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Tattoo on the palm

Tattoo on the palm:

Tattoo on the palm: The tattoo on the hand has appeared in the world of tattoo art for a long time. But as far as the inside of the palm is concerned, the movement has just begun to gain popularity. The youth had to taste the drawing on this place.

Tattoo on the palm

Of course, it is creative and unusual. The movement originates in India, where it is common to paint mehendi with henna, including on the hands. A tattoo on the palm has advantages and pronounced disadvantages. But despite this, more and more people put drawings on this place.

Features of a tattoo in the palm of your hand

When applying a tattoo on the inside of the palm, there is almost no pain. The skin in this place is dense and rough. But this is not the most practical option. The cover on the palms is constantly regenerated, so tattoos tend to be partially or completely erased over time.

Dead Beauty On Hand

On the outer part of the palm, the tattoo behaves completely differently. Here the drawing remains for a long time. The image is practically not erased. This place is most exposed to external factors, the paint fades faster, so it is necessary to update the tattoo from time to time.

Fruit Tattoo On The Hand

Types of tattoo on the brush

As a separate species, you can consider a tattoo on the edge of the palm. Basically, these are military abbreviations that soldiers or the military stuff themselves. This is a purely male themed tattoo. The inscriptions “For the Airborne Forces” or “For the Navy” make it possible to determine in which unit and in which unit the man served.

Tattoo on the palm

Girls love to choose sketches of Indian mehendi for a tattoo on their palms. Circular openwork patterns, passing to the wrist, look beautiful on the hands.

Tattoo on the palm

In some cases, images are a talisman for the owner or carry a specific meaning:

  1. Maori sun. It is worn by both men and women. This is a male energy sign. Gives its bearer strength, energy. Apply a tattoo on the inside of the left palm.
  2. The Hamsa hand is a strong amulet against damage and the evil eye. It looks like a palm with five fingers. Originates in India.
  3. Eye in a triangle. Tattoo owners believe that the tattoo allows you to see what is hidden. The pattern protects the wearer. Some think that this is a sign of the Masons. The image is also called the third eye or the all-seeing eye.
  4. Spider web or dream catcher. In India, it symbolizes protection from otherworldly forces and evil spirits.

Tattoo on the palm

Tattoos on the palm in the form of a geometric figure, a variety of patterns, an abstract image do not have a deep meaning and meaning. The image is stuffed because of the aesthetic perception and desire of the owner. Also in the form of a tattoo there can be inscriptions. It is most common to type words on the fingers, mostly a four-letter word on one hand.

Tattoo on the palm

Pair tattoos on the palms

In the palm of your hand, it will not be possible to fully embody the fantasy. But there are many photos and sketches for paired tattoos on both palms. Choose two thematic drawings for each hand. It became popular to stuff half the image.

Tattoo on the palm

A person joins his palms, and a solid drawing is obtained. The idea is creative and not yet hackneyed. One of the options, different drawings, but looking at both hands, you get a whole picture, with one plot.

Tattoo on the palm

What you need to know before stuffing

Not every tattoo artist will undertake to make a tattoo on the brush. The fact is that a person wants a clear and bright image on the body. But to achieve such a result, unfortunately, is impossible when it comes to the inside of the palm. It is necessary to know a few points before making a decision and not be disappointed.

Tattoo on the palm

Tattoo will fade over time

The skin on the palm is updated more often than other places on the body. Not the fact that the case will be limited to one session. It is necessary to make adjustments after the first healing of the pattern.

Tattoo on the palm

Expressed pain sensations

During the first session, the client feels almost nothing in the process. But when the tattoo heals, the second image adjustment session will be painful and unpleasant. This is because the skin on the palm does not have time to renew itself to its normal state.

Tattoo on the palm

Not every sketch will fit

The optimal solution is to choose a simple image with clear lines, without small details. The fact is that the ink clogs deeper. They should lie down tightly and deeply so that the pattern is clear. It is not worth counting on the fact that the tattoo will heal and remain the same color. It will rub off in places, and the color will become gray, dull green or blue. All because of the thick layer of leather over the paint.

Tattoo on the palm

Difficult process

There are many nerve endings in the palms. The person twitches or cringes in pain, asks to stop. It is not easy for a master to work with a client. There is no opportunity to focus on the process and do quality work. Sometimes the tattoo artist is just not comfortable with the fact that the client is hurt, so he tries to do his best. But as a result, the tattoo will not be at the level it should be.

Tattoo on the palm

There are connoisseurs of tattoos on the palm, someone is skeptical about this. But the movement is gaining momentum and popularity. Lots of fans show up. This is an unusual and original place for drawing a picture. Having made a decision, you need to fully understand what will happen to the healed tattoo, how it will behave in the future.

Photo ideas for male and female tattoos on the palm

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