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Tattoo on the elbow – popular sketch options, cool photo ideas

Tattoo on the elbow:

Tattoo on the elbow: Tattoo as a way of self-expression has been popular with a huge number of people for more than a century. If earlier they were priests and warriors, then sailors, now people of absolutely any profession and social status. A world without borders and restrictions.

Everyone does what they want, expressing their attitude to the events around them and leaving memorable dates and events in their hearts and on their own skin. The image on the elbow has gained popularity relatively long ago and does not let go of palms in the place for drawings, this is a difficult place to depict.

It was believed that the image on the fold of the arm was characteristic only of the stronger sex, but over time the border was erased and the tattoo became quite female. Previously, this story belonged to the criminal world and characterized the owner as a very purposeful person, capable of anything to achieve his goal.

What designs are popular on the elbow now? What do they mean? Why choose this part of the body? And what are the most common variations?


Women’s options

Very gentle and feminine, emphasizing the energy and captivating component of any beautiful girl. Very often there are lotuses, mandalas and feathers made in watercolor technique. Not infrequently, this is an image of a heart as a sign of great and pure love.

Men’s options

The most common motifs found on the male body:

  • Stars of all sizes and colors;
  • Cobwebs and spiders;
  • Inscriptions with sacred meaning for their owners;
  • Abstractions and all possible abstractions;
  • Animals and representatives of the insect world are relatively rare.

Sometimes it is a continuation of the sleeve.

Tip if you want to make a picture on your elbow: when choosing your story, you should remember the anatomical features of the place. The skin at the fold can stretch and change over time. This can lead to distorted images if they are too complex.

That is why choose simplified stories that cannot “go”, and leave complex drawings with details to other parts of the body.

Meanings of male variations

The star can be interpreted as a symbol of great ambitions and desires to overcome the set goals. Going through thorns to the stars is a great expression that characterizes such people. These people usually have a sharp mind and an absolute ability to follow their goals. In the prison world, the star meant the special status of the prisoner, however, today such a meaning has lost its significance.

The web also had a pronounced meaning of the criminal world. In the United States, a spider web on the left elbow symbolized a person’s ability to handle firearms. The right hand is a sign of a prison sentence for killing a person. Such marks on the body perfectly helped people to realize who they were dealing with. In Russia, the interpretation is different, it is either the world of a person who has tied up with criminal activity or a symbol of a person mired in the world of drugs. Today, for most of the population, no negative contexts are no longer relevant. In modern times, it can be a symbol of society and a philosophical understanding of life, this story is very popular.

Texts and words. Arranged in a spiral around the bend of the arm. Here, through the inscription, a deep aspect of the cyclical nature of life can be hidden and complex philosophical problems can be raised that excite the owner of the tattoo.

Snakes, snails, dragons and Cheshire cats are the characters that can be depicted on the fold. The image of other animals is difficult. Such motives show the inner world of a person and his preferences, fears and desires.

A gloomy clown and human eyes – characterizes courageous people who are not influenced by the opinions of others.

What style to choose?

Recently, two directions have been popular: “dirty work” and “work with dots”. Based on the name, “black work” is the filling of a drawing with black ink. Most often these are geometric objects. Patterns are applied around the elbow, and the center beats completely in black.

The second style involves drawing a contour with separate points. 3D can create a high concentration of dots in one place. The origins of such a decision go far back into the depths of centuries to the tribes of Africa. The style is quite rare and not all masters are ready to take on such work.

When choosing a tattoo, be careful, check the meaning of the selected picture so as not to get into a strange and awkward situation. Someone may interpret just a beautiful image for you with a certain meaning, which most likely will not paint you as a person.

Trust only proven masters. Good ones will definitely have a portfolio and photos, study previous works and chat with the master heart to heart. This will avoid the absurdity of the result of the work. Discuss all the details and make a test sketch. So you will definitely get the desired result.

Check the reviews on the salon and the work of the master among your friends. Specify that everyone was satisfied with the service and the result. And remember, the work is done precisely, realizing the desire to fill this or that tattoo. In any situation, self-expression is a good thing, which often brings joy to its owner, and the idea of ​​​​a future image can radically change the look and perception of a person.

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