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Tattoo on the ribs – does it hurt to apply a tattoo, sketches and inscriptions with translation for girls and men, photo works

Until recently, tattoos on the ribs were rare, but today they are gaining more and more popularity. The reasons are obvious, since you can choose any plot and size. Can be easily hidden under clothing. Emphasizes the female silhouette and male relief.

Usually tattoos on the ribs are located closer to the heart, which means something significant, dear and beloved.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before applying any drawing or inscription, you need to get acquainted with the pluses:

  • emphasize the figure (location on this part of the body, the tattoo will help highlight the gentle curves of your body);
  • individuality (due to individuality, self-confidence is acquired);
  • size (ribs have a large surface, so you can choose a pattern of any size).

Quality Tattoo On ribs


  • pain (the area of ​​the ribs is particularly sensitive, so during the procedure you will have to be a little patient);
  • conditions of limited visibility (since clothing is always present at this place, the cases when you can show a tattoo are minimal, but at the same time on the beach you will be individual).

Small Tattoos For Girls On The Ribs

Sketches. Which to choose?

Each tattoo carries a great meaning. Someone tries to connect it with some kind of memories, events, or in the hope of gaining something in the future. Consider some values:

Cute Tattoo Ideas On The Ribs


Very often, such sketches are chosen by girls. Because flowers have a very deep meaning. They personify beauty, tenderness, love. Everything is important in flowers. Color matters (white – purity, decency), and red (passion, love).

  • Peonies: according to Eastern beliefs, it is believed that the girl who made such a tattoo can win the heart of any man.
  • Rose: a symbol of love, passion, greatness and power, and thorns show that a person is prickly and can stand up for himself.
  • Lily: usually chosen by young young girls, who are distinguished by their tenderness and timidity.

Small Tattoo Ideas On The Ribs


Denote arch and lightness. The desire to have a vault and spiritual strength.

  • Martin. Symbolizes a symbol of freedom and lightness. It brings good luck, hope and happiness.
  • Eagle. The eagle is usually depicted by people who want to show their pride and power. This bird, like no other, emphasizes courage and strength.
  • Crow. On the one hand, it seems to personify wisdom, but on the other hand, this bird is considered a messenger of dark forces.

Nice Animal Tattoo Ideas


These tattoos are considered one of the most ancient. The value is determined by the characteristics, some strong are fast, others are agile and cunning animals.

  • Wolf. This image carries a lot of mystery and mysteries. It denotes strength, devotion, leadership.
  • Tiger. Power, strength, courage, leadership, courage, courage.
  • Bear. Depends on how it’s pictured. Ferocious with open mouth or in a calm state.

Lion tattoo Ideas On The Ribs


Inscriptions are very fond of doing on the side, in the region of the heart. They choose from the name of a loved one to small quatrains.

Good Tattoos

under breast

In most cases, this is a purely female version. They like to make lace, beads, or rays of the sun around the chest. This option is considered one of the sexiest types.

Easy Tattoos On The Ribs


Before the procedure, the master will offer to get acquainted with the catalog, which presents a large and varied selection of a wide variety of tattoo amulets. Here are some examples:

  • Dream Catcher. They can be designated with one or two feathers or a full-fledged pattern. It is believed that it helps to guard against both external negative influences and internal experiences.
  • Religious tattoos. Among religious tattoos, the most popular is the cross on the side.
  • Cross. symbolizes constant growth and development.
  • Angels. Symbolizes devotion and connection with God. Represents faith. It is done as close to the heart as possible.
  • Hands in prayer. Very often, the hands of the praying person are supplemented with some kind of additional element. For example, a cross, a rosary, or a dear person’s name.

Sun Tattoo Ideas


The ornament carries a certain meaning of a talisman and is indicated by certain hieroglyphs that carry the meaning of protection and tranquility.

  • Squad square. I make men who work with their hands. It is believed that this amulet gives strength, patience and adds ingenuity.
  • Okay star. It endows a woman with patience, protects the health of not only the woman, but also her children. Helps to remain calm and reasonable in different situations.

Flower Ttatoo

Execution technique

Undoubtedly, each tattoo represents individuality. Therefore, it is necessary to take this seriously, since something can look good on one person, but terrible on another. Here are some examples:

  • Minimalism (differs in small size, simplicity of figures is used);
  • Dotwork (dot technology, complex execution, usually black and red are used, color images are very rarely used);
  • Lettering (made using a variety of fonts in small sizes, they look very elegant and neat, you should be based only on your wishes and take into account the advice of the master);
  • Watercolor (they use images of flowers, animals, plants, performed in any size, emphasizes the unusualness of a person, often associated with childhood memories).

Photo ideas of tattoos on the ribs

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