body with unusual, stylish and unique drawings.

Photo ideas and sketches of female and male tattoos on the back

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