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Tattoos of Ivan Okhlobystin – meaning, places of application, photos

Tattoos of Ivan Okhlobystin:

Tattoos of Ivan Okhlobystin: Ivan Okhlobystin began his adult life as an actor and director. He wrote books and plays. Tattooing refers to this period. But, to the surprise of many, he soon took the rank and began serving the Lord. As a priest, he understood that he had no right to spoil the body given by God with drawings. But the church accepted his repentance and allowed him to serve. Read: Orthodox tattoos.

Soon, the generous natural gift of reincarnation again brought him to the stage. Ivan became a famous movie actor. Many compatriots know him by his roles in the films “Maximilian”, “Black Room” and others. The greatest popularity was won by his doctor Bykov from “Interns”.

Shoulder Tattoos Of Ivan Okhlobystin


The subject of tattoo images

Ivan Okhlobystin’s tattoos are dedicated to different images. Quite a lot of abstract images. There are drawings of runes, mythical creatures, skulls. By the way, the latter are associated with family themes.

Tattoos of Ivan Okhlobystin


Okhlobystin is an excellent family man. He dearly loves his children, treats his wife, actress Oksana Arbuzova, with respect and understanding.

Tattoos of Ivan Okhlobystin

It is as a family actor that he positions a tattoo dedicated to his wife. Immediately after their marriage, he and his wife had a unicorn stuffed on their right shoulder. It means “together forever”. He and his wife have been married for about 25 years. They have four daughters and two sons.

Six skulls on the chest, fans are also inclined to refer to the family ones. Allegedly, they denote love for their six children. Love to the grave until death do us part.

Ivan Okhlobystin Tattoos Ideas

There is also a second version. It takes us to the period of service in the army. As if he and his comrade during the military intervention in the territory of Yugoslavia destroyed just so many thug militants. Ivan himself does not give any explanations about the skulls. But according to the traditions of tattoo art, the image of skulls is associated with the other world. The skull acts as a memory of a deceased person.


While looking for himself, Ivan made many mistakes. There was a period when addictions took over in his life. But he managed to overcome them. As a reminder of these difficult years, Ivan Okhlobystin made a tattoo with the image of a unicorn with marijuana. The drawing is artistically beautiful. Attractive Celtic pattern framing the main picture.

Mythical Tattoos of Ivan Okhlobystin

The meaning of the composition can be explained as the victory of prudence and wisdom over drug addiction.

The owner of such an image himself considers it necessary not to hide such a fact in life. To remember himself, and others not to repeat his mistakes.

The brightest image on the actor’s body is a dragon. The drawing is very large, occupying most of the hand. This Okhlobystin tattoo can be seen in all the photos. The dragon is all colored, with blue eyes, the same as the owner’s eyes. Ivan believes that the dragon is his personification, there is a deep connection between them. The actor sees himself as a kind person, although outwardly he leaves the impression of an evil one.

Tattoos of Ivan Okhlobystin

According to the canons of tattoo art, the dragon has absolutely opposite qualities. The eastern dragon is wise, strong, majestic, and in the west it is an insidious, cunning creature.

Perhaps the actor decided to fill a fairy-tale character as a talisman.

Magic symbols

As for some of the tattoos, fans have no definite explanation. For example, runes on the biceps of the right hand can be taken as a protective sign that brings good luck to the owner. At the same time, there is a possibility that Ivan is deeply interested in Scandinavian culture. He is interested in esotericism.

Until recently, Okhlobystin was fond of racing on a bike. This is a very dangerous occupation. One of the tattoos, a cross, is from that period. He stuffed it in memory of a fellow biker who died. About the same period of life a skull with flowers. With this tattoo, Okhlobystin said that for the sake of the children he had given up racing on a motorcycle.

Magical Tattoos of Ivan Okhlobystin

The actor generally likes risk, speed. This is also indicated by the stuffed image of a horse. In addition, he was born in the year of the horse.

According to mature reflections, Okhlobystin admits that the active painting of the body is connected with his past unrighteous life. Almost all of Okhlobystin’s tattoos were made when the actor was in an inadequate state. He regrets it, but there are no plans to reduce it.

Ivan decided to say goodbye to only one tattoo. With a tattoo of a naked woman against the backdrop of Chersonese, which irritated his wife.

Tattoos of Ivan Okhlobystin

Tattoo art is on the rise. More and more often you can see boys and girls with beautiful tattoos. But the person grows up. He changes his outlook on many things in life. With age, he understands the inappropriateness of some images. But the tattoo remains on the skin for life. Therefore, before going to the tattoo parlor, you should think carefully about this.

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