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Tattoo on the finger – sketch options for men and girls, cool photo ideas

Tattoo on the finger:

Tattoo on the finger: Fingers are definitely one of the most successful places for a tattoo. The time when signs of belonging to certain groups were stuffed on the fingers is long gone. Modern drawings are beautiful and neat, they are able to decorate the finger and stylishly complement the image.

The choice of a finger as a place for applying a tattoo is due to a number of reasons:

  • The image is constantly in view. This is important for motivating tattoos;
  • The drawings are small, symbolic, which fans of minimalism really like;
  • Ideal for couple tattoos.

Leaves Tattoo On Finger

The salon master will help you decide on the choice of topics and tell you how the procedure will go. Also in the salon you need to get acquainted with the work of a specialist, see photos and a catalog of sketches. You can choose from ready-made sketches or create an individual drawing. If you have an idea for your own sketch, tell your artist about it and discuss all the necessary details.

Popular images for finger tattoos

The image does not attract the attention of outsiders, but is always in front of the owner. Depending on the message that the selected drawing or sign carries, it can serve as a reminder or motivator.

Finger Small Tattoo

A symbol, the meaning of which is known only to the owner, will always delight and cheer up. Paired tattoos are in fashion right now. When a guy and a girl are confident in their feelings and intentions and are ready to prove it in practice, they can get a tattoo.

King Queen Finger Tattoo

Fingers are the most suitable place for this purpose. Here you can place signs that are understandable only to two lovers or drawings symbolizing wedding rings.

Finger Tattoo Symbols

Mandala is one of the most popular body shapes. The sign symbolizes the universe and is sacred. It is a reflection of the unconscious, and is able to quite seriously influence the development of events.

Snake Tattoo on finger

Such a sign must be chosen with care, carefully reading its meaning. Mandala can protect a person and harmonize his energy. This tattoo is very suitable for lovers of meditation.

Floral Finger Tattoo

Mehendi. Drawings, in the style of this ancient Indian tradition, are also very popular with both sexes. These are traditional ritual drawings that can favorably influence the mood of their owner.

Finger Tattoo

Dots. These little signs, in the spirit of minimalism lovers, actually carry a lot of hidden meaning. Their meaning is usually interpreted depending on the location.

Small Cactus finger Tattoo

Located on the thumb, the point increases vitality. If you stuff it on your index finger, it will bring wealth. A small dot on the ring finger will control and harmonize the emotional background. And applied to the little finger, it will add wisdom and tranquility to its owner.

Moon flower Finger Tattoo

finger tattoo for women

Girls often make drawings on their fingers, like a single tattoo. Sometimes you can find a tattoo on a woman’s finger, as a continuation of a large pattern on the wrist or hand. Many girls who decide to get a tattoo note that it has given their lives new colors.

Flower Finger Tattoo

When a symbol or amulet is stuffed on the finger, the movements become more confident, the perception changes, the woman becomes more relaxed and bold. For finger tattoos, girls tend to choose a feminine theme.

Moon Eye Fingers Tattoo

The most popular pattern is the flower. It can be a single rose on a long stem wrapped around a finger, or a bud with a thin stem on the outer surface of a finger. Often the flower is placed on only one phalanx.

Finger Rose Tattoo

The next most popular requests are mandalas. Mandalas are geometric images with a direct relation to the center of the figure. These are sacred schemes symbolizing the infinity of the universe. Such a sign harmonizes the space and has a positive effect on the mental state of a person.

Finger Flower Tattoo

Numbers and inscriptions. Girls often attach great importance to the dates of happy events. The birthday of a loved one, date of acquaintance and much more, can be put on your finger and remember good days with pleasure.

Small Finger Tattoo

Butterflies, fish and fluffy animals look good on ladies’ fingers. In a minimalistic size, they look very cute and funny.

Feather Tattoo On finger

Ideas for men

In men, you can often find a tattoo on the fingers, as a continuation of the composition on the hand or on the arm in the form of a sleeve. Like girls, men often choose a tattoo with a mandala figure. These ancient symbols are popular with both genders. Those people who are interested in spiritual practices make such signs on the body, often on the fingers, to improve well-being and achieve peace of mind.

New Finger Tattoo

The masculine theme is filled with signs of power and militancy. It can be Celtic signs or Scandinavian symbols. Now this topic is popular, there is a lot of information on it and, if desired, everyone can find a sign that will give strength and energy.

Tattoo on the finger

Numbers and dates. Memorable events and important dates that a person wants to always remember can also be applied to the finger. For this, the side surface is often used. Numbers are often filled with Arabic, it looks very impressive. Various inscriptions are often placed on the inside of the finger.

Cute Pistol Tattoo

Rings and stones. An image imitating a ring looks very impressive on a man’s finger. It can be one, or combined in meaning with the drawings of other fingers. An image of a precious stone, for example, a diamond, can be applied to the phalanx. The drawing testifies to the high status of its bearer. This person definitely knows his worth and knows how to achieve his goals.

Tattoo on the finger

Animals. Images of wild animals look good on male fingers. It can be a bear, a tiger or a wolf. They symbolize strength and readiness to attack. Such tattoos give their owners confidence and stimulate them to action.

Tattoo on the finger

Religious people prefer to wear symbols of faith on their fingers. It can be a rosary and lines of prayer.

Photo ideas for female and male tattoos on the fingers

Animal Tattoos On FingerKinfe Tattoos On Fingers Finger Symbols TattoosMehandi Tattoos On FingersAngels Number On Finger Tattoo


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