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Tattoo on the spine – sketch options, a description of the tattoo along the spine for men and girls, photo ideas


Making a tattoo in the spine area is the right decision for many reasons:

  • A spectacular view from the back, while it opens only from a certain angle;
  • Ability to hide signs from strangers;
  • Large drawing area;
  • The back area is less painful.

Moon Tattoo On Spine

Topic Of Tattoos:

After choosing a topic, you need to choose a good master. He must have a certificate and sufficient work experience. The specialist should talk about the procedure, show photos of previous work, and help in choosing a pattern.

Vertbral Column Tattoo on the spine

If you choose the spine as the location of the tattoo, you can be sure of the relative painlessness and comfort of the procedure.

In time, such work can take from several hours to several days with interruptions. If a large drawing is selected, the session may have to be split over several days.

General topics

Men and women attach different meanings to their tattoos. Each of them seeks to choose a pattern that emphasizes and enhances their inner focus. Girls choose pictures with female energy, they are smooth, ornate, delicate. Male tattoos are distinguished by clear lines and a more aggressive presentation.

You can also highlight common requests that are equally popular with both sexes. On the back you can see wings or planets lined up along the spine. Often there are geometric shapes and inscriptions. Each owner of the inscription has its own meaning, mainly these are capacious quotes or motivating messages.

Women’s back tattoo

The back presents the master with a lot of room for imagination. The plot and direction of the picture can have thousands of options. It should be noted that the tattoos that women choose have some difference from men’s. It can be assumed with a high degree of probability that the girl will prefer one of the options for women’s themes:

Flower Tattoos On Back: 

Flowers are the most popular request. This theme features a wide selection of different designs. A bud with a long stem, as if wrapping around the spine, an ornament with a floral theme or a lotus, placed between the shoulder blades. One thematic flower that carries a certain meaning can be located on the back, closer to the neck, it looks very impressive.

Ethnic theme.

Ethnic theme. Often women choose ornaments with an ethnic bias, signs, intricate figures, complex patterns. All this looks great on the female back and emphasizes the individuality of the owner of the tattoo.

A tattoo with hieroglyphs located along the spine looks very beautiful and impressive. The main thing is to understand the meaning of such symbols. Each hieroglyph needs to be translated and made sure that their meaning does not contradict the character and beliefs of the owner.

Charms and symbols

Charms and symbols. Girls tend to believe in the protective power of images on the body, so they can choose a tattoo as their talisman. You need to place the amulet closer to the head area, so the back will be the best option here, especially the upper part. If you take a little interest in the meanings of some symbols, you can find an inspiring tattoo for yourself. It will give strength and help maintain harmony.

Most of the female half of salon clients prefer colored tattoos. This is especially true for large drawings in the spine. On the lower back, it is important to perform drawings using the “Watercolor” technique. These are color images without clear contours, the drawings are made as if with strokes, they are beautiful and delicate. In general, the lumbar region is one of the most requested options for the location of the tattoo.

Male tattoo on the spine

Men are not always limited to a tattoo along the spine line. Much more often, they wish for a large image that occupies almost the entire back.

Often among the requests from men you can hear about the image of a dragon. This theme is popular with men all over the world. The dragon on the back symbolizes power and might. In Japanese culture, only the emperor could carry such a dragon on his back. Similar decorations were also allowed for members of the ruling dynasty. Now this luxury is available to everyone, and many people really like it.

The next most popular pattern is a graphic ornament with various symbols. Such ornaments were typical for warriors, and now they speak of the strength of their owner. Such badges are worn by the winners.

Love men and various weapons. A tattoo allows you to always be armed and feel like a winner. Often these are arrows and spears.

Wild animals

Wild animals are a favorite male theme. Strong, predatory animals are often located on the back of the strong half of humanity. With such a pattern, you begin to feel more confident, inner peace appears. An image of a bear, wolf or lion can be placed on the back. Usually the beast is depicted at the moment of attack or hunting.


Mythology. Among young guys, images of angels, demons, heroes of scary tales and plots of computer games are quite popular.

Male tattoos are more often performed in black, although some blotches of color look stylish.

You can choose a tattoo from many different options presented in salons and on thematic sites. You can bring your own idea to life. To do this, you need to choose your favorite phrase, the one that reflects your outlook on life, translate it into English and look at it in various writing styles. Now this can be done in special editors. It is a good idea to find a talented artist and commission a sketch from him, taking into account your own preferences and plans.

A properly selected tattoo can change the owner’s life for the better and give it new colors.


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