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Tunnels in the ears – as they do with guys and girls, the choice of jewelry, healing and care, cool photos of works

The history of the phenomenon

Tunnels in the ears are very common among musicians, rockers, extreme sportsmen, designers, bloggers, photographers, fans of unusual types of piercing. Initially, a similar style of body decoration was common in Africa. Perhaps it is from there that most of the methods and styles of piercing came from.

Also, tunnels in the ears were popular in Indonesia, on the islands of Oceania. And now this is a well-known trend in body modification. For a couple of decades, tunnels in the ears have been in demand and remain relevant. Manufacturers offer new fashionable jewelry and tools for puncture technology.

Tunnels Tattoo  in the ears

Features of the operation

The specifics of the procedure depends on the presence of punctures for earrings. If the lobe is “clean”, the tunnels in the ears are made using this method:

  • disinfect the needle, mark the place for the hole;
  • specify the puncture site with the client, make a hole;
  • insert the primary earring;
  • waiting for healing;
  • after 1-2 weeks, a stretch tunnel 1-2 mm wide is inserted into the lobe, pre-lubricated to moisten the wound;
  • gradually change the earring to a wider one, reaching the desired size of the tunnel.

In the presence of pierced ears, the first three points are skipped, the stretch is introduced immediately. The stretching of the tunnels in the ears is done for several months, with each visit to the salon. The speed of stretching is always individual, but there is a quick method of stretching, in one go. However, it is risky and painful, and only an experienced piercer can do it.

Tunnels in the ears

A hole in the lobe is also made in a different way – with a scalpel, perforation. Sometimes a puncture is made with a wide round tube with pointed edges. This method is called punching, it is faster, but very painful. There is a risk of permanent tearing of the earlobe.

Tunnels Tattoos


You can not make tunnels in the ears during illness, colds and chronic exacerbations. At this time, the immune system is weakened and there is a possibility of infection.

Ear Tunels

It is better for women not to make holes during pregnancy, during menstruation, since the pain threshold is lowered, there will be pain.

Tunnels in the ears

Jewelry classification

For tunnels in the ears, different earrings are used in shape and size. They can be divided into the following groups:

  • miniature – up to 8 mm in diameter, the most delicate;
  • medium, up to 10 mm, standard;
  • large ones – over 10 mm, they can be traumatic, but they attract attention very much, they look cool and extreme.

Tunnels in the ears

The design differs dramatically, there is a choice for every taste. These can be classic tunnels for a through hole, plugs for closed tunnels. There are also traction – massive jewelry with a weighting agent that prevents the earlobe from overgrowing.

Tunnels in the ears

Some people like to buy classic rings or original types of jewelry – from natural materials, in ethnic style. If the puncture is fresh, do not take wood or plastic. It is optimal for the first time to wear hypoallergenic titanium tunnels in the ears.

Tunnels in the ears

Operation price

The cost of piercing and further stretching of the lobes depends on a number of features:

  • the complexity of the operation – is a puncture required or is it only necessary to stretch;
  • method of obtaining a tunnel – an expander or a cut, perforation;
  • the need for anesthesia, the price of antiseptics and anesthetics.
  • prices for expanders and earrings that are bought in the salon (can be purchased separately in the store).

Tunnels in the ears

Of course, each salon has its own pricing strategy, but it’s not worth saving here. We are talking about sanitary rules and safety, because health problems will cost more than small savings. Therefore, it is worth contacting only professionals with licenses.

Hole Care

Be attentive to the condition of your earlobes – fresh tunnels in the ears are an open wound, bacteria can easily get there.

  • Several times a day for two months, you need to wash the puncture with dissolved furacilin or chlorhexidine.
  • Do not use alcohol! Iodine and hydrogen peroxide are also contraindicated, they will burn the epidermis and the wound.
  • Always handle with clean hands, swabs and discs must be sterile.
  • Treat care responsibly – protect your ears from dust, dirt, seal the earlobes with a bactericidal plaster before walking.
  • For the first weeks, tie your long hair into a braid or ponytail so as not to injure your ears. The headgear should be soft, not fleecy.
  • It is better to sleep on your back first, so as not to lie down on your ear. If you can only fall asleep on your side, then you need to change the pillowcase daily.
  • The first month do not go to baths, saunas, do not sunbathe.
  • Do not do stretching on your own, it is better to let a specialist control it.
  • Immediately put on earrings with a weighting agent, they injure a fresh wound.
  • If you see a yellowish discharge, translucent and cloudy – this is normal, the liquid is simply excreted. But if there is pus, smell – urgently go to the doctor.

Please note that tunnels in the ears can lead to various negative consequences if not properly cared for. For example, an allergy, a growth on the ear, a keloid scar, tissue necrosis may appear. Possible sepsis, paralysis of the facial nerve, hearing loss.

If you later want to get rid of the tunnels in your ears, then the small hole will heal itself after removing the earring. But large sizes of more than 30 mm require surgical suturing. Scars may remain, but over time they will be almost invisible. Consider in advance the pros and cons of this style of body modification. Look at the photos and videos from the salon, consult with the master about the operation.

Photo examples of female and male tunnels in the ears

Tunnels in the earsTunnels in the earsTunnels in the earsTunnels in the earsTunnels in the earsTunnels in the ears


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