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Tattoo on the brush – sketches of tattoos for men and girls, options from the brush to the elbow, interesting photo ideas

Tattoo on the brush:

Tattoo on the brush: This part of the human body is open to others. Always hiding it under clothes is almost impossible. Therefore, courageous, self-confident people, even desperate in some way, decide to put a tattoo on the brush. Often this is a challenge to society, an indicator of one’s worldview, adherence to a particular religion.

It is popular to apply a tattoo on the brush in men and women. This is a rather painful process, which well confirms the opinion about the masculinity of women with a tattoo on their arm. But there are a number of reasons to abandon the idea of ​​applying a drawing to a brush. Usually they are due to a person’s belonging to certain professions.

Application features

In technical terms, it is possible to make a tattoo on the hands. But they have a minimally thin layer of subcutaneous fat. And the number of nerve endings on them is quite large. Therefore, the process of tattooing a brush is quite painful.

It all depends on the individual pain threshold. Of the medical, physiological problems, this is perhaps the only one. But the question of the attitude of society to the fact of a tattoo on the hand, to its semantic content is very ticklish. But first, let’s describe the main pros and cons of a wrist tattoo. The advantages, of course, include the possibility of:

  • express your individuality
  • demonstrating one’s worldview
  • show openness of oneself, one’s actions
  • observe the drawing yourself in any situation and at any time.

The key drawback, in addition to painful application, is the easy readability of the tattoo in a public place. This is both a weakness and a strength.

If a person wants to assert himself, demonstrate his chosen path in life, then the brush is the best place for tattooing. Difficulties can arise with a sudden, age-related or other reason for changing the worldview. Yes, and removing a tattoo is also difficult, expensive and will take time.

Hand – where it is possible and where it is not

Parts of the hand fall under the category of prohibition or permission only conditionally. Everyone decides for himself. The reason for this choice is purely pragmatic, and not inspired by the opinion of society or the recommendation of medicine. For a tattoo, the back side is suitable, including the phalanges of the fingers.

Tattoo on the brush

An open palm, a wrist have a large bend, often the skin in these places is subject to the formation of folds on it. This will lead to the rapid abrasion of the previously applied tattoo design. It may also lose its color saturation. A tattoo on the hand should generally be treated with caution. Hands are the most frequently washed part of the body. Therefore, only a professionally executed tattoo design will last a long time.

Pattern selection

Yes, modern society is spiritually maturing. Increasingly, a tattoo is perceived as a marker of crime or isolation from the world. But there is one more unwritten rule of the ban on brush tutu. It is connected only with the type of human activity, his profession.

Public people, law enforcement officers, politicians, big businessmen try to avoid tattooing on the brush.

We repeat that the rule is unspoken. But the choice of the theme of the drawing, the color composition of the tattoo on the brush has no prohibition. You can apply any images, their division into male and female is present, but not always respected.

Hand Tattoo


  • flowers, leaves
  • bracelets, bows
  • geometric signs
  • hearts, sacral symbols, zodiac signs.


  • geometry, ornaments
  • Celtic, ancient Slavic symbols
  • amulets, Tibetan or Indian mandalas
  • wind rose, clock, compass.

That’s a lot. Often they are equally popular with men, women, girls. For example, a skull. Everyone puts their meaning, meaning into it. But they all have a common style – minimalism. Although modern methods of tattooing allow you to convey the smallest detail of the picture.

Dolar Tattoo

Often not only the drawing is important, but the place of its application. So, the predatory mouth of a tiger looks spectacular on a clenched male fist. In fact, the fist becomes the head of the tiger.

It all depends on the level of the tattoo artist, the complexity of the original drawing, photo, sketch, the desire of the customer, the ability to improvise, compromise. Often a tattoo on a brush is not a separate image. It complements the drawing or is entirely included in the overall composition, applied from the neck to the brush. Such voluminous tattoos on the outside of the palm and forearm at the same time are popular.

If we consider the brush in detail, then the open, outer phalanges of the fingers allow you to effectively apply inscriptions, numbers, names, names, slogans on them.

The choice of color pattern for men is varied. But women should probably pair it with their favorite color of nail polish.

If it’s quite easy to figure out the theme of the drawing, color, place of the brush, then there is one big difficulty in such a tattoo. It is purely physical. The applied tattoo does not heal in an instant. The drawing should settle into place. This can take anywhere from a few days to two or three weeks. Therefore, it is better to do a brush tattoo while on vacation.

Sacrifice your ego if you have to choose between service, work, family opinion and a tattoo on a brush. Ideally, a compromise. After all, the brush is not the only part of the body suitable for tattooing. In all other cases, follow the recommendations of only professional body painters.

Photo ideas for female and male tattoos



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