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Tattoos of Nicholas 2 – dragon (value, photo)

Tattoos of Nicholas 2:

Tattoos of Nicholas 2: In the culture of Asia, the dragon is of particular importance. It is also believed that a dragon tattoo will allow its owner to master wisdom. Therefore, in the culture of the East, the Dragon is ubiquitous. Visiting these territories, Europeans also do not refuse to join their culture. One of these was the future heir to the throne, Nicholas 2. Evidence of this is the tattoo of the Dragon on the arm of Nicholas 2.

Nicholas 2 Dragon Tattoo


Nicholas II tattoo

Before coronation to the throne of Russian tsars, Nikolai traveled for 9 months. His path went through:

  • Austria-Hungary;
  • Greece;
  • Egypt;
  • India;
  • China;
  • Japan.

From there he returned to his homeland through Siberia.

At that time he was only 22 years old. He traveled on government business. More precisely, he was supposed to participate in the laying ceremony of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Along the entire route, the future king was given proper honors.

The reasons that prompted the heir to the tattoo.

In Japan, an almost fatal situation happened to him – he was attacked by a policeman. The latter struck the heir several blows with his sword. Luckily, his injuries were not life-threatening. Subsequently, the incident was considered as an attempt on the heir to the throne.

The future Tsar Nicholas 2 after this incident decided on a dragon tattoo. The Japanese master stuffed it on his right hand.

Interesting! Ordinary residents of the Land of the Rising Sun avoid Dragon tattoos. It was believed that this was more suitable for the lower strata of society, such as robbers, criminals, beggars. But this did not stop Nicholas. It was also spurred on by the fact that in the 18th century the tattoo became firmly in vogue. Especially among aristocrats. Therefore, the trick of Nicholas II and his tattoo in the form of a Dragon did not cause much rejection.

Dragon Stuffing

The flagship of the Russian squadron was in the port of Nagasaki. On the journey, he was accompanied by a Greek prince, who also wished himself such a tattoo. Therefore, two tattoo artists were delivered at once.

The Dragon tattoo was applied to the forearm of the right hand of Nicholas 2. The procedure was very painful and lasted about 7 hours. As a result, the Tsarevich acquired a black Dragon. It wasn’t really black though. Nicholas II’s tattoo was colorful. The horns of the mythical creature were yellow, the paws were green, and the belly was red.

Nicholas II himself liked the tattoo very much. He tried to always put it on display. If the sleeves were long, he rolled them up.

Why Dragon

In Slavic culture, the attitude towards the Dragon is not very kind. It was more likely to be associated with negative factors. Then it is all the more surprising why Nikolai chose such an image. The future Tsar Nicholas II and the Dragon tattoo somehow did not fit. The confused entourage of the future monarch even tried to ascribe to him belonging to a secret order. The truth was simple. The young heir followed the example of his cousin, King George V. They were very similar to each other and had a strong friendship.

The future King George of Great Britain served in the Navy. Among sailors, tattoo stuffing is more of a rule than a temptation. The cousin of the Tsarevich did not escape this either. The cousin of Nicholas 2 got a Dragon tattoo also in Japan, but much earlier, in 1881.

This fact was not particularly advertised. That is, having ascended the throne, the monarch was in no hurry to show the pectoral drawing. True, he had no secrets from his Russian cousin.

Monarchs, both in ancient times and now, are reluctant to let tattoo culture into their environment. But Nicholas II had a Dragon tattoo. Only his youth can excuse the future king. In addition, Asian culture in general and Japanese culture in particular was very close to him.

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