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The meaning and photo of Tom Hardy’s tattoos

The meaning and photo of Tom Hardy’s tattoos:

The meaning and photo of Tom Hardy’s tattoos: For English actor Tom Hardy, a tattoo is not just an interesting drawing. Each of his tattoos carries a special semantic load. Among them are expressing feelings of pain and loss, happiness, success. And such fateful images cover a significant part of Tom’s body. As you can see in the photo, there are already more than 30 tattoos of Tom Hardy. There is enough space for new ones. As for his career, he is in demand. Tattoos do not interfere with this. Fans even believe that beautiful pictures add to his popularity.

Tom Hardy's tattoos meanings


Hardy tattoo on chest

The left side of the actor’s chest is decorated with tattoos of masks. They express different emotions. The essence of the tattoos is explained by the added inscription: “Laugh now – cry later“. It is believed that such a tattoo is inherent in people of art.

Tom Hardy's tattoos meanings

The flag of Britain, on the right side of the chest, shows Tom’s patriotism. The drawing was done by tattoo artist Brian Glathiotis. The actor described him as an artist with a needle.

Tom Hardy's tattoos meanings

Films about Mad Max and the Dark Knight brought the actor a resounding success. A crow tattoo, with a bat inside, he stabbed right after them. The tattoo is located just below the crow.

Tom Hardy's tattoos meanings

Above the tattoo masks are the numbers 1338046. By doing this, he paid tribute to the memory of the father of his friend Patrick. Such numbers appeared on the badge of the Marine. According to the actor, he expresses gratitude to his friend.

Tom Hardy's tattoos meanings

On the stomach, on the right side, another inscription: “Until I die SW“. The pin was stuffed shortly after her divorce from first wife Sarah Wyrd. The actor considers this tattoo a mistake. Perhaps he considers it a mistake to separate them after five years of marriage.

Tom Hardy's tattoos meanings

Presumably in honor of the same Sarah, the letter “W” is impaled. Her last name starts with that letter.

Tattoos on other areas of the skin

Other Tom Hardy tattoos are no less interesting. Some of them are even more colorful than the drawings on the chest.


Young Tom got his first tattoo at the age of 15. The leprechaun took his place on the forearm of his right hand. These creatures occupy a central place in the folklore of the Irish. The creature is a symbol of success. In addition, he refers to Irish roots on the maternal side.

Tom Hardy's tattoos meanings

The leprechaun tattoo is surrounded by a Celtic ornament. The drawing is made in green tones, which is also inherent in Ireland. Such tattoos are common for young people.


The actor marked his first paternity with the image of a star. The son is dedicated to the words pinned on the neck and right shoulder:

  • “Proud Father”;
  • “My most beautiful son”;
  • initials LH.

Tom Hardy's tattoos meanings

mother of God

The Virgin Mary and star tattoo appeared on Tom’s left shoulder shortly after he found out about Rachel Speed’s pregnancy. Son Louis was born as a result of a romantic relationship with her. Under the picture is the date of birth of the baby.

Tom Hardy's tattoos meanings


The London skyline is tattooed below the left shoulder. This is also from Tom’s patriotism series. He was born in the Hamersmith area of ​​London.

Lindy King

The actor’s agent Lindy King did a lot for him. At the beginning of his career, Tom promised Linda to get a tattoo in her honor if she would help her make a career in Hollywood. He didn’t go back on his words. Linda King’s name appeared next to the image of the dragon.

Tom Hardy's tattoos meanings

wolf, crow, heart

On the inside of the forearm are depicted:

  • wolf;
  • crow;
  • holy heart.

Tom Hardy's tattoos meanings

The actor considers these animals important to him, and he keeps his heart up his sleeve. It is possible that Tom’s tattoo was inspired by the movie “The Legend of Hugh Glass”.

The Dragon

In the photo of Tom Hardy’s tattoo on the inside of the left shoulder, you can see how a formidable dragon looks out. It is also dedicated to the first wife of the actor, Sarah, who was born under the sign of the dragon. Tom with such a tattoo recognizes for the ex-wife the imperiousness and desire for primacy in all areas of life.

Tom Hardy's tattoos meanings


The biceps of the right hand is decorated with the image of a hand with a feather. The reason for this tattoo was the production of “The Long Red Road”. He also dedicated it to his faithful friend Kelly Marcel.

Tom Hardy's tattoos meanings


In honor of his girlfriend Charlotte, Tom tattooed her image on his left side. Only it is not clear whether she is sleeping or flying over London.

Outcome of the dispute

On the bicep of Tom’s right arm are the words “Leo knows everything”. They were the result of a dispute between the actor and DiCaprio. He expressed confidence that Hardy would be nominated for an Oscar. And so it happened.


A very large scorpion is crawling up Tom’s back. This arthropod has a dual character. The tattoo with his image is also not simple. Scorpio has:

  • devotion;
  • truthfulness;
  • courage;
  • death;
  • betrayal.

Tom Hardy's tattoos meanings


What connects the actor with the scorpion is a secret. He does not expand on this.

Each tattoo of Tom Hardy speaks of his emotions, is a reflection of the secrets of his soul. The expression of oneself through a tattoo accompanies the actor all his life, like a map of his destiny.

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