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Tattoo patterns for girls – styles of execution and options for sketches, where to apply, beautiful photos of works

Tattoo patterns for girls, what are the types. Pros and cons of the image in the form of a pattern or ornament. What are the benefits. Places of tattooing on the female parts of the body. Stylistic directions.

Women’s tattoos with patterns and ornaments are distinguished by their diversity. Girls are mostly romantic natures and they tend to choose delicate and beautiful tattoos. Drawings emphasize the beauty and hide the flaws of a woman. An image with a pattern is often the first tattoo on the body. Therefore, such drawings are very popular among the female half of the population.



Different countries are characterized by certain patterns and ornaments. By the appearance of the picture, you can understand what culture it belongs to. In ancient times and to this day, the Arabs decorate their architectural structures with patterns. The Greeks depicted an ornament on the columns. Indians still paint their bodies with henna. Scandinavians in the Middle Ages applied a variety of decorations to ships. Slavs embroidered patterns on clothes.

Types of patterns

A tattoo of patterns can be both simple, with light elements, and complex in its form. The figure does not always contain meaning. Sometimes, the idea of ​​getting a body tattoo is just an idea to decorate yourself and your body. Patterns do not carry a complex semantic load, but do not cease to be mysterious and mysterious. Tattoos are sometimes done as a keepsake, in connection with an event.

Mehndi Tattoo patterns for girls

Patterns are of three types:

  1. pointed
  2. curls
  3. mixed

Tattoo patterns for girls

A tattoo in the form of a pattern is suitable for any part of the body, be it an arm, wrist or shoulder, leg, stomach, back. For places such as the forearm or thigh, a large-scale sketch is chosen. The pattern in these places looks harmonious and beautiful. On the wrist or neck, a small neat tattoo is suitable.

Tattoo patterns for girls


  1. You can choose any size tattoo
  2. A variety of colors are used
  3. In simple and complex versions, the drawing looks good.
  4. With the help of a simple image, you can cover scars or stretch marks.

Tattoo patterns for girls


  1. The process of applying a large-scale and detailed drawing will be painful.
  2. It will be difficult to correct or cover up the tattoo.

Hindi ehndi Tattoo patterns for girls

Places of tattooing

  • Fingers. Images are applied to the fingers in the form of rings with different swirls. It can also be made in a geometric style. The drawing is applied both on the inside of the fingers and on the outside. It is worth considering that from the inside, the tattoo will completely peel off or lose its shape in the future.
  • Wrist. Beautifully on the wrist look tattoo patterns in the form of a bracelet. The drawing emphasizes the beauty and fragility of the female hand. At this place, an inscription is often made along with a pattern. In the photo from different resources you can see examples of tattoos. Longitudinal or semicircular patterns and ornaments also look beautiful on the wrist.
  • Shoulder and forearm. A large pattern will suit these places. There is where to roam. The drawing can be both simple and complex, with elaborate details and rich content. From the shoulder, if desired, you can continue the tattoo on the collarbone or back.
  • Neck.Elegantly images of patterns fall on the neck. The main thing to consider is the pain threshold. So The place is tender, the skin is thin, it is necessary to endure the tattooing procedure so as not to leave the drawing unfinished.

Other Tattoo Places:

  • Loin. Not so long ago, the place was at the peak of popularity. Many girls got a tattoo of a pointed pattern on their lower back. So The downside is that the drawing is not visible to the owner. On the other hand, for some this is a plus.
  • Hip. Also Patterns on the hip can be of various themes and styles. Often, girls made a tattoo in the form of a floral ornament that encircled their legs. The image adds spice, which attracts the eyes of men.
  • Raising the foot. The pattern on this part of the body looks good. The tattoo can go to the lower leg. Ornamental bracelets are also applied to this part of the body.

Tattoo patterns for girls

Tattoo styles


  • Style is popular among men and women. The tattoo imitates patterns of Indian tribes.
  • Celtic pattern. The image looks like intertwined lines on a black or gray background. Celtic ornament symbolizes the unity of body and spirit.
  • Polynesian patterns. 
  • Khokhloma. Fans of Russian culture make tattoo designs in this style. Colors such as red, yellow, black predominate.
  • Indian patterns. Tattoos do not carry a semantic load. Images originate from the Mayan, Maori and Aztec tribes. On the female body look impressive.

Tattoo patterns for girls

The peculiarity of the pattern tattoo is that it can be applied to any part of the body. Tattoo to the liking of both the female and male half of the population. The image can be large or small, it all depends on the desire of the future owner of the tattoo.

Tattoo patterns for girls

The drawing may contain a variety of elements, flowers or geometric shapes. So A tattoo Mehndi pattern is perfect for the first wearable pattern.

Photo ideas of female tattoos with patterns

Tattoo patterns for girlsMehndi Tattoo patterns for girlsMehndi Tattoo patterns for girlsTattoo patterns for girlsSleve Mehndi TattooBack Mehndi Tattoo For GirlsBack Mehndi Tattoo For GirlsLower Belly Mehndi TattooAss Mehndi TattooAss Mehndi Tattoo For GirlsBest Mehndi Tattoo For girlsTattoo patterns for girlsTattoo patterns Mehndi for girlsTattoo Mehndi patterns for girlsTattoo patterns for girlsNeck And Shoulder Mehndi Design TattooMehndi Full Neck TattooMehndi Best Design Tattoo Nice Mendi Back DesignBAck Mehndi Tattoos for Girls Back Mehndi Tattoos Legs Mehndi Tattoos Back Female White Tattoos FAce Tattoos For Girls Mehndi Back TattoosFemale Mehndi TattoosNice Female TattoosAngel Tattoos For Girls Girl Tattoos Female Tattoo Brest Best female Tattoos Full Arm Mehndi Tattoo Breast Mehndi TattooMehndi Tattoo On NeckBest Mehndi Tattoos GirlsBack TattoosCute Mehndi tattoos Best Female TattoosBack Tattoos For Girls Side Tattoos For Girls Belly button Tattoos Breast TattoosSmall Female tail Bone TattoosFemale Ass TattooTattoo patterns for girlsTattoo patterns for girlsTattoo patterns for girlsTattoo patterns for girlsTattoo patterns for girlsMehdi TattooMehdi Tattoo For Girls White Tattoo For GirlsBack Shoulder Girls TattooSmall Cute Girls Tattoo

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