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Tattoo styles for girls – how to choose a style depending on preferences and the desired image for a tattoo

Tattoo styles for girls:

Tattoo styles for girls: What are the styles of tattoos for girls. What are they. Features of different directions. What styles are suitable for the selected image for a future tattoo.

Tattoo styles for girls

Not every experienced master knows all the stylistic trends in the world of tattoo art, not to mention beginners. Progress is moving forward, there are more and more styles of tattoos, their offshoots and techniques for applying images to the body. Thanks to this variety, girls can look at photos and choose a drawing in a certain style.

Styles of female tattoos


Simplicity of geometric shapes. The minimalist style originated in the 1960s in the United States. There is an emphasis on the elegance and emptiness of the pattern. The image, made in the style of minimalism, is very simple. The tattoo is dominated by one-color strokes. Drawings in this style are simple and spectacular at the same time. Girls like minimalism for the gentle, beautiful and sophisticated look of the images.

Tattoo styles for girls

Often in this style they make such tattoos as:

  • flowers
  • animal world
  • symbols

New Ideas Of Tattoo styles for girls

Line work

In the images made in the style of line-work, lines predominate. The style is mainly used to depict geometric or architectural ornaments. The lines can be of various thicknesses, mostly black.

Tattoo styles for girls


Classic style in the world of tattoos. Experts believe that realism as a style originated in the United States. The image looks natural, as in the photo. Black and gray colors predominate. But tattoos are also performed in color. Unfortunately, a professional color portrait tattoo artist is hard to find.


East direction tattoo. The Oriental style originates in the 10th century BC and conveys the beauty of Asian culture. Girls tend to stuff dragons, carps. The tattoo is colorful, applied to large areas.


Born in American prisons. Criminals with the help of the Chicano style emphasized their features. Tattoos were made in the form of illustrations of scenes of their lives, they depicted saints. For example, the Virgin Mary or Jesus.

The style is dominated by gloomy tones. The images are beautiful and inspiring. Therefore, among the female half of the population, the style gained popularity.

Art Tattoo styles for girls


Dark and dystopian images. A steampunk drawing is a living organism with the addition of mechanisms. For example, a butterfly with metal parts instead of a body. Tattoos are made in dark colors, sometimes there may be details filled with color. Shading is applied. Some ladies like this style.


Unusual and completely different style. Relatively new in the tattoo world. The image combines parts of the body with parts from the mechanisms of machines or robots. Looking at the tattoo, it seems as if the skin is pushed back in some places, and pistons and gears are visible from under it. The originality of this style rolls over. Men are more likely than women to choose biomechanical tattoos.

Old school

It means old school. This is an American traditional tattoo. Thick lines and the absence of a gradient prevail in the tattoo, the color palette is limited. Old school was loved by many. Examples of images in a specific style:

  • flag
  • young woman
  • rose
  • heart
  • eagle


Tattoos made in this style are very colorful. Newschool was born in 1970. Vibrant colors and clear contours are used. They portray characters from animated films. Girls with a cheerful character will suit this style.


The style is one of the oldest, originated in ancient times. Images on the body are applied in the form of patterns, there are no rigid frames. The style is considered masculine, often tattooed on the arms. But even among the girls there are fans.

Trash Polka

Style appeared in 2000. The predominant color is black with the addition of red. There are elements of lines and blots. The images are chaotic at first glance, but looking closely, various detailed details are noticeable. The tattoo looks good on the female body.

Painting Tattoo styles for girls


The tattoo looks like an image made entirely of dots. They can be of different sizes. Often this style is mixed with other styles.


The style originated with American sailors. The image is dominated by bold traced contours and a bright palette of colors. The tattoo acted as a talisman, and sometimes had the meaning of good luck and happiness. Painted in this style:

  • anchors
  • ships
  • gypsy face
  • swallows


This style is dominated by black and the filling of large planes with it. Tattoos look like an ornament or geometric shapes. The gloomy style is suitable and not liked by all girls. With the right choice of sketch and place, the drawing looks good on the female body and emphasizes beauty.


The style originated in Rome. Black lines dominate. The drawing looks like complex patterns and ornaments.


The tattoo looks like a sketch, an unfinished drawing. Small details are missing. It’s a great idea to choose this style as the tattoo can always be tweaked or extended. The drawing on the body looks original.

Girls tend to portray in this style:

  • animals
  • birds
  • geometric figures

Sketch Tattoo styles for girls


One of the popular styles among the female half of the population. Tattoos look unusual and bright. Colored blurry spots predominate, gray tones are absent. Flowers or animals depicted in watercolor are a good example. The drawings are tender and soft.

Tattoo Ideas: Each owner of a tattoo has its own unique charm and character traits. The choice of a stylistic direction for a future tattoo depends on this. Drawing in a specific style will emphasize beauty and will be a reflection of the inner world.

Photo ideas of different styles of tattoos

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