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Tattoos Nastasya Samburskaya – photo and meaning

Tattoos Nastasya Samburskaya: 

Tattoos Nastasya Samburskaya: Nastasya Samburskaya has long been known for her unpredictability. A beautiful, confident actress, TV personality constantly maintains a lively interest in her fans. She always manages to excite fans with her behavior, constantly changing appearance. These changes are not to a small extent provided by tattoos. None of the many tattoos of Nastasya Samburskaya goes unnoticed. Moreover, the girl tries to find original stories.

Tattoos Ideas Nastasya Samburskaya

What do Nastasya’s tattoos mean?

Of course, fans are interested in what TV personality tattoos mean. Since she herself does not comment on underwear drawings in any way, followers have to think out and come up with the story of the appearance and meaning of the next tattoo. It seems that the comedian specially feeds the fantasies of admirers. This is evidenced by its adequacy in relation to criticism. Moreover, she masterfully retorts critics. The ability to ridicule herself and others is condemned by opponents of her talent. The fans just love it.

Tattoos Funny Nastasya Samburskaya

Tattoos on Samburskaya’s arm

A new topic for discussion was another Samburskaya tattoo. They are just words, but full of meaning. First comes the inscription: “I love you”, then it is crossed out and, lower, another inscription appears: “I love myself.” The tattoo became known to a huge number of her admirers, as Nastya posted a photo of her hand on Instagram. And she has a lot of followers. Just over a million.

Tattoos Love On Arm Nastasya Samburskaya

Of course, the followers understood this as a disappointment in love. Not without gossip about with whom and when the actress had an affair.

A little later, another inscription adorned the same hand. Quite provocative, performed in Latin. In translation it means:The eagle does not catch flies – they are too insignificant for him.“. The bold statement of the girl caused a flurry of negativity. Nastya was accused of selfishness, arrogance. Opponents of the tattoo resented the shortsightedness of her decision to spoil the body. And they are right that with age, such inscriptions can lose their meaning. Even interfere in life, for example, in a new relationship.

Tattoo on the heels

Apparently, the only one of its kind, Nastasya Samburskaya turned out to be the owner of a tattoo on her heels. And these are also words. They mean what is written. Above the heel of one foot is written “this heel”, on the other a stuffed arrow points to a mole outlined. Everything is accompanied by the inscription “mole”.

Tattoos Nastasya Samburskaya Ideas

That is, a simple designation of a body part and an object on it. Of course, these tattoos also did not go unnoticed. There were comments both caustic and admiring. Nastya herself believes that tattoos on the heels are not connected with psychological trauma. There is no need to look for meaning in them.

Tattoos Nastasya Samburskaya Heel Ideas

Shoulder tattoo

The actress delighted her fans with a new tattoo. This time on the shoulder. This is the whole composition. Big and colorful. The illustration includes a skull and a dragon. There is a possibility that the tattoo is temporary, but there is no guarantee that this composition will not take place on a permanent basis. Given the unpredictability of Nastasya, most likely it will be so.

Tattoos Ideas Nastasya Samburskaya

On Samburskaya’s other hand is a tattoo of a flower. A rather large blue flower can only mean positive. For example, joy, love.

The second option for the meaning of a flower in a tattoo is loss, sadness. I would like to hope that this is not about the beautiful Nastya.

According to Nastasya, she has nine tattoos. She doesn’t like some. Or rather, they didn’t like it. Time will pass and everything can change. Samburskaya’s tattoos can get boring. Or she may want to prick something else or, conversely, withdraw the existing ones. The procedure, of course, is not pleasant, but accessible to anyone. And for fans of the talent of the actress, underwear painting is secondary. Moreover, in professional life, tattoos do not interfere. If necessary, they can be smeared or hidden by clothing.

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