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Tattoo on the collarbone for girls – options for sketches in the form of flowers, inscriptions, swallows, butterflies, beautiful photos of works

Tattoo on the collarbone for girls: 

Tattoo on the collarbone for girls: The collarbone is an absolutely attractive part of the body of every girl. A collarbone tattoo looks attractive and mysterious, and makes it possible to emphasize the graceful curves of the body.

Colored Tattoo On collarbone for girls

Collarbone tattoos are wildly popular. Men also often draw a pattern on the collarbones, but nevertheless, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity occupy the niche of superiority.

The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud explained back in the 19th century that images on the collarbones are applied by people who are unrealized in sexuality. However, whether this is really so or not is basically impossible to establish, because choosing a place for a tattoo may not make much sense.

Tattoo on the collarbone for girls

It’s just beautiful, elegant and feminine. Therefore, many girls choose more “feminine” types of tattoos that look great on this part of the body. However, not all women are romantic or feminine, so tattoos can be very diverse, their ideas and meanings.

Clavicle tattoos: ideas and features

Tattoo ideas can be very diverse, all that is enough for your imagination! Often girls choose small tattoos that slightly emphasize the collarbones.

Nice Nature Tattoo on the collarbone for girls

The bottom line is that even a small tattoo attracts attention, gives some mystery and attractiveness to the hostess. Many girls choose a tattoo on the collarbone as their first underwear. Perhaps, in popularity, this part of the body is second only to the hands.

Cool Tattoo on the collarbone for girls

A feature of the collarbone tattoo is versatility in self-expression. An inscription, a flower, and a bird can be placed here.

Tattoo on the collarbone for girls

The main ideas of the collarbone tattoo

Despite the wide variety of choices, there are several common types of tattoos that are done on the collarbone.

Tattoo on the collarbone for girls

Birds. A symbol that embodies freedom and independence is one of the favorite and popular among girls. The owner of such a tattoo on the collarbone is a dreamy and romantic person.

Best collarbone Tattoo

Feather. Girls often choose a sign of freedom with the addition of birds. Most often they depict an ordinary small pen.

collarbone Tattoo Ideas

Flowers. A common option is the image of roses on the collarbones. This flower has many different meanings. But basically, the flower symbolizes beauty.

Rose collarbone Tattoo Ideas for girls

Branches. Thin and small branches can perfectly decorate your body. At the same time, symbolizing unity with nature or the outside world.

 collarbone Bird Tattoo Ideas for girls

Butterfly. This is an amazing beautiful insect for many, a symbol of the formation of the soul, due to the development cycle the butterfly goes through. Butterfly symbolizes flight, elevation, transformation.

Flower Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Whale. The whale collar tattoo has become popular not so long ago. Girls who choose this pattern are tied to the ocean, its depth and beauty. In addition, the whale can also be considered a symbol of the water element, being the largest inhabitant on Earth and living in the water.

Female Tattoo Ideas

Inscriptions. A huge variety of different variations, consisting either of one word or a whole quote. Often the meaning of the inscriptions is connected with love, religion, travel and life.

Flower Tattoo Ideas For Females

Feature of the place of application

A small disadvantage is the fact that the collarbones are painful places, some do not dare to draw a picture on the collarbones, as it is painful. However, if you have chosen a small tattoo, then you can easily endure it, experiencing only slight discomfort.

collarbone Rose Tattoo Ideas for girls

If the drawing is large enough, then be prepared for tests in the form of painful sensations, because the pain threshold for each person is different.

Cool collarbone Tattoo Ideas for girls

Henna drawing instead of a tattoo

Since the collarbone is still considered a painful place, not every girl can dare a real tattoo. For those who are madly in love with a certain pattern and part of the body, but have not yet ventured into tattooing, there is a way out, this is a henna pattern. The master will perform such a drawing taking into account any wishes, and the fair sex will not have to endure pain.

Simple collarbone Tattoos for girls

Henna drawing is a purely female alternative to tattoos. Using henna, many girls also prefer to think and imagine how this or that tattoo will look, and also whether it is so necessary for the hostess of the future drawing.

Hd collarbone Tattoo for girls

Thus, henna designs also have a place, and they are quite popular these days. Indeed, unlike a real tattoo, images can be changed as the pattern is washed out.

Small collarbone tattoos for girls

Choice of sketch and master

It will not be difficult to choose a good master, since at the moment almost every specialist has a portfolio with works, pages on social networks and a lot of reviews. Sketch of a suitable tattoo.

Nice And Simple Tattoo on the collarbone for girls

You can choose on the Internet, depending on what you want in the form of underwear design on the collarbones. You can bring a photo and show it to the master, or you can use the artistic skills of the specialist himself, and become the owner of a tattoo with an individual sketch.

Girls Tattoo

The choice is very large, so be selective and attentive to the meaning of the tattoo. Do not forget about the harmony of the tattoo. There are some types of underwear that simply will not look good on certain areas of the body, including the collarbone.

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