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Tattoo on the foot – where to place, how to care, views, beautiful photos of works

Tattoo on the foot:

Tattoo on the foot: If you have already made a decision that you want to get a tattoo, but doubt where, then you should pay attention to the tattoo in the foot area. Many people think that only girls make tattoos in this place and they look completely ridiculous. But it is not so. All over the world, such tattoos among men are gaining great popularity.

Types of tattoos on the foot

For a sketch of a tattoo on the foot, you can choose absolutely any photo you like. There is only one limitation – this is a small surface for work.

India Tattoo On The  Feet Ideas

Ornament Tattoo on the foot

  • Traditional Indian version. Their traditional ornament cannot be confused with any other. They have a specific symbolism and very complex images of deities. On the lower leg, the mehendi pattern, the symbol “Om”, the inscriptions in Sanskrit look beautiful.
  • Eastern painting.

Mehndi tattoo Designs


  • This is a purely feminine version;
  • Such a painting can tell a lot about the character of a girl;
  • The most popular: daisies, lilies, rose.

High Quality Tattoo On The Feet


  • Symbolizes lightness, freedom.
  • Paired tattoos look beautiful (they are located on different legs and when connected, a clear semantic picture appears);

Wings Idea On Feet Tattoo


  • In many cultures, it is considered a symbol of a talisman.
  • In a subtle sense, it means a connection between the worlds.

Jewlery Tattoo Ideas On Feet


  • It symbolizes freedom, lightness, the desire to be always on top.
  • Of particular importance is what kind of bird is depicted (swallow-lightness, eagle-strength, power, owl – prudence).

Bird Tattoo On The  Feet

Roman numerals

  • Such symbols denote a memorable date.
  • Not a popular option.

Lucky No Tattoo on the foot

Men’s tattoos

Mostly men choose sketches of wild animals that show aggression (bears with open mouths, tigers with extended claws), weapons (spears, arrows, machine guns).

Pig Feet Tattoo


  • Names.
  • Words.
  • Idioms.

Tattoo on the foot

Where to place the tattoo on the foot

The tattoo can be located in any part of the foot, there are no strict restrictions.

Graphic Feet Tattoo

Location: On the top of the ankle. It is considered one of the best options, as the tattoo retains its brightness for a long time and holds the outline well. An interesting option would be a paired tattoo (the drawing is divided into two parts and one of these elements is depicted on each foot, and when combined, a full-fledged drawing is obtained, or one part is depicted on your leg, and the other on the partner’s leg, and when combined, you get a full-fledged image).

King On Feet tattoo

On the sole. Not every master will undertake such a tattoo. Since the skin is often erased and trampled there, the tattoo quickly loses its appearance, the skin is quickly replaced by a new one. Yes, and many are afraid of tickling, you can damage not only yourself, but also the master.

New Foot Tattoo Ideas

A very common placement option is the side of the foot. At this place, any option will look aesthetically pleasing and harmonious.

Red Mehndi Tattoo On Feet

A lot of examples can be found on the Internet. You can ask your tattoo artist to develop an individual sketch, taking into account all your requirements.

Symbolic Tattoo On The Feet

What will you have to face

The foot has a small surface, so it is difficult to fit a large pattern on it. But a very beautiful performance is possible when the tattoo grows from the foot to the lower leg, then goes higher and higher, reaches the knee, this option can be continued to the thigh. Smooth lines look beautiful on the female body, which emphasize the beauty of her figure.

Tattoo on the foot

When making a tattoo in this place, you need to remember that it will attract attention and you will undoubtedly catch curious glances on your legs, so you need to take care of their grooming and beauty.

Tattoo on the foot

Pain sensations. The skin in this place is very thin, there is practically no fatty layer on it, which makes the nerve endings more accessible. Therefore, pain may be present, but for the sake of beauty, you can endure a little.

Glamorous Feet Tatoo

foot tattoo care

Masters advise tattooing in this area in the summer, because for some time wearing shoes will cause discomfort. After the procedure, it is advised to wear open shoes for a couple of days, sandals, flip flops with cotton socks. Wear comfortable shoes to which the foot is already accustomed and will not cause additional inconvenience.

Latest Mehndi Tattoo on Feet

It is better to exclude heels during this period. And if there is a need to wear closed shoes, then you should take care of the legs and put on two pairs of socks.

Color Feet Tattoo

Those who live in hot areas, where the sun really soars, will have to go in for correction more often, since the tattoo can quickly fade under the rays of the sun.

CAndle Feet Tattoo

Interesting facts about the tattoo on the foot

If you decide, then get ready:

  • Yes, it will hurt, but not in the way you think.
  • Not all tattoo artists enjoy doing tiny tattoos.
  • Decide who you are tattooing for. For yourself or for others.
  • Choose a good pattern placement.
  • Beware of scorching rays.
  • Be stocked with cling film.
  • For the first time, you will have to change shoes.
  • You will be able to overcome the fear of injury.
  • Over time, the tattoo will lose color. Correction is needed.
  • In no case do not touch it until it is completely healed.
  • You will not be the same person.
  • Most likely you will want more and more, and then another.

Cute FeeT Tattoo

Of course, making a tattoo on the foot will have to face pain. But those who have already done say that it was worth it.

Original photo ideas of tattoos on the feet

Mendi Foot Tattoo Tattoo on the footTattoo on the footTattoo on the footGreat tattoo On The Feet Tattoo on the footTattoo on the footTattoo on the footTattoo on the footTattoo on the footTattoo on the footTattoo on the footTattoo on the footTattoo on the footTattoo on the footTattoo on the footTattoo on the footTattoo on the footTattoo on the footTattoo on the footTattoo on the foot


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